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Today we start with #1 in getting to The Heart Of Pinning On Pinterest, and will cover some simple strategies for Pinning Images to Pinterest, from various sources, including video tutorials and an outline of how to write productive marketing copy alongside your images.


I am sure by now you have recognised that Pinterest can Boost Your Business and you probably already have your blog Optimized For Pinterest. But if you would like to review either of these posts, just click the links.


Pinterest Pinning from The Web on your Desktop, iOS and Android


Here’s how to get set up to Pin Anything you see on the web, onto your Pinterest page

Here is a short video to show the Pinterest Goodies page where you can access the following tools to enable you to pin from any webpage to your Pinterest  page




As mentioned in the Video – Access the Goodies page here, to set up your Pinning Tools:


The video above covers instruction for Pinning, using the following tools:

1.  Pinterest for iOS

2.  Pinterest for Android

3.  The Pin It Button

  • Pinterest Bookmarklet
  • Pinterest Browser Extension 

4.   Pinterest Widget –  Click here to See my Previous Video on How To Use The Pinterest Widget Builder


Pinterest Pinning Strategy


Although Pinterest is perceived as a visual social networking site, one must remember that you also have 500 characters to write a description, and this space can be used to your advantage. When people view your image – Your goal is to get them to

  • Re-pin, Like or Comment on your Image – potential for viral sharing
  • Click on the image to view the source link – potential for lead generation or sales

So what you write in your copy under the image is key. I would like to suggest you pop over to view some tips by Game Of Tribes Copywriting Expert  Tanya MarCia, on my Pinterest Board.



pin all the things


But for Pinterest purposes, these are some things to consider for your descriptions

  • Use Keywords in your description: –  Pins and boards can appear in Google, so research keywords that are appropriate to get your images noticed
  • Write engaging captions: – short and sweet is good – and using curiosity to entice the viewer to click on the image, to view the source is Key! People still read captions, and witty ones can prompt people to Re-pin the image.
  • Use hashtag: –  Just like Twitter, hashtags help Pinterest users to find content by searching for specific words or clicking on hashtag links.The main difference between Twitters and Pinterest’s hashtag system is that the images are arranged according to its popularity. The more likes and repins that an image has, the higher it will be listed on the hashtag list. Using hashtags, you make it easier for like-minded users to see your pin.
  • Use the @username to tag or mention someone in your pin: – Very useful to have relationships with other like-minded pinners as your pin will then show up in their activity log, Could be good to set up a relationship with friends or business associates for this purpose.I’m open to offers!!
  • Include a call to action phrase in your description: – You will probably need to be a bit more creative on Pinterest than the usual commands of “Click Here” “Buy Now” or “Subscribe Here”, and people are already primed on Pinterest to click the image to see the source of the image, so just a few choice words in the description can do the trick without a direct command.


Bear in mind, the points above are options, and depending on what you are pinning you may want to select one or more of these, but perhaps not all of them after each Pin.


 How To Get Pinning Using The  + Button On Pinterest




So, that’s Pinning …

In #2 we will cover how to Pin from other sources, and a little about the ethics of re-pinning!

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Happy Pinning!


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