You will have heard of Dr Wayne Dyer, the writer, philosopher and motivational speaker who encouraged millions of people to look at their lives in a new way.

I can see from social media, that he was a man who touched many people's lives, as indeed he did mine.

It wasn't until I crossed paths with Network Marketing that the idea of personal growth and self-development really took root in me. That being a time when educating myself re-entered my life.

From whom, I don't remember, but, I was recommended my first 2 Audio CD'S. one of which, 10 Secrets For Success And Inner Peace by Wayne Dyer, I am going to share with you today.

I say education, but in actual fact these Principles, as Dr Wayne called them run right through to the core of your being. I had not encountered such a way of looking at life before, and they touched me very deeply.

10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace

I have finally found the following videos in which Dr Wayne Dyer reads his principles to you, and you can hear these below. The writing is in Arabic, but you only need to listen to his voice. If you would like to pick out any special one, then I have them as a playlist on my YouTube Channel on this link… 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace

The 10 Secrets

Here I have listed the principles for you, and illustrated them with the images from the ‘Cards' app which I have on my phone.

#1  Have a Mind That Is Open to Everything and Attached to Nothing

The First Secret

 #2  Don't Die with Your Music Still in You

The Second Secret

#3  You can't Give Away What You Don't Have

The Third Secret

#4  Embrace Silence

The Fourth Secret

#5  Give up Your Personal History

The Fifth Secret

#6  You Can't Solve A Problem with the Same Mind That Created It

The Sixth Secret

#7  There Are No Justified Resentments

The Seventh Secret

#8 Treat Yourself as if You Already Are what You'd Like to Be

The Eighth Secret

#9  Treasure Your Divinity

The Ninth Secret

#10  Wisdom is avoiding All Thoughts that Weaken You

The Tenth Secret

You can find the 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace in Hardback, Paperback, Kindle, Audio CD, Cards, and the phone app if you wish to purchase your own copy in your favourite format.

It's Your Choice…

“It's one of the great lessons of life. What comes out when life squeezes you? When someone hurts or offends you? If anger, pain and fear come out of you, it's because that's what's inside. It doesn't matter who does the squeezing — your mother, your brother, your children, your boss, the government. If someone says something about you that you don't like, what comes out of you is what's inside. And what's inside is up to you, it's your choice.”
Dr Wayne Dyer

I hope you find some insights from listening above, I know so many people have found something special from his words,

so please share in the comments below

  • your personal experiences with the teachings of Dr Wayne Dyer
  • which of the above 10 principles resonate with you as you listened to his voice

If you are ever having a stress moment… just hearing his voice has a peaceful influence ♡


Jacs Henderson



Jacs Henderson
Jacs Henderson

I am a Social Media Marketer, and my mission is to assist you to Build your Business Online using Social Media. Building Your Brand Online is both an Art and a Science and I have created Savvy Social Marketing with Jacs, where we can share value and learn from each other to perfect our Savvy Social Marketing strategies 😍I would love to welcome you there!

    34 replies to "10 Secrets For Success And Inner Peace by Dr Wayne Dyer"

    • Susan cooper

      Jacs, he was a wise man and wonderful inspiration. He will be missed. I love what you did with his quotes and the cards. They are beautiful. 🙂

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you Susan, such a lovely comment!
        and we are fortunate that his inspirations are still here for us 🙂

    • Digokgwe Mokone

      Thanks for sharing. All the ten principles are resonating positively with me.

      • Jacs Henderson

        I am really pleased Digokgwe! Thank you for visiting and commenting, and Participating in my Group 😀

    • Joy Healey

      Hi Jacs,

      Some very inspiring words there. I think number ten is the one I need to work on most.

      I suppose it’s no great surprise, but my first exposure to self-development books and tapes (at the time!) came with my introduction to Network Marketing. Maxwell Maltz as I recall.

      Thanks for sharing Dr Wayne Dyer’s principles with us today.
      Joy Healey recently posted..Best Compensation Plan – Premier CashbackMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi Joy,

        thanks for sharing your thoughts here… each principle does take some thought and work, and I love that when you listen to Dr Wayne talking, he throws ideas and examples that do help to clarify situations.

        Having your own business definitely requires some different thinking, so no surprise we started at the same place 🙂


    • Sue

      Hi Jacs, I love the Dr Dyer quotes you included here, a couple of his many brilliant observations.

