7 Steps to Branding YOU Online #1

There's definitely a bit of art and a bit of science involved in Branding YOU Online, and I have created a 7 Step process for you to follow which I will share with you over 3 posts … there will be easy links between them, but it is a lot of information for one post!

Before we begin with the ‘How', it seems sensible to ask the questions

  1. What does Branding ‘ME' mean?
  2. Why do I need to do it?

Brand YOU

What does Branding ME mean?

Branding yourself means that the public will recognise you as a Brand.

In the world of business, or blogging you will become recognised as an entity over and above your business and people will form an attachment to you in some emotional way, which will be formed from the characteristics of the value you give to them, how you market yourself, recognition of your work and name, and perhaps finally the product you are sharing.

Your brand encompasses everything you do in the business arena

  • your consistency
  • your authenticity
  • your values
  • your professional conduct

And it it these things that make up the package of your brand, some elements may be subconscious on your part, but it is wise to realise that people will see you for what you are, even if you don't!

So being ‘On Purpose' with your Brand is important.

Sometimes it is hard to say exactly what it is about a Brand that makes you choose it, and sometimes it is very clear… and of course, different people have different opinions…

But your Brand will become familiar to people and (all being well!) they will come to trust you for offering what you do through the process of first seeing you, to Knowing, Liking then Trusting you.

Why do I need to Brand ‘ME'

Simply to stand out from the crowd!

Everyone is unique, and we are attracted to people for who they are… if we were all the same how would we choose between brands.

Imagine 3 Brands of instant Coffee, for example Nescafe, Gold Blend and Kenco. (UK Choices)

They are differently sourced, tasting, looking, packaged, priced, manufactured etc … but if I said choose one, you would pick your favourite Brand… a decision based on your logical analysis of the facts and probably the marketing of the coffee too!

We are emotionally swayed by the marketing of products with TV, radio and magazine ads which is all about their presentation to us and the ‘story' we attach to them.

For another example, here in the UK  we have 3 major chain coffee shops … Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero, which are basically selling very similar products and environments. If you know these you will probably weigh up all the elements of each Brand and state your favourite… there can be many factors you may think through, or it could be a more subconscious choice… it could even be on the taste of the coffee!!

So you see how Businesses build up an identity.

YOU need to build Your Commercial Brand in this way, so you can stand out amongst other businessess in your niche.

IF you are in Network Marketing, then you DEFINITELY need to do this. In your company there will be hundreds of people, all selling the same products from their replicated websites.

When you are selling your products face to face with warm market you probably have your own style and do well. But when it comes to marketing online…
Do you stand out?

Imagine a High Street with rows of shops run by distributors from your company. They all look the same, they all sell the same products, at the same price, and have the same marketing banners and literature and logo above the door.

The only element of difference is YOU!

Now, from this example above, we see how Branding IS really successful for a Business on the High Street… for example choose 1 store you shop at… I'm choosing Gap for this example, because I think most of you will know this store.

Branding makes them Instantly recognisable by their logo, their in-store customer service, their packaging and their window dressing… all will be the same throughout the country (UK)

The stores are all run to the same visual and customer standards, so you know whet to expect when you go to one of them. You can probably even recognise their clothes without seeing the label!

Of course, for Network Marketing..

You need to be YOU and Create this unique recognition and reputation for yourself so people SEE YOU and then wonder about your business… and because they like YOU, they'll want to join you anyway!



Step #1 ~ Set Up Your Social Structure

Start with the set-up of your Social Structure, and follow the steps to show consistency across all social platforms. Start with social recognition. Imagine if all Starbucks social profiles had different colours and images and words and logos?

Think about which place will be your HUB so all roads lead back there. This could be your Blog, or a Community.

“A Journey of 1000 ‘Likes’ begins with a single step”

My suggestion is that you choose 5 social media sites to begin with and Brand them so people recognise you.

