Are You A Train Spotter? Consider #1 The Affiliate Marketing 6 Key Step Success Cycle

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Are You A Train Spotter? Consider #1 The Affiliate Marketing 6 Key Step Success Cycle

I think the world is turning around – just take a look at the Statistics below.

Are Train spotters expanding their reach into Affiliate Marketing!! Why did I pick train spotters for my example?

Well, simply because it's a niche hobby, and not necessarily one that people may realise you are part of.

It is quite possible for anyone with a passion for any hobby or business to become an affiliate marketer. …

And quite probably something every business owner online should consider, to fund basic business costs, additional paid marketing, or increase profits.



In my Infographic below, The Affiliate Marketing 6 Key Step Success Cycle, I cover the basis of Affiliate Marketing:


  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Who are the Affiliate Marketers in 2013? 
  • What is an Affiliate
  • How Affiliate Marketing works
  • The 6 Key Step Success Cycle
  • Top Affiliate Networks Marketers belong to in 2013


Are You A Train Spotter? Consider #1 The Affiliate Marketing 6 Key Step Success Cycle


More info from the Affiliate Summit Stats Report 2013 can be found HERE


Here are the links to the Top Affiliate Networks Marketers Belong to:



There are, of course, many more to choose from – and you will find that many Marketers who write or produce digital training and information products will offer these to their customers – and often to Affiliate sites for Buyers and Sellers. The following are others you can join and choose products to promote – and are all ones I use with affiliate offers.



If you know any other Affiliate sites – Please Share them in the comments below and I will add them to this post to help others.   In another post, I will consider in more detail the 6 steps of The Affiliate Marketing Cycle, and provide some more information for you.



Happy Affiliating!



Jacs Henderson


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CLICK to Download Your Free pdf of this post

Published by Jacs Henderson

I am a Social Network Marketer, and My mission is to assist you to Build your Business Online using Social Media. Building Your Brand Online is both an Art and a Science and I have created Jacs Social Network Marketing Tribe, a Facebook Community where we focus on teaching The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence, Branding You and Marketing your Business. We would love to welcome you there!

28 comments on “Are You A Train Spotter? Consider #1 The Affiliate Marketing 6 Key Step Success Cycle

    1. It’s a simple concept Terry, but important to choose products and companies that you resonate with. Possibly a good idea to chat with someone if the idea grabs you – I hope my next post fills in some of the blanka for you 🙂

    1. Always worth looking into companies within your niche Monna – and I totally agree about learning more from others, there are always new things to find to shed a new light on what we are doing and enhance our businesses – it’s good to stir up the brain matter!!!
      thanks for sharing your thoughts here 🙂

    1. When selling ebooks and information products Mary, I think clickbank and jvzoo are both good platforms to set up a vendor account with so other people can sell your product and gain affiliate commissions.
      As yet I haven’t been a vendor, but work alongside many people who have.
      From the affiliates point of view, once registered with either company – you have the facility to sell any products available for sale – and that covers a lot!
      So you can choose … there are of course some people who are pure sellers and not consumers of that which they sell – but, each to his own. That is the beauty of these platforms, one can adapt the products to fit your business values.
      I think it’s excellent you have ebooks for sale and wish you the best for the future 🙂

  1. Trains visit so many destinations it is difficult to know which place to go to:-) With so many niche possibilities it is hard to choose which niche to choose from.

    For search engine purposes, it is no longer lucrative to create a niche site with a few pages and leave it to earn. You need to include enough quality content to draw visitors in and get search engine attention. This is time consuming so you would need to choose a niche that really interests you. But with so much competition how do you stand out from the crowd?

    Creating your own visitor base by targeted advertising and building a list of those interested in the products seems to be the key. That is the part I find hard.