      His legacy will live on because of the millions he inspired.
      Sue recently posted..A Round-Up Post About Roundup PostsMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi Sue, yes how absolutely true, his legacy will live on, and we can still benefit from his teachings and quotes for inspiration 🙂


    • Mary Sloane

      What a wonderful and beautiful tribute to Wayne Dyer, Jacs! Thanks so much for sharing some of his wisdom. I find it interesting that the Dyer family feels the need to defend Wayne and “prove” he could heal himself from late onset leukemia.

      Wayne knew better! He would never have defended himself because that sort of response is about the responder. not about him.

      This really resonated with me #8 Treat Yourself as if You Already Are what You’d Like to Be That shows the Universe your trust in becoming what you need to be to get what you want. Powerful and I had not heard that before!

      I loved Wayne Dyer! I had a couple of his programs which really changed me into a more loving and accepting human being, instead of a sea of judgements!

      Thanks for the memories!
      Mary Sloane recently posted..What is the KEY to Your Online Success?My Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you Mary for sharing your experience of Wayne Dyer’s programs and finding a new principle in my article, he had so many concepts that enlighten us, and yet there’s always a new one sneaks in somewhere!

        I do think Wayne had accepted his way, and defence doesn’t seem to be one of his teachings. Like in #8, trust in the universe is a common thread in his words… we all spend far to much time and angst fighting our way (often sub-consciously) and calm, trust and faith in ourselves can be a huge step forward to a happier place.

        I appreciate your lovely comment 🙂


    • Erika Mohssen-Beyk

      Hi Jacs ,
      He was a great teacher and my friend Mary Morrissey
      was a near friend of him and often told stories about
      him which shows how this principles really work in every day’s life .
      I saw his last videos and he was ready for a new experience a transition.
      He will be alive for us with his teachings.Thank you for sharing your
      experience with this .
      Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted..Today’s Dreamers Are Tomorrow’s AuthorsMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi Erika,
        how wonderful to have heard real stories of Wayne from your friend Mary, I feel he is someone whose life clearly reflected his teachings.
        He seemed happy at his end and prepared, so we wish him well and we are fortunate to be able to continue to draw inspirations from his wonderful work he left for us.
        thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

    • Sherman Smith

      Hey Jacs,

      Great inspiration here. I never read any of Wayne Dyer’s books or listened to any of his CDs, but I now I see I should have. Although he has transitioned over, his wisdom will live on and this will give me the great excuse to look more into what he has shared throughout his life!

      These are definitely great 10 great tips that I make an effort to live each day. On many days it can be a big challenge but knowing that it’ll bring me into balance is well worth the effort!

      Thanks for sharing Jacs! Have a great week ahead!
      Sherman Smith recently posted..9 Blog Commenting Rules That Brands You Like A BossMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi Sherman,

        As you say, Wayne Dyer will live on strongly for those listening to his words and reading his books.

        We all have our special authors who have helped us to change and grow, and like you say each day it is good to touch on these principles (often when ‘not’ doing one!!) and steer ourselves in our chosen direction. It is definitely worth the effort!!

        I hope you enjoy listening to some of these words Sherman, to add another wise man to your educational reading.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and have a happy week 🙂


    • Donna Merrill

      Hi Jacs,

      As an avid follower of Dr. Wayne Dyer he helped me in my life so many times. From the first time I seen him on PBS, it was like a light bulb above my head. What a great man!

      I have to say my favorite here is #2 Don’t Die With Music Still In You” Makes me think that each and every day there is something we can give to the world. From a smile to an extensive situation. It really doesn’t matter as long as we go inside ourselves and know the many gifts we can share.

      I wouldn’t want to die knowing that I kept things bottled up. Never giving because of whatever.

      Donna Merrill recently posted..Why You Need To Hire A Coach For Your Online BusinessMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Loving your comment Donna,

        indeed he has given me many light bulb moments too… and even when I hear the same thing again!

        #2 is beautiful, and one I hold close, and your words were so moving…

        ‘each and every day there is something we can give to the world’

        so absolutely true, lifting a person is a gift we must share, and we are here to share our music.

        You give so much, thank you for sharing 😀


    • Dr. Erica Goodstone


      What a lovely, comprehensive and powerful tribute to Wayne Dyer and all he has contributed to so many of us. If we can only live by following these simple principles, life can be so much more pleasant and stress free. I love the way you presented this with those beautiful cards.


      Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..The Key To Creating Love That LastsMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you so much Dr Erica for your warm and appreciative words,

        I just felt he meant so much, to so many, and I am thrilled to find so many fans amongst my friends.