When you start Sharing your content, you can focus on one platform and there are ways to automatically share this with some others (to come later)

You can increase your number of posts as you get more proficient (and later work on your personal interaction one site at a time)

For example, you could start with

• FB fanpage
• Twitter
• Google +
• Pinterest
• Instagram
• LinkedIn

which are all image / text based formats

Branding YOU on Your Social Profiles

Create a great First Impression!

  • Use 1 profile as a master and fill out completely, (adapt the rest from this and update when necessary)
  • Get your profiles filled out completely before publicising or promoting
  • Adapt the same cover banner – Be consistent to your brand
  • Use the same Profile Photo – build up recognition
  • Choose a recognisable username … this shows in the url
  • Add a Catchy Tagline … if you have one (or add later)

Branding YOU on Your Blog / Website

Get set up with Social Sharing buttons for…

– share me
– follow me

Add an email responder to your sidebar for collecting customer emails and offer a gift and / or newsletter in exchange for your readers email address

You can use widgets or Facebook plugins to show your Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram page Live Streams in your blog sidebar and showcase your latest posts there.

Show your Customers you operate across social media, and you are on their favourite shopping platform!

I hope you have picked up some tips here for Branding YOU.

If you already have Social Profiles and /or a Blog set up, then you can take a look at them with this fresh information and tweek where necessary

The Steps to follow will be…

  • Step 2 – System Set Up –  Post planner, image sources, image creation tools & scheduling tools
  • Step 3 – Shape & Script – Preparing your posts with …Concept ~ Create image ~ Compose text
  • Step 4 –  Scheduling
  • Step 5 – Sharing
  • Step 6 – Syndication 
  • Step 7 – Socialize 
  • Step 8 – BONUS! Statistics 

The next post will contain a Super List of

  • Image Resources
  • Image Creation Tools
  • Scheduling Tools

so get your profiles Tip Top ready to start Branding YOU  ?

I would really like to know what your struggles are with content creation and sharing, so please post them below!

If you would like a 30 minute Social Media Branding Session…
apply here….http://buff.ly/1SObrYA

Thank you for your visit today  😊


Jacs Henderson
                The Social Network Marketer 
P.S. By clicking the button below, you can save / print out a PDF of this post to guide you through your Branding 😊
 7 Steps to Branding YOU Online #1

Jacs Henderson
Jacs Henderson

I am a Social Media Marketer, and my mission is to assist you to Build your Business Online using Social Media. Building Your Brand Online is both an Art and a Science and I have created Savvy Social Marketing with Jacs, where we can share value and learn from each other to perfect our Savvy Social Marketing strategies 😍I would love to welcome you there!

    18 replies to "7 Steps To Branding YOU Online #1"

    • David Merrill

      Personal branding is probably the single most important reason to blog, Jacs.

      You’ve given a great checklist of ways to integrate your blogging brand with your social media presence.

      I think the most important thing you’ve brought up here, is the importance of taking careful pains to setting up a well branded profile on each social media site you’re on, and as you say, make it consistent (ie., the same) across all your platforms.

      Too often, folks think the profile is just a nuisance and they rush through it or worse, they just ignore it. Wrong! It’s THE most important piece in your social media presence.
      David Merrill recently posted..You Can Have A Profitable Online BusinessMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi David,

        Yes! Personal branding probably is the single most important reason to blog! Thank you for adding that 🙂

        Blogging really gives your audience a way to ‘identify’ with you and what you teach … and then explore how to work with you closer, and as you say, continuing that branding across other social platforms can only strengthen the connection through recognition.

        ~ Jacs

    • Barrie Evans

      Hi Jacs,
      Love this. It is important to set out your stall and be recognized at least. If you can start to get some recognition you are on the way to developing a good brand. Creating your own “hub” is a good one where everything links together. It shows people you are consistent in your branding and presence online and off.
      Looking forward to the next in the series.
      Barrie Evans recently posted..Six Steps To Successful Selling – Step 4My Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi Barrie,

        thanks so much, I loved the points you brought up in your comments, and when people recognise you for what you teach … it’s awesome … Mr ‘SEO’ Barrie ?

