Welcome to #2 of my Affiliate Marketing Guide – The 6 Key Step Success Cycle.

It is a fact, that many business owners using the Internet are not aware of the power of Affiliate Marketing.

The Affiliate Marketing Guide #2 The 6 Key Step Success Cycle Now, this may sound like some complicated Marketing Technique used by Internet Guru’s or something to be associated with larger companies.

But actually, the people who can most benefit are small businesses, or individuals, marketing themselves and their products or services online.


If you missed #1 of my Affiliate Marketing Guide – then you may want to read this post: Are You A Train Spotter? Consider #1 The Affiliate Marketing 6 Key Step Success Cycle


Below, you will see The Affiliate Marketing 6 Key Step Success Cycle, and in this post I am going to look at each of the 6 steps in a little more detail, and give you some pointers to resources to help you.

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 The Affiliate Marketing Guide


  • #1Pick a Niche
  • #2 Find Affiliate Offers
  • #3 Build an E-mail Autoresponder
  • #4 Build a Lead Capture Page
  • #5 Generate Traffic
  • #6 Get Paid and Repeat


The Affiliate Marketing Guide #2 The 6 Key Step Success Cycle



#1Pick a Niche


The Affiliate Marketing Guide #2 The 6 Key Step Success Cycle If you have a Business Niche already, and want to use affiliate marketing to create some extra income, then start right there.

The idea is to choose products to offer to your readers that you are happy to recommend to them.

And what you choose, depends upon your business, and your relationship with your clients/readers.

If you work closely, or anticipate having  a personal relationship with them, as I am doing in my business then I would advise choosing products which you have used yourself (and purchased) and can personally give your stamp of approval.

However, there are marketers out there who solely build focused sites and choose big companies (eg Amazon,  JVZoo or …..) to promote groups of products in their niche, usually using advertising to increase their exposure.

I guess the key here, is to determine your niche and your marketing values before looking at products to share with your clients and visitors.


#2 Find Affiliate Offers


The Affiliate Marketing Guide #2 The 6 Key Step Success Cycle I would start with products and companies that have helped you in some way to learn about, promote, share and grow your business.

Much like trying a new brand of moisturizing cream, electricity supplier, an excellent film or a favourite children’s book – you will want to pass on the word about something that has enhanced your life or business in a practical, time-saving, money-saving or making, educational or just made you happy way.

In #1 I gave you the Top 10 Affiliate Sites for 2013, and a few others – You can review those here at the bottom of the Infographic and the post.

Alternatively, you may find Individuals who have become your trainers and mentors, who may have membership sites and have affiliate links for their products and services.

There are also Personal Branding Training and Affiliate Marketing platforms which can take you from No Business to Mega Business ~ If you want a Beginners Step by Step Programme or an Advanced Marketers Programme with High Ticket Affiliate then you can take a look at what MLSP has to offer. This is my preference, but you can search for others.


#3 Build an E-mail Autoresponder


The Affiliate Marketing Guide #2 The 6 Key Step Success Cycle Absolutely Essential ~ You must be able to communicate with you customers / fans / clients / affiliates / leads / prospects  – and to do that you need to set up an auto-responder.

An auto responder will enable you to place an email capture form on your blog, and sometimes in other places to capture names and email addresses of people interested in what you have to offer. Then you can email them regularly through your auto-responder system.

To condense down the many choices of available autoresponders, I have picked 3 below, which I know many marketers use.

1.  Mailchimp is a Free option, for as long as you wish if this service is all you need, depending on your customer/lead numbers   Powered by MailChimp – This gives you a Free start for 2, 000 Subscribers and sending up to 12,000 emails per month. If you require more than that, there are paid options

2.  GetResponse

  • 30 day Free Trial
  • $15 per month for up to 1000 subscribers
  • $25 per month  for up to 2500 subscribers
  • other price options available
  • $450 per month for 100,000 subscribers
  • reductions for yearly payments

3.  Aweber

  •  $1 for you first month
  • $19 per month up to 500 subscribers
  •  $29 per month up to 2500 subscribers
  • other price options available
  • $130 per month up to 25000
  • contact aweber for prices above 25.000 subscribers
  • discount  for quarterly and yearly payments

Once you set up an autoresponder, you can set up numerous different email lists, and communicate different information to different lists of people, or to all lists at once (or any combination)


Which Autoresponder should you choose?


Why not sign up for all 3 and see which one you prefer – they will have slightly different ways of working, but at the end of the day, if you don’t require very advanced split testing and advanced strategies , choose the one you like – if you do, then at the moment Get  Response handles this better.

But, whichever you choose – they all have excellent video training and support – so it’s just like choosing between any 2 things – Make a Decision – then get on with the learning process.