        I really enjoyed putting this together, and sharing these principles… always there to come back to and re-assess 🙂

    • Joan Harrington

      Hi Jacs,
      Really loved this post! These 10 secrets are so important to remember 🙂 Love Wayne Dyer…he inspired me in so many ways 🙂 Thanks for sharing his inspiration!
      Joan Harrington recently posted..What You Need To Know About Permission MarketingMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you Joan, he certainly was a man of huge inspiration to so many!

    • Kathryn Maclean

      Hi Jacs,
      What a wonderful tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer.

      I had seen him a few different places, Ophra and other tv programs and had liked what I remember about him.

      I loved seeing the cards and quotes you included here, some of his many brilliant observations. I will save them and go over them.

      He seemed such a great man, I am learning about him now after his death as will many many others. Thanks so much for your article.
      Kathryn Maclean recently posted..Robert HollisMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you Kathryn.
        I enjoyed creating this post as a tribute, but also a reminder to myself just how much his observations mean. Most discomforts can be put down to un-alignment with one of his principles… and whenever it is we come to hear them, we can always find a place for then in our lives.
        Like most, the teacher appears when the student is ready!
        ~ Jacs 🙂
        Jacs Henderson recently posted..10 Secrets For Success And Inner Peace by Dr Wayne DyerMy Profile

    • vinton samms

      Hi Jacs,
      So sorry I have never encountered Dr Wayne but have heard enough about him since he died to believe that he was truly a gift to humanity. I listened to the video and it is like he still alive! His words are profound and compelling. It makes me now feel sorry for not having met him before. I want to thank you for the post and for sharing his thoughts with me.
      All the very best
      vinton samms recently posted..Guidelines for participation in FB Challenges, Groups, ETCMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you for your lovely reply Vinton, Dr Wayne will live on through the inspiration and comfort he provided for so many, and the blessing is, you have discovered him now… his spirit, words and beliefs are part of everyone he has touched, so thank you for reading his principles here, and do enjoy his words.
        ~ Jacs 🙂

    • April Didlake

      This is perfect! Thank you after a wild and crazy week this is just what I needed.

      My favorite is You Can’t Solve a Problem with the Same Mind that Created it!


      • Jacs Henderson

        Bless you April!!

        There is much calm in his voice and words… I hope you will listen more because life is Wild and Crazy 😉

        Love your energy!


    • Merle Gibbins

      I loved this guys work and all that he did. He has some great videos. As for your list I like No. 6 first and also No. 10 – thanks for sharing Jacs
      Merle Gibbins recently posted..The Relevance Of Office SecurityMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Absolutely Merle, there is such a wealth of inspiration and personal help in the media from Wayne. He will not be forgotten! No’s 6 and 10 are brilliant, they make you re-think!! 😀

    • Lesly Federici

      Hi Jacs..
      Wow.. powerful principles … beautiful post.. nicely done. The one I think of often is “don’t die with the music within you”.. I hope I don’t.. so I am always wondering if I am letting the music out … much love to you …
      Lesly Federici recently posted..Park Your Money HereMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi Lesly,
        Thank you for your appreciation!
        I think of this principle often too, and I know for sure you are sharing your music! The challenge is often in how to get it out to feel really purposeful, but you are on a musical journey, no doubt about it 😀
        ~Jacs xx

    • Kathryn Maclean

      This was really beautiful!
      The principal that resonated with me was this one….
      Your passion is what stirs your soul and makes you feel
      like you’re totally in harmony with why you showed up here
      in the first place. Namaste

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you Kathryn, wasn’t that so beautifully written and it really is the essence of peace, wisdom and success 😀
        ~ Jacs

    • Deborah A. Ten Brink

      Jacs, what an awesome post!

      Each of his recommended secrets that you have revealed here are so very powerful. He just reaches right into the heart of you, like he’s speaking just to you!

      I, like Lesly, was most touched by #2 Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You. I recently decided to start painting again and just yesterday my local art gallery invited me to place 3 paintings or photos with them! I just got to thinking about how none of us knows how much time we have on this Earth. Time is short, do it now!

      I’m glad I did!

      Thank you for a fabulous post and the beautiful legacy and reminder from Dr. Dyer.

      Deborah A. Ten Brink recently posted..Blood Moon, Harvest MoonMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Deborah, how fantastic to hear you are painting again! That is just what Wayne meant with principle #2 🙂 and Iam happy to hear that, and overjoyed that your local gallery wants to exhibit your work… I bet it will be hard to choose between your photos and paintings since your work is all Truly Awesome!!
        You are a wonderful artist because your soul shines through your work, and you do and will touch many others with it’s beauty so it’s a pleasure for all you are sharing.
        Life is short, we must express our music and sing 😀
        Thank you for sharing your Music here x
        ~ Jacs

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