        ~ Jacs

    • Kathryn Maclean

      Hi Jacs,
      That’s a very extensive series you are creating. Great article on branding
      Everything you post, a photo an update, whatever, you are contributing your own digital footprint which is your personal brand. Great image!

      The public will recognise you as a brand, over and above your business. I agree.
      Encompassing your authenticity, your values, and your proffesional conduct. Also by
      your consistency.You become familiar, people know like and trust you.
      We are emotionally swayed by marketing stories. Creating your own unique recognition and reputation so people see you first and then are curious about your business.
      They join you in your business not the other way around.

      Thanks for the excellent series on branding.

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi Kathryn,

        thank you for really absorbing the information here … you are right, it is an extensive subject and there will be more to follow. But it is so important to grasp the fundamentals of ‘you are your brand’ which you of course have… and I really appreciate your wealthy comment ?

        ~ Jacs

    • Lesly T. Federici

      Hi Jacs,
      Having a system will help greatly in promoting “YOU”. I also think doing it consistently is where people get messed up. Starting new is exciting and then the momentum fizzles out … momentum is exciting because THAT’S what brings success.. not starting something new. So a system is a very good thing to have … great discussion 🙂
      Lesly T. Federici recently posted..Insecure In My SwimsuitMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi Lesly,

        You put that beautifully!!

        It’s great starting new with the shiny object, but you are so right, that taking action and being consistent brings along momentum and that is REALLY EXCITING because you begin to see the rewards and things just get better.

        It certainly worked for us ?

        ~ Jacs

    • Emi

      Hi Jacs,
      Branding yourself is the best thing that you can do for your business.
      So many people are starting their business and using the company’s brand.
      Thank you for sharing!
      Emi recently posted..Start With Clear MindMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi Emi,

        thanks for your wise words … I am in complete agreement ?

        ~ Jacs

    • Erika Mohssen-Beyk

      Hi Jacs ,
      you made it very clear that branding is necessary and
      you did a very good post explaining all the why’s a great
      guide for everybody who want to start branding and very
      good reminders for all who already started to see what they
      are missing.
      Thank you
      Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted..Being A Misfit And The Story Of An ElephantMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you Erika, it is indeed necessary but often is an ongoing process when it comes to the visual aspect, as a business grows and changes … however the heart of it all is us, so we will always shine through ?

        ~ Jacs

    • Mandy Allen

      Branding is so important, if we are not consistent with it it can be very confusing for others. If we create a profile for ourselves we should follow through and keep it consistent.

      Enjoy the journey!
      Mandy Allen recently posted..What Difference Will Your Life Make?My Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Yes, nicely put Mandy … a clear image is far easier for people to recognise and relate to ?

        ~ Jacs

    • ikechi

      Hi Jacs

      Reading this post, you indeed simplified the process of branding and you explained with so much clarity what it means to be a brand and I can relate this so well because as you shared, we are all unique.

      Love your tips and looking forward to your next post. Thanks for sharing. Take Care
      ikechi recently posted..The Liebster AwardMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi Ikechi,

        Thanks for your appreciative words, we are indeed all unique, and it is simply that fact that begins to define us. From there, once we become conscious of that fact we can work on the visual and identifiable aspects of translating that for our audience 🙂

        ~ Jacs

    • Sue Bride

      Whatever niche market you are in there is competition these days. You are so right about the importance of branding to set yourself apart from the crowd. You have to offer something additional or different to your competitors.

      I’ve just changed my theme and header to make them more up-to-date. I’ll have to do the same on my social profiles to follow your advice of being consistent. I just hope the new look won’t put off those who were used to the old.
      Sue Bride recently posted..Divi Extra – My New ThemeMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi Sue,

        I think we all have to update and grow all round as our brands and businesses develop … the point is, it’s You they are following, and I’m sure they’ll adapt to your choice to move on. As you grow, so does your offer to your audience, so they can only benefit!

        And knowing you and your fabulous social media work. I don’t see anything but a rosy future ahead for you ?

        Keep up the amazing work!

        ~ Jacs

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