30 Days To A FANTASTIC Facebook Page

Only 30 days to a Fantastic Facebook Page!

Are you a Facebook Page owner? because I was so excited to find this infographic which covers pretty much all the information I was looking at compiling and writing in a series of posts for my Community members.

I love to see things in image and list formats, and as I write my community posts, I can refer my readers back to this article to refresh their minds 🙂

As you see, this infographic was included as a freebie from PostPlanner.com so Thank You 😊

I just had to share it!

Let me know at the bottom what you think of it!

Facebook TipsFacebook Tips30 Facebook Page Tips


If you are interested in using Facebook to grow your business … Pop over to my Facebook Community and see how we do it

let me know what resonated with you from the Infographic 🙂


Jacs Henderson

               The Social Network Marketer

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Published by Jacs Henderson

I am a Social Network Marketer, and My mission is to assist you to Build your Business Online using Social Media. Building Your Brand Online is both an Art and a Science and I have created Jacs Social Network Marketing Tribe, a Facebook Community where we focus on teaching The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence, Branding You and Marketing your Business. We would love to welcome you there!

40 comments on “30 Days To A FANTASTIC Facebook Page

  1. Hi Jacs,
    Great infographic on Facebook Page. Easy to read and to understand. Anyone can follow this and carry out the improvements/suggestions in the inforgraphic. Thanks for sharing the information.
    All the best

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Yes, it can be a challenge working with Facebook’s algorithms, and having an engaged audience seems the only way to get the best exposure for free, hence the need for great posts. Thanks for popping by 😀

      ~ Jacs

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Thanks! I think they are really useful too, a great way to refresh in a short time. And it’s great how a couple of points just jumped out! Hope you get time to work on them 😁

      ~ Jacs

  2. Hi Jacs,

    That’s a really attractive and useful guide to facebook marketing.

    It certainly seems to be the way to go these days. I’m trying to be more consistent but I just run out of hours in the day!

    Thanks for sharing your guide.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  3. Hi Jacs,
    amazing what we have to do or can do on a Facebook page .
    This infographic is great to learn all the things to do
    to make it a great Page and how to engage with people.
    Thank you for sharing this helpful infographic.

    1. Hi Erika,

      Thank you for checking out this info … there are certainly many ways to make use of our facebook pages, and I’m pleased you liked all the tips 😃

      ~ Jacs

    1. Hi Beth!

      Fabulous to see you again … and thanks for commenting. I quite agree that the info can also be used for community engagement too (I’ve picked up a few tips myself)

      ~ Jacs

    1. Hi Mr Ed,

      I see you are Edward now!! Will have to get my head around that!! Lovely to see you 🙂

      And I think I’ll check how your profile is coming along 😉

      ~ Jacs

  4. Jacs,

    OMG! When I saw this infographic, I was blown away!

    It looks so professional and it’s packed with easy to implement yet powerful steps we can all take to utilize the power of Facebook.

    I saved the infographic to 2 Pinterest boards and shared it with my network! Thank you so much for creating and sharing your wisdom. 🙂


    1. Hi Deborah!

      Thanks so much, I didn’t create this infographic, but I too was blown away when I saw it and have found many useful tips there.

      Like you say, it is full of easy to implement tips!

      Thank you for sharing this … I think everyone will find great value in it ?

      ~ Jacs

  5. I shuttered the fan page for my blog last year and to be honest, haven’t missed it. But I’m close to launching a training series so decided to give it another try. I’ve done several of the things on your list, but there are a few I hadn’t thought of so I’m happy that I found this post. Thanks!

    1. Hi Marty,
      Pleased you found a few tips for your new page, I really wish you great success with your training series… knowing you it will be enlightening and life-changing 😀

      ~ Jacs

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