#4 Build a Lead Capture Page


The Affiliate Marketing Guide #2 The 6 Key Step Success Cycle In order to create your list of leads with your autoresponder, you need to capture their names (optional) and email addresses and possibly other information eg. phone number or skype address.

Generally speaking, as marketing stats go, the less information you ask for, the higher your opt-in rate.

But I think it depends on what people are opting into, and often people are happy to give you their name and email address if they are seeking help or information from you.

The purpose of a Lead Capture Page is to Give a Brief Punchy Headline about what they will receive, possibly a video or image and provide an opt-in form to capture their details.

Your autoresponder will allow you to create different opt-in forms to link back to one particular list.



As an Affiliate Marketer – Get Your Head Round This ….


When you become an affiliate for a product – you will be given an affiliate link to market the product with – and possibly banners, images and pre-written email messages.

When people click on your affiliate link, they will be taken to a Sales page for the product written by the creator , and so any sales from your link will be attributed to You … and you will receive a commission notification

If this person was on Your Auto-responder list – then great!

They will hear about the next product you wish to share with your list.

The Affiliate Marketing Guide #2 The 6 Key Step Success Cycle BUT …  What if they’re not ?

This is where you need a Capture Page. When offering affiliate products on your blog, or anyplace other than to your list – then you will not capture the persons details if you send them straight to your affiliate link.

You need to set up a capture page to add their details to one of your auto-responder lists.

There are many ways to create capture pages, and I use several. The way you choose may depend on your business and whether or not you create lots of these for your own products.

Here are some examples –


  • Lead Rocket …. This is a plugin, and I love the simplicity of these pages. I use this for creating quick capture pages for my affiliate products. This link for Lead Rocket  goes direct to the lead rocket site – but this link is what I use for my affiliate marketing . So you can see my point about Capturing Lead details before they are directed to your affiliate product?.


  • MLSP …. I have included this capture page to show you how one can look when it is done for you. This Capture page is from within my marketing training system, which has the facility to use their ready-made capture pages linked to your own autoresponder, and there is also a facility to make your own within the system when you are a monthly subscriber. The beauty of this system for me is your leads will be added to your MLSP List. Check out the link if you are investigating – you can unsubscribe once you’ve seen how it works.


  • OptimizePress …. This is a direct link to OptimizePress. OptimizePress can be used as a theme or as a plugin – and as you will see, the possibilities are professional and you can build beautiful capture / sales / thank you pages as a theme for your blog or as a plugin, so you can build all the pages you need but use a theme of your choice.


  • Lead Pages … This system is fantastic and is simple to use. If you create lots of capture pages and have an established business, then this will work beautifully. You can only become an affiliate if you join the Pro monthly package (price today $67 monthly)

#5 Generate Traffic


The Affiliate Marketing Guide #2 The 6 Key Step Success Cycle Generating Traffic is where your marketing / advertising comes in. Where you do this, and who you are doing it to, will depend upon your product and your market.

Your blog is an obvious place for some items which are relevant to your readers, and if you have many blogs aimed at different niches, you will may choose different products for each of them.

Targeting your affiliate products to the correct audience is the key. You have potential customers on your list – but obviously you don’t want to be selling to them all the time, unless you have a huge dedicated affiliate marketer audience. You need to get your capture page in front of your audience

More Traffic to your offer = More Leads = More Sales

So … Learn how to do this…  Simples. …. Learn how to do this!!!

Free or Paid ?

There are numerous ways to advertise, but like all things in selling  services / products /workshops – the more you sell depends upon 2 things

  1. the number of people seeing your offer
  2. whether or not those people are interested in your offer

A Key Point here is Targeting Your Traffic. So however you do it, do bear this in mind.

If you use Facebook for your business, then I expect you have tried Facebook marketing. You can obtain software to Create Custom Audiences, and really zoom in to exactly who you want to target.

The Latest Facebook News Feed Fire Training Gives you the scoop on this, and you will also need some software to extract your Custom Audiences. eg. Social Lead Freak or Bleu Leads

Using low-cost targeted advertising will allow you to pay for the ads with your sales, and use this strategy to build leads for your business.

Solo Ads are another very popular way to generate traffic to a specific capture page, do research the solo ad providers to be sure they are a good match for the market you are looking at


#6 Get Paid and Repeat


The Affiliate Marketing Guide #2 The 6 Key Step Success Cycle


Once you have your Affiliate system practiced, then choose other products that your customers will benefit from – or if you have another business,why not find one to recommend to your audience there.

It is up to you how many affiliate products you choose and what type of affiliate marketer you are, but I feel it is lovely to be shown something new that can help me – but then, shopping is my greatest hobby!!


If you have any questions then please ask in the comments or get in touch


I wish you lots of Affiliate Fun!


and remember this …


The Affiliate Marketing Guide #2 The 6 Key Step Success Cycle



Jacs Henderson




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