Such a simple statement ~ ” You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know! ” and I found out something I didn’t know at Networking Superstars School…

But do you? I have found that in the world of Online Marketing, as you begin some training in one area, you come to notice there is more you don’t know and often you will start to research that area too and the next, and so on.

You actually come to realise that there is a lot you don’t know, and are usually able to produce a learning list of skills to work on…


But, what you don’t know you don’t know is still out there… lurking behind your goals and trainings and tools and skills, in the form of light-bulbs

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7749079028_9867d8dfedIf you have a Facebook Fan Page without Fan Page Tabs you are missing a Huge Branding Opportunity!

Why Use Fan Page Tabs?

Your Fan Page Tabs are your chance to showcase your Products, Business or Affiliate Offers by installing Capture Pages, Sales Pages, Videos or Product purchases for example.

They are always positioned in your Page sidebar for all visitors to click on, and you can change the position of them, and the images displayed on them for branding and attraction.

There are many sources of Apps to create Fan Page Tabs which you can use for Free and are relatively simple to install and set up, and I have used several…

most recently Static HTML Iframe Tab by Woobox. If you type this into your facebook search bar the application will come up.

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Aloe Matters ~ My Online Magazine #13

Just as this Summer has turned to Autumn, I am remembering to post you my Aloe Matters magazine!!

To read Aloe Matters, please click on the Magazine Cover below or Click HERE


Aloe Matters #13


To find out more about any of the products mentioned in the magazine or to find out more about Forever as a Business Opportunity…  please either contact me, or follow the links below.

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10 Secrets For Success And Inner Peace by Dr Wayne Dyer

A Mind at Peace...You will have heard the news of Dr Wayne Dyer, the writer, philosopher and motivational speaker who encouraged millions of people to look at their lives in a new way, who died last weekend at age 75.

I can see from the many posts and comments from all my friends on social media, that he was a man who touched many people’s lives, as indeed he did mine.

It wasn’t until I crossed paths with Network Marketing that the idea of personal growth and self-development really took root in me. That being a time when educating myself re-entered my life.

From whom, I don’t remember, but, I was recommended my first 2 Audio CD’S. one of which, 10 Secrets For Success And Inner Peace by Wayne Dyer, I am going to share with you today.

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Is it possible to Create, Edit, Fix & Add Effects to your Images INSIDE Your WordPress Blog?

Social Media has gone Image Crazy and there are several excellent tools available for creating images for your Headers, Branding pics, Quotes and actually anything… but here’s a funky one that works inside your wordpress blog!


1111shareasimageWhat comes first… The Images or the Blog?


I guess that depends on how the inspiration strikes, and I find it works both ways. But, however the conception starts, I’ve always found that writing a blog post is one issue, and sourcing, creating and perfecting your images has been a totally separate avenue of work.


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When You Were 5…

When you were 5 …

This week 2 things happened to make me think about being 5.


I came across these words…



and I’m thinking… do we really treat ourselves in this way?


Then I got to thinking… what do we remember about being 5?

I have some memories but they are patchy, and I don’t remember day to day as I would see it as an adult.



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Video MarketingRight! There are so many ways to record videos these days… here are some methods you can use…

  • your phone
  • Jing
  • Snagit
  • Camtasia
  • YouTube
  • QuickTime
  • Video Recorder
  • Webcam
  • G+ Hangouts
  • EasySketchPro
  • VideoMaker FX

but, why use video?

Why use Video?

Videos are loved by all and are fantastic to use for tutorials, demonstrations and quick tips.

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Your Attraction Marketing Business Blueprint…

How Simple it Sounds ‘Attraction Marketing‘ but when you have an Online Business to market, it actually is a Huge Undertaking, and without the right techniques, it is easy to go round in circles without attracting enough people to sustain your business momentum.


