Blogging Is Cool! 4 Ways Of Starting A Blog And Your Blogging Empire


Are you starting a Blog or setting up a new blog? … You may have done it before, or you may not!

You may love learning the set-up skills, or you may not

You may want to learn how all the widgets and plugins work upfront, or you may not

You may want an all-in-one set of tools to start marketing

You may want to follow a system, and have a person to guide you, or you may wish to go it alone if you’ve done it before


How should I Start my Blog?


When I started out, I had heard of a WordPress blog and that it was flexible, and possible to build your own. So I jumped in and got started.

But everybody is different, and has their own set of business needs, and their current skills to use, and I find I am recommending different options to different people

not that surprising? … well no!

Blogging Is Cool! 4 Ways Of Starting A Blog And Your Blogging Empirebut many people set off using one particular way, usually not knowing there are other options – and guess what?

… some way down the line they’re thinking “I wish I’d known about that before and I’d done it that way”

So below I am outlining 4 different ways to start blogging which I know work and I can recommend with links, so you can check them all out and make an Informed Decision.

I am not going to go into huge lists of pros and cons for each one here ( to keep the blog concise) but the links will give you full information. If you want to ask me a question, then please do so in the comments below, or contact me directly.

You decide!


4 Ways of Starting A WordPress Blog


#1 Get someone to build it for you.

  • try The Free Blog Factory – they build you a professional blog – you choose your domain name,and pay for hosting through them. And off you go! Click HERE to check them out


#2 Build your own WordPress Blog using a set of free videos

  • Learn To Blog yourself with these free videos this is actually how I began. You can access them HERE
  • For more advanced training take the 1 week trial for $5 HERE


#3 Join a Company with one set up for you

Obtain a ready-made Blog.

These are available from many companies, and usually provide training and sometimes, a complete set of business tools (monthly fee approx $25) with the option to add-on an affiliate system which could earn you 100% commissions.

Companies offering this, which I have experience of are Pure-Leverage and Empower Network. If you would like to view either of these, let me know and I will put you in touch with active Leaders in these companies.


#4 Join a Marketing system

which teaches you step by step how to set up a Blog as part of their Training which covers everything you need online, I will be your sponsor in MLSP.

  • Click HERE for further info
  • Click HERE for 3 day trial for $2
  • Click HERE for 2 week trial for $9.97


and a BONUS #5


#5  When you have a blog – will you be looking for Leads?

As an addition to your WordPress Blog or website – You can set up a Capture Page Blog and use this FREE SYSTEM (including autoresponder) for Life to produce many capture pages for any business. If you have a domain name already available you can use that, and the whole thing is free – or there is a $11.97 per annum charge to buy one within the system.

That’s the only cost. AND you can choose to be an affiliate for a monthly fee. [Power Lead System]

Check out  the Free System HERE


Blogging Is Cool! 4 Ways Of Starting A Blog And Your Blogging Empire



So if you have been deliberating about starting a blog, I hope this overview of some options has been helpful to you.

Remember … whichever way you choose

Love Your Blog and Love your Business


Is your Blogging Empire Up and Running?

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Please write your comments below, and I appreciate your sharing this post 🙂


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