My mission today is to invite you to Jacs World Of Social Sharing

jacs world of social sharing


…  but first, I want to tell you about my Facebook group Jacs World Of Social Sharing and where we are heading as the year moves on.


I have been working online for the past year or so, and one of the major issues folks seem to have is getting their content seen.


So many amazing blogs are written – and I am always astounded by the variety of subjects and resources which group members succeed in showcasing each week within the 3 favourite groups I use regularly.


…and I have found this an amazing way to meet new online business owners – not necessarily online marketers.


My aim is to create a thriving Community of online Business Owners who wish to Share their Content through the Social Media Networks and we will do this by working together, syndicating our content, and supporting each other, as we all widen our networks.


Hence, the beginning of …


Jacs World Of Social Sharing!


Jacs World Of Social SharingI am at stage 1 of my plan at the moment, which is outlined briefly below.


  • Stage 1 – At present I have a Facebook group, and a small band of friends and associates are sharing and commenting on each others blogs and Facebook fan-pages as prompted by weekly threads.
  • Stage 2 – We will be increasing our sharing  media, to focus firstly on what I consider to be the major 6 content sharing sites.
  • Stage 3 – I will be creating a social sharing website to showcase everybody’s blog posts


My Inspiration for Jacs World Of Social Sharing


This came from an amazing weekend I spent with a select group of online marketers in Sept 2013.

We had the pleasure of learning and absorbing gems of information from magical Diane Hochman and beginning a personal journey with the awesome Lynn Driscoll.

[Would love to Tag any Knowledge and Wisdom friends – Just give the OK!]


Here is a very short video I recorded the day after that week-end (never seen by anyone before!)




Many of my new friends from this weekend became the founding members of our Group.

but it is time to grow…

slowly, with genuine caring and sharing Go Getters!!

Jacs World Of Social Sharing

I am growing the Group with the Invite a friend policy – so we create a network of connected, friendly, focused and sharing people who live, learn and love their Business

If you are reading this post – then we are probably already connected through a social network, so I look forward to welcoming you to the Group.


Please request to join Here.


A Few Guidelines for the Jacs World Of Social Sharing Group


These are the current guidelines for sharing, but these will no doubt change from time to time.

The Up to date Guidelines can be viewed  Here


 Blog Sharing


Jacs World Of Social Sharing


Every Monday a Photo will be posted in the Group for Blog Sharing in the comments box below. This keeps all the blogs together, making it easy to pop in and comment and share on the ones you like each week.


  1. Please enter your blog link in the comments box below
  2.  Please return and Share and Comment for other members – comment on other blogs in the thread and share them  with their social buttons
  3.  Please Click LIKE under every blog you have Commented on, so others can see, and you remember which one’s you’ve visited!!
  4.  Please Submit one or two blogs per week, we can share others on fan page day (see below)
  5.  Be sure to reciprocate all comments and sharing you receive


Fan Page Frenzy


Every week a Photo will be posted for Facebook fan page Sharing.  This is a Frenzy process to boost the edge rank of our members Facebook pages.


Visit all others in the thread – follow your instincts, choose posts that attract you and Boost the page with 5 actions.


  1.  Please post a link to your fan page in the comments box underneath the photo
  2.  Please Visit as many other members as you can and Give 5 Boosts
  3.  Choose 5 actions, any combination of these
  •           LIKE the page
  •           Comment on a post
  •           Share a post to your timeline or fan page
  •           LIKE a post

4.   Be sure to reciprocate any visits you receive  🙂


So, in summary:


Jacs World Of Social Sharing  is to help you with your Social Sharing, and grow your network with people from a variety of businesses – and I am keeping that in mind as we move along and grow.

I do not want a group full of people in the same business, but we will welcome people who are bloggers in any business, profession or service.  After all – Variety Is The Spice Of Life!!


We will all share a Passion for our work and meeting others with the same aspirations.


“Passion is our bond”


I do not want it to be a group you have to make a huge time commitment to – but a place to drop in, view your friend’s content and set aside some time each week to Comment and Share, and feel great that you are expanding your reach with personal connections and back links.


So I look forward to seeing you there!


but for now

  • Please leave your thoughts below
  • Spread the word with my social buttons
  • If you’d like to join us – pop over to Jacs World Of Social Sharing and Request to Join



Jacs Henderson




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