    I look forward to your future more detailed post, Jacs. Thanks for your list of affiliate sites, some of which I had not heard of.
    Sue recently posted..25 Advantages of SubdomainsMy Profile

    1. I totally agree Sue, choosing a niche can take time, and then focusing your business/blog towards that market gives us the chance to create that Value you mention, which is all important to attract people to you. I feel more comfortable with the fact that Google now gives more attention to ‘real’ blogs and not those automatic and dubious marketing practices which only the experts could compete with.
      I feel standing out from the crowd involves passion and focus and creating value (that word again!) alongside the targeted advertising, you pointed out above. This usually means following a blueprint which you know works for others.
      Thank you Sue, for sharing your comments. It does take some work to get each point on the cycle nailed – but it is worth pushing on as this is the way to market ones own products too – which many people want to do.
      Jacs 🙂

    1. Same here Erika! I do have a bit of an adventurous spirit and love to check out new things but I only share the things I feel have value to my readers. Like you, I recommend what is good. It’s about the sharing of useful tools and trainings which are of benefit. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it …
      Jacs 🙂

  2. Hi Jacs,

    I need to take a deeper look at I used to think that was nothing more than a site that sells products. I realized this week that it also was a facilitator for transactions if one were to creat a product? Am I reading into that correctly? Again, thanks for the great post!
    Nate recently posted..Robert Holis: How Is That Working?My Profile

    1. Yes Nate, as a vendor – you can apply to sell through JVZoo, and people can request to be an affiliate for you 🙂 It’s worth exploring – I have many products I’ve purchased from people who use JVZoo as their platform for buying and selling.
      Thanks for your visit today and good luck with your product!
      Jacs 🙂

  3. Interesting …
    I think affiliate marketing is fantastic. It helps you to get started online and can be used to provide income to pay for your advertising. Great info graphic too Thank you!

    1. Absolutely Lesly, before creating ones own products it does what you said and is a great way to ‘practice’ marketing online, pleased you liked the infographic, and lovely to see you here today 🙂

    1. Thanks Merle, it does lay out the process simply. I think we all toy with many tools and products along our online journey – I find that the things I buy that help me are the ones I recommend as an affiliate ….and usually the vendor has chosen their affiliate platform already. But all the sites I mentioned have many products relating to all niches for folks to choose from – However, I know you have your niche all wrapped up 🙂

  4. Great post Jacs!

    I have signed up for several affiliate programs but didn’t know about doing all of the other bits to be successful – no wonder I don’t get any clicks! LOL

    Bookmarking to come back too after researching some more programs that actually fit with what I do and the message I like to put across.

    sonia recently posted..Dad IVMy Profile

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sonia – Like most aspects of business online – getting clicks depends on your marketing strategies to create traffic to your offer, and putting it in front of a targeted audience. The learning process has to come first though 🙂

  5. Hi Jacs,

    What a great infographic. When I try to explain to newbies in marketing what affiliate marketing is, they don’t see the concept so well. Especially those that have just joined and want to affiliate.

    This infographic shows all the steps one must take to be successful in affiliate marketing.

    I used to do lots of affiliate marketing in the past. I only affiliated things I used myself that were of value. Then shared it with others.

    My product has just been approved on JVZoo. I need to tweak it a bit, and then start my campaign but it’s a fun ride!

    donna merrill recently posted..Spread Your Wings And Challenge Yourself!My Profile

    1. Really exciting Donna to hear you have a product Ready To Go!! Now you will experience affiliate marketing from the Stage – well done. And keep me posted – hey, you’d better because we are connected now, and chances are it will fit with my business 🙂

  6. Hey Jacs,

    This was a great explanation of what affiliate marketing is and what it takes to get it going. I’ve heard of some of the affiliate sites that you mentioned, but I only used clickbank. I will definitely come back to this post to check out the other sites. I do believe not to put all your eggs in one basket! Thanks for sharing!
    sherman smith recently posted..How You Can Develop Trust And Great Author Rank Online Through GoogleMy Profile

    1. My pleasure Sherman – and I use clickbank too, but I am usually led by the product, not the platform. But whatever your business plan – there is something out there for you. I appreciate you dropping in my friend 🙂

    1. Absolutely Dr Erica – most online tools have an affiliate program, so even if you start with your hosting company and autoresponder, and make some money – that is the beginning. And you can recommend those products if you use them!!
      thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts 🙂

  7. Very well said Jacs!

    And affiliate marketing is an extremely viable way to get your feet wet
    and learn all the basic essentials of successful online marketing.

    But it definitely takes a certain amount of skill and dedication to be successful.

    I had no idea that a niche so specialized such as trainer spots could be monetized.

    That’s really cool. Thanks for providing such a workable blueprint!
    Mark recently posted..So What MBA Type Business Lessons Can You Possibly Learn Simply By Eating Cheap Pizza?My Profile

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