Are You Missing This Surprisingly Useful Branding Option On Your Facebook Page?

Are You Missing This Startlingly Useful Branding Option On Your Facebook Page?


If you are a Business Owner, then you probably join me in appreciating the power of Facebook and Social Media for Networking.

Having a strategy for Social Sharing is important if you are producing good quality Information for Educating others, and very often this is in the form of Blogs.

Blogging is a perfect way to show-case your Brand and Share your free content whilst building a list and offering your products.

In fact, to me my blog is the central hub of my Business.

So… we will share our blogs on social media, and many people also have a Facebook page to interact with their fans and colleagues on a daily basis

Now, there is a Tab available on your Facebook Fan-page called ‘Notes’ and this is what I am talking about today. I aim to give you the run-down on what they can be used for, their features, and how to use them!

So here goes…

What is a Facebook ‘Note’?

A Facebook Notes is an app feature  built into your page, that provides a blog-like interface with extra formatting options.

Why would you use Facebook Notes

  • Because your content gets stored under Notes… and doesn’t disappear down your timeline
  • Your visitors are not directed away from your Fanpage to read some juicy content, they can read it while on your page
  • You can strategically use Content here that ‘Brands’ YOU for your visitors to find, and Share it periodically to increase exposure
  • You can add / edit information if content or links need updating.
  • You can direct your readers to any of your products or capture pages

What can you use them for?

  • You can use them for taking notes!! They can be saved as a draft for you to access, so they can be used for accumulating information.
  • You can use them for full length blog posts, instead of a blog, if you don’t have one
  • You can copy your blogs here [see video below]
  • Use them for Images / Quotation Images and text
  • Discussions… ask your question and people can comment underneath, these stay with the note so are always visible instead of the conversation vanishing down your timeline.
  • To record perhaps a weekly Business Tip or Image
  • To keep a series of related items together
  • Newsletters / weekly / monthly product or updates
  • Featured items or products

How To Transfer A Blog to a Facebook Note

Advantages to using Facebook Notes over a status update

(for certain types of post)

  • You have some access to text editing, and can use basic html [ See image below ]
  • You can save drafts and view / edit / publish when you choose
  • You can edit notes at any time.
  • You can create juicy long text content with formatting, images and tagging
  • Once created, you can share this link to your Notes to re-ignite the content on Facebook or other social media platforms (you may need to shorten this for Twitter)


Facebook notes HTML

Features of Facebook Notes

Text features you can use for notes include…

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Numbered / Un-numbered lists
  • Define Quotes
  • Insert Images
  • html allowed
  • you can use tags
  • you can add photos
  • comments are active
  • they can be saved as a draft / edited / published / deleted as required

SEO Info

The title of your Note is used as the SEO Title

The 1st sentence is your meta data (little content descriptors that tell search engines what your note is about)

Where do I find Notes?

To access Notes, go to your Facebook page or profile and then click More > Notes.

If you don’t see Notes, click More >Manage Sections and then check the box next to Notes.

You can also search for “Notes” in the search bar at the top of the page.

Facebook Notes

Your Business Hub could be your Blog, or your Facebook Page… but either way I expect Facebook plays an important part in your Online Marketing and Networking, so you may like to give ‘Notes‘ a try.

Personally, I like them for providing more branding information for those visitors that find you on facebook, and as a means to re-share important messages.

I hope you can see how Notes could enhance your Facebook page, when used in conjunction with your own marketing strategy, and when you require a certain type of status update

So have fun!!

Have you been using ‘Notes’ already?

Do let me know if you have any more suggestions in the comments below 🙂

warm wishes


Jacs Henderson




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52 comments on “Are You Missing This Surprisingly Useful Branding Option On Your Facebook Page?

  1. Well yes I was missing out on a surprisingly useful branding option
    But I won’t any longer…
    Such an informative article Jacs.
    I have used notes before but I did not know that I could use them to
    showcase my blogs!! Great video. Thanks so much!

  2. This was really great information Jacs and while I knew some of it I didn’t know all of it. Plus I had forgotten lots of it!

    I had no idea you could use all that code to really make your notes pop! Sort of like a Word document.

    I’ll be sharing it with my peeps!


  3. Hi Jacs, This is a great post! I learnt a lot just reading it, but there is a lot more there anyway, so I will have to pop it into my ‘notes’ for a more in depth read later. I think I might be coming to you for some advanced education! It’s great finding someone with your level of knowledge! Thanks for sharing… Kind regards Ron

    1. Thank you for your kind words Ron… this is a useful way of presenting certain information, so knowing about it is great when starting marketing!
      It will be such a pleasure working with you on your new project 🙂


  4. Hi Jacs,

    What a wonderful walk through you have given us in this video. You made it so easy to do.

