Whoopie!! There's been an extremely handy update to the Pin Button for Chrome - soon to be rolled out to other browsers.

​This makes it even easier for people to Pin things they find on the web. Now, when someone’s browsing your website, they’ll see a Pin It button any time they mouse over an image, so they can share it with their followers in a few clicks and quickly get back to browsing your site.

But what is the Pin Button?​

​The Pin Button for Chrome is really essential for anyone using Pinterest. It sits in your browser toolbar as a distinctive ' P ' on the right hand side ... see below

Using Pinterest? The Pin Button For Chrome Just Gets Better!

and Now ...

When you are browsing the web, you will automatically see a

button when you hover over any image - a wonderful time saver!

So you can Pin and move on through your articles and research

If you have not already installed one on your blog, You can see how to set up your Pin Button in my video below

Or read the blog post here: Don't Have A Clue About Pinning?Get To The Heart Of Pinterest

​IF ... You, by any chance do not want to use this new hover Pin It Button, then you can switch it off very easily - in 3 easy steps

  1. Right Click on you ' P ' Pin Button in your browser
  2. Click on Options
  3. Check the Hide Hovering Pin It buttons Box

Why can't I Pin certain images with the Pin It button?

Sometimes you may not see a Pin It Button when you hover on an image ...

Several things might be going on if you're not seeing an image come up when you're trying to Pin. For example, the image might be:

  • Too small (we require at least 100 x 200 pixels)
  • Embedded in an iframe (most often seen on Tumblr)
  • A background image (we only look at images on the page, not backgrounds)
  • A Flickr image that the owner does not want to share (most often seen on blogs where the owners were marking images private and displaying them from Flickr)

​So, I hope this new update inspires you to get Pinning - it certainly makes it easier  :)

You can install your Pin Browser Button for Chrome HERE - It only takes a few seconds!!!​

If you would like to learn more about Pinterest For Business, and keep up with my updates - then please Request to Join my Facebook Group: Jacs Henderson's Pinterest Power

​Back soon with more Pinterest Gems ...

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