Are You Missing This Startlingly Useful Branding Option On Your Facebook Page?


If you are a Business Owner, then you probably join me in appreciating the power of Facebook and Social Media for Networking.

Having a strategy for Social Sharing is important if you are producing good quality Information for Educating others, and very often this is in the form of Blogs.

Blogging is a perfect way to show-case your Brand and Share your free content whilst building a list and offering your products.

In fact, to me my blog is the central hub of my Business.

So… we will share our blogs on social media, and many people also have a Facebook page to interact with their fans and colleagues on a daily basis

Now, there is a Tab available on your Facebook Fan-page called ‘Notes’ and this is what I am talking about today. I aim to give you the run-down on what they can be used for, their features, and how to use them!

So here goes…


What is a Facebook ‘Note’?

A Facebook Notes is an app feature Β built into your page, that provides a blog-like interface with extra formatting options.


Why would you use Facebook Notes

  • Because your content gets stored under Notes… and doesn’t disappear down your timeline
  • Your visitors are not directed away from your Fanpage to read some juicy content, they can read it while on your page
  • You can strategically use Content here that ‘Brands’ YOU for your visitors to find, and Share it periodically to increase exposure
  • You can add / edit information if content or links need updating.
  • You can direct your readers to any of your products or capture pages


What can you use them for?

  • You can use them for taking notes!! They can be saved as a draft for you to access, so they can be used for accumulating information.
  • You can use them for full length blog posts, instead of a blog, if you don’t have one
  • You can copy your blogs here [see video below]
  • Use them for Images / Quotation Images and text
  • Discussions… ask your question and people can comment underneath, these stay with the note so are always visibleΒ instead of the conversation vanishing down your timeline.
  • To record perhaps a weekly Business Tip or Image
  • To keep a series of related items together
  • Newsletters / weekly / monthly product or updates
  • Featured items or products


How To Transfer A Blog to a Facebook Note

Advantages to using Facebook Notes over a status update

(for certain types of post)

  • You have some access to text editing, and can use basic html [Β See image below ]
  • You can save drafts and view / edit / publish when you choose
  • You can edit notes at any time.
  • You can create juicy long text content with formatting, images and tagging
  • Once created, you can share this link to your Notes to re-ignite the content on Facebook or other social media platforms (you may need to shorten this for Twitter)


Facebook notes HTML


Features of Facebook Notes

Text features you can use for notes include…

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Numbered / Un-numbered lists
  • Define Quotes
  • Insert Images
  • html allowed
  • you can use tags
  • you can add photos
  • comments are active
  • they can beΒ saved as a draft / edited / published / deleted as required


SEO Info

The title of your Note is used as the SEO Title

The 1st sentence is your meta data (little content descriptors that tell search engines what your note is about)


Where do I find Notes?

To access Notes, go to your Facebook page or profile and then click More > Notes.

If you don’t see Notes, click More >Manage Sections and then check the box next to Notes.

You can also search for “Notes” in the search bar at the top of the page.

Facebook Notes

Your Business Hub could be your Blog, or your Facebook Page… but either way I expect Facebook plays an important part in your Online Marketing and Networking, so you may like to give ‘Notes‘ a try.

Personally, I like them for providing more branding information for those visitors that find you on facebook, and as a means to re-share important messages.

I hope you can see how Notes could enhance your Facebook page, when used in conjunction with your own marketing strategy, and when you require a certain type of status update


So have fun!!


Have you been using ‘Notes’ already?

Do let me know if you have any more suggestions in the comments below πŸ™‚


warm wishes


Jacs Henderson





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