30 Days To A FANTASTIC Facebook Page

Only 30 days to a Fantastic Facebook Page!

30 Days To A FANTASTIC Facebook PageAre you a Facebook Page owner? because I was so excited to find this infographic which covers pretty much all the information I was looking at compiling and writing in a series of posts for my Community members.

I love to see things in image and list formats, and as I write my community posts, I can refer my readers back to this article to refresh their minds 🙂

As you see, this infographic was included as a freebie from PostPlanner.com so Thank You 🙂

I just had to share it!

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Someone always needs to hear what you have to say…

I’m talking about you getting out of your comfort zone here…

whatever you say, SOMEONE needs to hear it…

but you have to make that possible…

Someone always needs to hear what you have to say...


I truly believe that to pass on your message in life,
you need to get with the Video action…

Start with your voice…
let people hear you,
speak to yourself,
listen to your words,
embrace your life,
share your gratitude,
feel your message…

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The No Fear Video Marketing System from Mark Harbert PLUS The ULTIMATE BONUSES …

No Fear Video Marketing System ULTIMATE Bonuses

Click for Bonuses ===>> No Fear Video Marketing System ULTIMATE BONUSES!


No Fear Video Marketing System BONUSES


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“No Fear Video Marketing System Review”

“No Fear Video Marketing System Review”

INTRODUCING… “No Fear Video Marketing System Review”… with Great Excitement and Huge Respect for Mark Harbert …


How does that make you feel?


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Using Pinterest IS Attraction Marketing

If you have a Business Online, then you must take on board that Using Pinterest IS Attraction Marketing in a very SMART way 🙂

Do you think Pinterest is a place to seek out recipes, new handbags, hairstyles and save household tips, exercises and diets for one-day!?

Well you’re not wrong, but there’s much more to it!

If you use Pinterest for business, then you should start or convert your account to a Business Account.

You then have access to Analytics, and are able to Verify your Website, and officially have monetised products for sale. If you sell from your own website, you can apply for ‘rich pins’ which add a price to your pinned product images.

Recent updates are streamlining the iphone and android apps so phone users get a brilliant visual experience to enhance and encourage Pinterest-on-the-go 🙂

Many people use Pinterest as a search engine, particularly for shopping… but instead of searching youtube or google for information…  videos, blogs, articles and images are also available on Pinterest with their search function.

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7 Steps To Branding YOU Online #1

There’s definitely a bit of art and a bit of science involved in Branding YOU Online, and I have created a 7 Step process for you to follow which I will share with you in a few posts … there will be easy links between them, but it is a lot of information for one post!

Before we begin with the ‘How’, it seems sensible to ask the questions

  1. What does Branding ‘ME’ mean?
  2. Why do I need to do it?

Brand YOU

What does Branding ME mean?

Branding yourself means that the public will recognise you as a Brand.

In the world of business, or blogging you will become recognised as an entity over and above your business and people will form an attachment to you in some emotional way, which will be formed from the characteristics of the value you give to them, how you market yourself, recognition of your work and name, and perhaps finally the product you are sharing.

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My 3 Success Secrets… Focus ~ Community ~ Support

Jacs-direction-InstaWell, now they’re not a secret! But My 3 Success Secrets – Focus, Community and Support have come about as I have learnt and developed my Business Online.

Just 3 words, but each one holds it’s own collection of ideals for your success online. I have realised that whatever your Business, traditional, network marketing, service orientated or affiliate marketing – these are, I believe the  3 elements essential to concentrate on.

Briefly I will give you the components which to me turn these words into 3 distinct areas which hold up your business empire.


~ The gathering and development of Knowledge, Passion, Dedication, Wisdom and Courage to Create your Focus.

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Social Media Mistakes!

This is a great list of possible Social Media Mistakes!

Social Media Markting Mistakes




















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New Year ~ New Project  …  The Networking Superstars 10,000 Family Freedom Project

” Empower Yourself  *  Empower Another ”

As one of the Founding Ambassadors for this Worldwide Project, I am going to share today a snippet of the Vision and Structure for The Networking Superstars 10,000 Freedom Project Community.

Credit for the Vision is given completely to Gavin Mountford for Networking Superstars.

Many of you are now or have been involved in Networking Superstars before, and now there have been some huge changes to encompass a learning structure and support system for Network Marketers in any Business, and a Worldwide initiative helping a charity to Empower people in their lives.


Networking Superstars 10,000 Family Freedom Project

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Merry “Social” Christmas!

As the year 2015 draws to a close, I would like to wish you a Merry Social Christmas  🙂

I have put together an Advent of Christmas Quotations, using templates from my friend Sue Bride, who created some amazing Christmas Images for us to use for our Social Media Marketing.

And I have written a Christmas Guest Post over at the PAC Blog which you can read HERE.

Please  Click this Link  and read my Words to You


Here is My Advent of Merry Social Christmas Quotes

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How To EXPLODE Your Social Circle Of Influence!

My very first observation on How To EXPLODE Your Social Circle Of Influence is … are you even aware of how yours is expanding, and are you making real efforts for it to do so?

Any business online and offline has a circle of influence which at it’s largest could be as big as the whole population, but generally is somewhat less! But it is something to be actively aware of, and you must meet new people in whichever circles you have a presence in to present your brand and business. It is not enough to just Share with the same group of people.


Social Circle of Influence


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Christmas is coming!

Forever Gift GuideThis post is not about Online Business or Social Media Marketing, but it is to share with Original Christmas Shoppers, who may need a little Inspiration!

Have you sometimes thought  “What can I buy my mum / dad / aunt / gran / etc…”  … “They have everything”

Now I am a very inspired shopper and I love choosing special gifts for my circle of friends and family. I really like to find, just the right things for everyone… and we have lots of small stocking presents as well, so I have a job on my hands.

But it is one I have much pleasure from.

Every year I set up my Santa’s Grotto in our small spare bedroom and spread out all my wrapping paper, ribbons, gift cards, tissue paper and baubles for decorating my parcels, then I unpack all my bags of presents for wrapping

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Such a simple statement ~ ” You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know! ” and I found out something I didn’t know at Networking Superstars School…

But do you? I have found that in the world of Online Marketing, as you begin some training in one area, you come to notice there is more you don’t know and often you will start to research that area too and the next, and so on.

You actually come to realise that there is a lot you don’t know, and are usually able to produce a learning list of skills to work on…


But, what you don’t know you don’t know is still out there… lurking behind your goals and trainings and tools and skills, in the form of light-bulbs

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7749079028_9867d8dfedIf you have a Facebook Fan Page without Fan Page Tabs you are missing a Huge Branding Opportunity!

Why Use Fan Page Tabs?

Your Fan Page Tabs are your chance to showcase your Products, Business or Affiliate Offers by installing Capture Pages, Sales Pages, Videos or Product purchases for example.

They are always positioned in your Page sidebar for all visitors to click on, and you can change the position of them, and the images displayed on them for branding and attraction.

There are many sources of Apps to create Fan Page Tabs which you can use for Free and are relatively simple to install and set up, and I have used several…

most recently Static HTML Iframe Tab by Woobox. If you type this into your facebook search bar the application will come up.

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Aloe Matters ~ My Online Magazine #13

Just as this Summer has turned to Autumn, I am remembering to post you my Aloe Matters magazine!!

To read Aloe Matters, please click on the Magazine Cover below or Click HERE


Aloe Matters #13


To find out more about any of the products mentioned in the magazine or to find out more about Forever as a Business Opportunity…  please either contact me, or follow the links below.

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