MomentumBy DemonDeLuxe (Dominique Toussaint) (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/)], via Wikimedia Commons


There must be hundreds of training courses to teach you different aspects of Attraction Marketing online, for example

  • capture page creation
  • setting up your social media presence
  • setting up a blog
  • advertising – eg facebook or solo ads
  • creating daily content
  • copywriting for blogs & emails
  • building sales and thank you pages
  • setting up a Group for your team and/or prospects
  • communicating with your team / prospects personally
  • email marketing
  • making your own product
  • training your team to do what you do

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Are You Missing This Startlingly Useful Branding Option On Your Facebook Page?


If you are a Business Owner, then you probably join me in appreciating the power of Facebook and Social Media for Networking.

Having a strategy for Social Sharing is important if you are producing good quality Information for Educating others, and very often this is in the form of Blogs.

Blogging is a perfect way to show-case your Brand and Share your free content whilst building a list and offering your products.

In fact, to me my blog is the central hub of my Business.

So… we will share our blogs on social media, and many people also have a Facebook page to interact with their fans and colleagues on a daily basis

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In order to leave a footprint and generate leads everywhere you go, you need to be a person On Purpose.

There is a Posture to this process, which if you are a relaxed,
confident and communicative person will be part of your natural persona anyhow.

Network Marketing is no different to any other Business, in that you are wanting to
attract people to you, some of whom will like your services or products and wish to become a customer.


Now, the correct way to go about Marketing your Business is to be Marketing Yourself, with Attraction Marketing…

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Are You An Attraction Marketing Student?

Attraction Marketing StudentWell, let’s consider if you are an Attraction Marketing Student!


the tendency to attract, a feeling of attraction, something which attracts


The promotion, distribution and selling of a product or service


A person seriously devoted to some subject, whether academic or not.

( Definitions from Wiktionary )

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2015-04-16_1603Oh Joy! … This So is the answer!

More and more I love to share this with Business Owners who need to build Capture pages for their email lists , Sales Funnels for their products, thank you pages for both of the above, and as an Affiliate, it is Such a Great Idea to produce a personal capture page BEFORE you send your visitors and customers to the link for your Affiliate Products…

because then they are on your list too!


Just HOW MANY Systems are there to build a Capture Page?

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To combat Social Media Overwhelm and Time Restraints, and provide you with a Tribe of Commenters and Supporters, I am introducing A New Vibe for You… Jacs Social Superstars Tribe!

Social Superstars TribeBefore we proceed, I will say that I am developing my current Facebook Group (Jacs World of Social Sharing)… and have decided to name it more generically and specifically for the aim of the group… which is to create and nurture our Tribe of Social Superstars.

I already have some amazing members, and what I love about them, is the great diversity of businesses and personalities involved.

I am sure that most business owners have some routine / procedure / system in place for sharing their content in the social media world, and there are so many ways to do this.

So you may have a daily routine, but what happens if you or someone is sick for 4 days, or you take a long weekend, or you are creating some back-end content or a new web-site, or perhaps you just have a mental block and need some time out and you don’t have time to visit all your normal groups for chat and syndication… you may not even be posting new stuff for a day / week or two?

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10 Tips To Stay Focused in 2015Here we are in March 2015 already! If you’ve fallen off your path, here are 10 Tips to Stay Focused in 2015

March!! “So how did that happen? ” we are all asking…

Well, that’s life!!

I have to say, for me, and probably for you, it has been an interesting year so far.

On the one hand we have Life… and on the other, our Business or means of financing our life.

And we all know that takes Balance… of work and play from a personal, family, health, spiritual and inspirational basis.

Already that could be feeling a huge burden of responsibility and a mammoth array of things to be achieved in our day to day life.

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Blog EngageBlogging has become a part of my life that I Love, and will always be engaged in…

Just maybe, I will expand my audience and extend to another niche  on my team website…  ( :) more to come! )

but definitely, moving on, there will come a time when I really will need some help with syndication and management of the content I produce.

It just happens, that a community I have been a part of for several years now, where I share my blog content and meet new Bloggers… called Blog Engage… has just launched a Blog Syndication and Management Service!

I actually joined Blog Engage as a Competition Prize Winner back in 2012, and I’m sure you will recognise a few other faces in the Community :)

So, if, like me, you are a Busy Business Blogger, then I would like to introduce you to this Community, and Brian Belfitt… the Founder and Owner.

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