Five Powerful Benefits of Pinterest Marketing!

Welcome to my world of Pinterest and my new series to share with you the how's and why's to Pinterest Marketing and step by step instructions by blog and video!

Here's today's tutorial on … 5 Powerful Benefits of Pinterest Marketing!

Today, I lay out before you some facts about Pinterest so you grasp the reality of why it is a platform you should include as part of your social media marketing, and the possibilities it holds for you.

I have recorded a video tutorial for you to watch, which of course includes more info and tips than on the images!

However, I have also included below the information from the slides I used to produce it, should you wish to re-cap some of the information 😊

The 5 Most Powerful Benefits of Pinterest Marketing


#1  Pinterest is a HUGE branding opportunity for you…

  • Organize your Business in a structured magazine style format
  • Categorize your products
  • Give Tutorials and How To’s in Image and Video format
  • Showcase ‘behind the scenes’ of your business
  • Share some of yourself and your personality and brand
  • You can target your audience with Search


#2  Your Audience Loves Pinterest!

  • 70 million users are on there now… with ever increasing popularity
  • 70 % of Pinterest users are buyers
  • 60% of traffic is from top tier US households with an income of 100k or more
  • The average purchase is $140 – $180
  • Visitors Search,Shop and Browse for inspiration, information and products
  • What they find, they can Pin for future reference (and their followers see it too)


#3  Pinterest is Sharable and Sociable for your Marketing

  • Share directly to Your Facebook and Twitter profiles from Pinterest
  • Share content to Pinterest from Social platforms using IFTTT
  • Showcase your Pinterest profile from your Facebook Fan Page
  • Schedule posts to Pinterest using many tools
  • Pin to Pinterest from anywhere on the web using tools
  • Showcase your Pinterest profile on your blog


#4  Pinterest has Huge SEO Power

  • Pinterest is a Huge Search Engine itself!
  • Google Loves Pinterest – any keywords you use show up on google
  • Pinterest pins Show Up in Google search… your url’s benefit from the prefix for higher ranking
  • Pinterest allows do-follow links … what everybody wants!


#5  Best of ALL!! … Pinterest is your Shop Window

  • Your Profile view is your Shop Window to your Brand
  • Your Boards are the Journey around your store, showcasing your Business and displaying your talents, products, tools, tips and curations of life.
  • Every Image is Clickable to a Link of Your Choice ~ That’s HUGE!!


To Summarise…


Pinterest Mission

My Pinterest Formula…

  • Attract… with your image

  • Direct… with your links

  • Sell… with your value

My Pinterest Pyramid

This image is a snapshot of the Pinterest world… showing the ‘shoppers' and the ‘smart marketers'… I explain more in the video above, but just ask yourself

  • which part of the pyramid are you in?
  • are you maximising your Pinterest marketing potential?


The Pinterest Pyramid


My post today was aimed at showing you the 5 main reasons for using Pinterest as part of your Marketing Arsenal and I trust I have encouraged you to give it some thought!

Pinterest is no different to any other social marketing platform when it comes to setting up your profile, structure, and content…

If you are ready to set your's up [or would like to refresh your current profile and make it more ‘Business' ready] the first stage is outlined in my post here …  Create Your Pinterest power profile in 6 Easy Steps  where we begin to lay the foundations for your profile by setting up your account from scratch.

If you already have one set up, then please follow along and lavish some attention on your account as you learn in detail the latest ideas on the art and science of Pinterest Marketing.

Do let's connect on Pinterest 😍

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Five Powerful Benefits of Pinterest Marketing!

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Jacs Henderson
Jacs Henderson

I am a Social Media Marketer, and my mission is to assist you to Build your Business Online using Social Media. Building Your Brand Online is both an Art and a Science and I have created Savvy Social Marketing with Jacs, where we can share value and learn from each other to perfect our Savvy Social Marketing strategies 😍I would love to welcome you there!

    7 replies to "5 Powerful Benefits of Pinterest Marketing!"

    • Marquita Herald

      I definitely think I could do a better job with Pinterest. In fact, I’d pretty much relegated it to the back burner it until recently when I checked my analytics and was stunned to see a fair amount of traffic coming from there. So it’s time to do some housecleaning and updating because I have several new things coming out so might as well see what I can do about growing that number. Thanks for the tips and encouragement!

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi Marty,

        Lol! Most people leave Pinterest on the back burner, but it is in fact a huge search engine for businesses and an excellent place to promote things. I’ll be doing many more tutorials on Pinterest, and a bootcamp in the New Year to encourage more people to get on there, then guide them through key things to do with their profiles. Good luck with your new projects 😀

        ~ Jacs

    • Sue Bride

      I’m always surprised to hear how powerful Pinterest and Instagram are for product sales. But, that’s because I don’t tend to look at them for buying purposes, probably because being in Australia most products don’t sell here, or have high postage costs.

      I do, however use Pinterest for my own branding purposes and to connect with similar people and intend to make full use of it for an e-commerce site.

      I look forward to reading your future tutorials.

    • Hi Jacs,
      I love Pinterest and have several boards set up. I would like to use my account for branding and connecting my blog posts on Pinterest. I will be looking forward to your tutorials I did not see the video -I take it comes later on ?
      ” I have recorded a video tutorial for you to watch, which of course includes more info and “tips than on the images!”

    • Ruth Bowers

      Thanks for the reminder of how great Pinterest is. I really need to get in there and clean up my boards.

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hello Ruth,

        Thank you for visiting today! Happy you have been reminded! Pinterest really is a great place to showcase your brand, business and products. Hope you’ll pop back to see more Pinterest posts ?

        ~ Jacs

    • Erika Mohssen-Beyk

      Hi Jacs ,
      I know Pinterest is powerful for branding and business but I never got to understand how to use it right. I have some boards for years and get the notifications but did not really look at it. May have to look at your videos .
      Thank you

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