    I love to advertize on Facebook. I like the new structure of notes and how well we can use it. Of course..I have to apply that lol. But you have made it so user friendly.

    I am going to use Notes once set up for the posts that need the most recognition. Thanks again for walking me through this!


    1. Such a pleasure Donna to pass on a smidgen of help (and reminders) to others, I know I get much from your posts!

      I think a carefully planned strategy with notes is a great way to share blog information, particularly when you have your own products and services to showcase.

      Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂


      1. Jacs,

        I am a slow learner lol, but I went over this video once again so I “got it” I want to thank you so much for putting this video together because you made it so easy to apply.

        I’m planning a strategy this week and will implement it on my notes. I just had to come back and say Thank YOU


        1. Love that you came back to visit the video Donna, I do feel honoured!! I don’t think you are a slow learner 😉 … just a busy lady, but you found time to re-visit something you felt could help your marketing… that’s wise persistence!!

          and I appreciate you returning to say thank you 😀


  5. Hi Jacs ,
    I use notes and I think it is something very good .
    I learned it from NT Izuchi . I think it is good
    you are writing about so more people can see and use it.
    Thank you for the videos and details.

  6. Hey Jacs,

    I’ve heard of Facebook Notes but had no idea how to get started with them or where to look. Thanks for your great information and review of FB Notes

    It will be interesting to see what develops from your directions.

    1. Hi Monna! You may find them useful for showcasing your books etc. It is great to write it, then you can share the link for marketing and add comments to the bottom… all good for your facebook page engagement too 🙂 Thanks for popping by!

  7. Hello Jacs, What a wonderful post my friend, I have no idea about this note otpion, I am not sure as to why I cannot get your video to play for me, I do see from reading the comments that others have viewed it HUM?

    Perhaps I will go and refresh the page and give it another shot. Then off to FaceBook to check this all out.
    Thanks for sharing & Do enjoy the rest of your weekend..
    Chery :))

    1. Thanks for those jolly words Chery! Strange about the video… I will upload it to my facebook page directly so you can view it there.
      I hope ‘Notes’ will be helpful for you 🙂

  8. It’s so long since I used the Facebook Page notes feature, I’d forgotten about it. I don’t think there were all the formatting and insert image features then either.

    Thanks Jacs.

    1. The features have changed over the years Sue (like most things facebook!) and it is pretty user-friendly now… it’s a great thing if you have a strategy for using it, so it may come in handy for you!
      Thanks so much for dropping by 😀

  9. Hi Jacs,
    Since you shared this with me I have been using it. Makes so much sense and it really is using the Fb features better for promoting your interests. I like that the blog posts don’t get lost and are accessible. Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Such a pleasure Lesly to help you with your mission. I never realised how so many didn’t know about this, so am pleased I did the tutorial. Thank you for your kind words 😀

  10. Hi Jacs,
    This is great love using notes as they are very organised and you always can access them quickly.
    Thank you for all the tips 🙂


  11. Hi Jacs,
    This is a most informative article. I have not been using notes and did not know what was its purpose so thanks for the education. I now see how it can be useful to enhance whatever marketing activity that I am engaged in as well as give the Facebook audience more information about what it is that I do. I particularly like the idea of sharing blogs in the notes. Your video was quite clear and easy to understand. Appreciate this very much.


  12. I never cared much for the notes on the FB profile — but I can see the Notes you’re talking about on the FB page have so much more potential! Thanks for sharing — especially the graphic showing how to get each of the effects we might want.

  13. I knew about the notes but haven’t used them for a long time and I didn’t know about all the formatting options. Thanks for the reminder You’ve given me some ideas on what to use them for.

  14. Hi Jacs,
    Thank you for sharing on the importance of utilizing “notes” on your fan page 🙂 I have never ever thought of that lol Now I will have to go and implement your great tips!

    As a brand, we all want ways to enhance so these tips are awesome! Blogs are definately the best way to enhance your brand as well… it is your “hub” of valuable information 🙂

    Great share!!

  15. Hey Jacs,

    I never heard of this feature but it sounds like a great option to build your brand, especially for blogging. I have one question though. If you copy and past your blog in this feature does it allowed hyperlinking? I do a lot of interlinking and linking to outside resources as well.

    1. Hi Sherman… Yes it does, all links are hyper-linked… brilliant eh!! The only thing I have had to adjust after copy and pasting is the spacing… says the perfectionist in me!!
      hope you enjoy trying it!
      why not join the fan-page thread in the group… I’d love to see what you’re up to 😉

  16. Thanks for this reminder to begin using Facebook notes Jacs. I said ‘reminder’ because I came across a blurb about Facebook notes in one of my online programs just last week and made a mental note to explore that feature more in the near future. But I’d already forgotten.

    Going to add it to my task list this time 😉

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