5 Golden Rules for the High Performance Entrepreneur part 2

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It's important to accept that the responsibility for your success in life, and your destiny are actually up to you – until you REALLY understand this with your whole heart and soul, you will always be living in a blame and excuses culture and not living the high performance entrepreneur lifestyle.

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Here's my next 5 golden tips – part 2 (6 – 10 of 15)

5 golden rules for the high performance entrepeneur

the high performance entrepreneurs – part 2


6. recognise you have a choice

an important thing about your life – you have a choice. choose your destiny, choose your own reality, choose your own circumstances, choose to be committed to what you want to do and choose to be happy doing it

7. ask yourself better questions

everything starts with an idea then moves to thoughts around it, then up come the questions (you know that little voice inside) – you know what you want so ask the right questions, get a positive spin on the thoughts, they become your actions and they become your habits……

8. live your life at a higher level of consciousness

live each day really in touch with your purpose, choose to move towards  your goals and be responsible – be accountable to yourself and your mentor, or a chosen ‘buddy'  – Imagine you are a Star of TV show…and the nation is watching you…….how does that change your level of consciousness?

9. get into action

Just get on with it – Yes you need the goals, plans and systems, but they are designed to be ACTIONED – Just give it a go – (this is where working with your sponsor can help) there is time for preparing, but you have to get out of the comfort plan, take some action – and then revise and perfect!! Create Momentum – now you've got something to work with !! ……….

Even the most sophisticated missiles in the world cannot adjust course until they are in flight.

10. know you are as good as anyone else

in the world of social media – everyone is equal – you have just as great a chance to prospect and get in front of a never-ending audience as anyone else does – Learn some professional skills to do this, don't spam – (think how you would react if you received your post) – Add some Passion, Determination, and Perseverance and just go for it!

Then ask yourself:

am I interested in this life or am I committed to it ?

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CLICK to Download Your Free pdf of this post

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