Online Shopping How Do You Give Cash Back To Your Customers and Make Commission?Let me show you how YOU can get Cash Back for Shopping Online and, if you choose to take the option…

you can refer customers yourself and earn 20 euro or $20 when they shop for the first time.

There are many aspects to this opportunity and I am going to outline them below, so you can decide where you would like to place yourself in the Shopping Bonanza.

Love Live Learn to SHOP SMART!

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facebook 300x214 Turbo Charge Your Business With A Facebook Fanpage FocusYour Facebook Fanpage is your Shop Window for your Business on Facebook. You could run a product or service based company, or represent yourself as your Brand, and have one or more businesses or products which you offer… but either way it is important to present your page with personality, focus and variety to keep new visitors becoming fans, and your fans interacting.

Your Fan page is a great way to collect people you attract who are interested in your services, and they become your audience, so offer them tips, trainings, fun… and then you can funnel them into your email list, blog posts, and other social networks


How Productive Is Your Fan Page?

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The Daffodil Principle…

Daffodils flower narcissus 300x225 The Daffodil Principle...
Today, I am bringing you a story which brings encouragement that we can all make a difference, baby step by step, whatever stage we are now in our lives and our businesses…

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Give Forever Gifts This Christmas

I’m planning ahead, up to christmas and beyond to the end of the year … and then back to today – so I’m prepared, with no surprises, at least all the predictable ones avoided!!

Here are some collections of gifts from Forever Living Products which will bring you Inspiration, whether for products to purchase as gifts, or ideas to display and market your products or services.

The videos and magazine below show how some of the products have been grouped together to show a selection that works well together.

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Transform Your WordPress Blog Into A Marketing Machine!

​Elevating WordPress to dizzy heights is This Amazing 3 in 1 Plugin From Thrive Themes

TT 3 Transform Your Wordpress Blog Into A Marketing Machine!

With this plugin you can...​

    • Publish Conversion Optimised Landing Pages
    • Build your List
    • Create Awesome Marketing Pages and Content
    [ You can view the details from Shane here ]
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    noahs ark 300x243 Imagine ... Joining Noahs Ark BEFORE The Rest Of The KingdomCan you imagine Jumping on board, grabbing a cosy cabin for yourself, and then keeping the money that passengers behind you pay for their tickets …  And their monthly cabin rental, and any amusements, books or shopping they buy on board?


    This is what you will get when you join our Networking Superstars Team Site!

    Founded by Gavin Mountford, and still in beta, with only 30ish founding members so far … I am looking for folks who are looking for FOCUS building their business, because This Will Benefit You!

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    Have You Got The Cookie?

    His favorite thing to say was,

    “I’ve got the cookie!”

    and he helped me to understand the POWER of UNDERSTANDING what I had in my hands.

    He NEVER chased…

    He never convinced


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    052 Copy 300x259 Now Revealed! Created For You By Industry Rockstar Diane Hochman ... The GURU Code Revealed Here … and Available Only Until Midnight EST 27 August 2014 …The Guru Code

    The Guru Code  is Diane’s life work condensed into one product for you: How a Mother of 2 with ZERO internet experience went from broke & struggling to winning countless affiliate contests, top recruiter awards, and earning Multi 6-Figures / Year!

    Except, you can miss out on the struggling part!

    Diane is a bundle of life, energy, fun and a master of attraction and attention grabbing with her language and words. She speaks the most absolute common sense of anyone I know and she radiates gems of wisdom.

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    runclick softwarebox S Extraordinary! Webinar and Video Conferencing Software From RunClickHave you noticed how Google Hangouts are gaining in popularity? but Hangouts are missing a few pieces to make them a serious alternative to webinars, and that is where RunClick comes in!  (and some very nice extra features as well)

    The chances are, that if you haven’t been on a Hangout recently – that you have been invited to one – or know about them!

    Hangouts are awesome for so many things – including presentations, launches, customer support, team chats… and even Parties icon smile Extraordinary! Webinar and Video Conferencing Software From RunClick

    RunClick Webinar Software gives the pieces of the puzzle that are MISSING from Google hangouts to make this a serious player.

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    Lead Rocket 5 Build Your List With Stunning Capture Pages Using Lead Rocket 2I  am pleased today to be able to introduce you to Lead Rocket 2 which is just released.

    I have used the Lead Rocket plugin for creating capture pages for almost 2 years now and I love the simplicity and wow factor of them, but it has been completely re-designed and is now fantastically improved and has much more customisation available

    You will I’m sure have seen capture pages like these around, but here is a chance for you to be able to create them for yourself from your blog.

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    What a wonderfully simple way to highlight areas of content, using the free plugin Drop Shadow Boxes.

    Using this means your WordPress admin can now add boxes with drop shadows to posts, pages and widget areas.


    Drop Shadow Boxes 4 A Simple Way To Highlight Content Using Drop Shadow Boxes

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    There was a HUGE Launch for Team Site Traffic…

    Do You Remember This ? …


     Team Site Traffic Launching Soon!


    or this…

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    Video is taking the marketing world by storm at the moment, and I think I have found the cherry to put on top of the package with Video Marketing Publisher, from Easy Web Video.

    Video EasyWebVideo Logo Doing Video Like The Big Boys Has Never Been Easier! (Using Video Marketing Publisher)Almost everyone I know in the Marketing world has recently invested in one of two  Animation and Whiteboard video software systems, and I have to say these are both excellent.

    Enabling us to broaden our video making skills, to produce the type of videos only produced before by specialized companies at Very High Prices!

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    Revive Old Post… Tweet Old Post Has Grown Up!

    revive old post bird 300x240 Revive Old Post... Tweet Old Post Has Grown Up!There has been an upgrade in name and performance of Tweet Old Post to Revive Old Post, and a couple of new features I think are extremely handy added to the Pro Version

    – see ‘What are the Changes to Revive Old Post Pro’ below!


    I love this plugin because it will re-post and keep the flow of visitors to older blog posts.

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    Team Site Traffic is HOT!

    Warning…at 11.59pm TODAY (24 june 2014) The Price of Team Site Traffic Goes Up!

    This is an Awesome way to create a Home for Your Team …ONLY taught by Gavin Mountford.

    Last day of Launch… Buy Here!


    Don’t be Crying Tomorrow

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