WordPress and Google Hand In Hand

Just had to pass on the news about this mega plugin I’ve purchased …

– it’s called The Hangout Plugin, and it combines the technology of inviting, communicating, and registering your fans with a few clicks in your WordPress dashboard, with Google hangouts.

In summary it loses all the headaches of webinars – including expense!

and allows you to set up and run your Conferences, Meetings, Trainings, Product Launches and friendly Hangouts from your WordPress Dashboard.

I especially like the countdown!!

This has been made by Walt Bayliss, and you can find

Full Details Here


Hangout Plugin is a Premium Webinar Tool Without the Expensive Price Tag!




Check out The Hangout Plugin Here


The BIG Headaches With



If they are so profitable, Why don’t more people use them?

  • You have to pay expensive monthly fees that drain your bank account and you are not even sure if you will even HAVE something new to present each month…


  • You have to Cap your attendance numbers and force you to pay extra for more people, stopping you from selling to a large audience and handicaps your success.


  • Up until now, You can’t even use basic marketing tactics (i.e. social sharing buttons) to pump up your attendance and increase your sales.


 Talk about paying for a bad headache!



Here’s how Hangout Plugin will benefit you…


  • Set-up is a breeze! In just a couple of clicks, you will have your webinar set-up and ready to go in less than 10 minutes!
  • Easily collect registrations and opt-ins! With an integrated lead capture system, you can grow your mailing list bigger and better than ever
  • No headaches or hassles! Convenient all-in-one solution allows you to send reminders, follow-ups and broadcast emails from a single dashboard.
  • Run an UNLIMITED amount of webinars with any number of attendees with NO extra fees!
  • Instantly Have your ‘Evergreen’ webinar replays available online
  • Connect with your prospects for increased customer relations and big time success. Easily chat and share your screen with all your webinar attendees.
  • Run Webinars directly on your own site and build your brand and give your reputation a huge boost!


Do have a PEEK at The  Hangout Plugin if …


  • You have your own WordPress blog ( not one on another platform like empower or pure leverage)
  • You have MULTI-WEBSITES and / or 
  • You set up web-sites for others (you can sell this as a service)
  • You haven’t got time for creating events pages, capture pages and posting everywhere when you want to have a quick meeting
  • You PAY for a webinar platform
  • You hold Google Hangouts
  • You run Webinars, Conferences, Meetings, Trainings or Product Launches 
  • You may do any of these in the near future
  • You Like SIMPLE 
  • You HAVE an Online Business
  • You NEED a BOOT up the bottom to start holding webinars …
  • You’re intrigued by this – I was!!


So that’s it – I Love it!!

Let me know what you think in the comments box below


Jacs Henderson



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