Your Attraction Marketing Blueprint

How Simple it Sounds ‘Attraction Marketing‘ but when you have an Online Business to market, it actually is a Huge Undertaking, and without the right techniques, it is easy to go round in circles without attracting enough people to sustain your business momentum.


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There must be hundreds of training courses to teach you different aspects of Attraction Marketing online, for example

  • capture page creation
  • setting up your social media presence
  • setting up a blog
  • advertising – eg facebook or solo ads
  • creating daily content
  • copywriting for blogs & emails
  • building sales and thank you pages
  • setting up a Group for your team and/or prospects
  • communicating with your team / prospects personally
  • email marketing
  • making your own product
  • training your team to do what you do

and I'm sure you have some of these!

The Basis to Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is essentially about Branding yourself as ‘Attractive' to customers by

  1. offering a recognisable Personality to your Brand
  2. providing Valuable Information which draws people to you

When you can do this, and help people to solve their problems, then you become the ‘hunted' rather than the ‘hunter'.

This is the position you are aiming for!

There isn’t any “magic button” solution that will make you a top earner, but there is a clear Blueprint to Success, once you remove all the bits you don't need from your mind, and focus your activity on the Exact Strategy.

#1 Finding Your Brand Personality

Network Marketers

If you are an individual, in a Network Marketing Business… then you must Brand Yourself to stand out from the many other distributers in your business AND so that you can offer either your own, or affiliate trainings and products to teach your prospects in your own way.

By doing this you are allowing people to get to see and know you, and by further communication they will come to Like and Trust you.

No-one will buy from you unless they Know, Like and Trust you. This is known as the KLT factor.

Attraction Marketing works well in this ‘niche' because most people are “Struggling” and many move online to search for new prospects.

Business Owners (service or sales)

Any other businesses Really Need to Brand themselves online to stand out from their competitors… somehow you must find an edge through design, execution, quality and systems.

Attraction Marketing is so valuable here too! If You are your business (service or selling your own products) then you need to translate Yourself into An Online System, and build the information you present for your marketing such that it works for you automatically to attract clients, so you can get on with delivering what you do.

In Both Cases …

You need to go to work each day ready to ‘serve' people rather than ‘sell' to them

#2 Providing Valuable Information

This is a Key part of your Attraction Marketing Strategy. If you are not offering anything, or anything different, then why would people choose your business over a competitor, or another distributor?

Well, you will have some advantage if you have followed #1 and injected some personality into your Brand… but it is a ‘Dog Eat Dog' world out there in the online marketing world… and you need to be providing products and information, and sharing your skills and knowledge … MIXED IN with your Brand so You Will Shine Out From The Crowd

You will no doubt have noticed people on social media posting links around which are totally un-inspiring AND you probably notice Posts, Ads, Articles, Videos and Images which you do resonate with…

Well, that is The Attraction Factor

and THAT is what you need to learn to produce.

Your Attraction Marketing Blueprint


The Attraction Factor

The Attraction Factor is very Powerful, but it is all very well Attracting people with your personality, brand and valuable knowledge…

but then what?

Ah yes, capture their email address… and send them emails with more information and offers and then show them my business?

It is SO true that people Online are looking for Information… but they will be looking everywhere, and receiving many email offers as well as yours..

Hmmm… You need something a bit sticky, so that when they make that FIRST CLICK onto YOUR Capture Page…

You can TOTALLY IMERSE them into Your Funnel… and shoot them down it…

BUT… in such a Gentile Way, they will feel like you are bringing them Strawberries & Cream, and treating them like a VIP

AND This is where Your Attraction Marketing Business Blueprint comes in…

It's a FREE Video Series recorded by Gavin Mountford…

AND Personally… I think this will be the beginning of You seeing a change in your thinking, strategy and results in your business.

I am deeper into the Attraction Marketing Academy now and I feel like the sky has cleared and all the world is holding hands!!  

I started this blog with the words… How Simple it sounds

I finish this blog with the words… How Simple it is… ‘ WHEN YOU KNOW HOW ‘

This is Your Blueprint

How do you Create ‘The Attraction Factor' in your Business?

Do Share…  


Jacs Henderson


Jacs Henderson
Jacs Henderson

I am a Social Media Marketer, and my mission is to assist you to Build your Business Online using Social Media. Building Your Brand Online is both an Art and a Science and I have created Savvy Social Marketing with Jacs, where we can share value and learn from each other to perfect our Savvy Social Marketing strategies 😍I would love to welcome you there!

    32 replies to "Your Attraction Marketing Business Blueprint…"

    • Mary Sloane

      This is an excellent post about attraction marketing, and yes there is so much more to it than meets the eye at first glance.

      I really appreciated the depth of the challenge that Attraction Marketing presents that you made so crystal clear.

      I always relate Attraction Marketing to the Law of Attraction as they are of course related… Attraction is the key, but by focusing on exactly what you want, eg: more sales but that is not attractive at all as you must really look at the attraction aspect from your prospects perspective. They want to know what you can do for them, so focus on Giving Value and not on what you want and you’ll be amazed how sales magically begin to happen.
      Mary Sloane recently posted..Law of Attraction in MarketingMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Loving the relationship with the Law of Attraction Mary, like you say, giving people what they want is the key… and focusing on that sets the laws in motion.
        The feeling of being truly generous from the heart is the vibration we are looking for… in life and in business, and Attraction Marketing is a challenge but oh so rewarding!
        Thank you for your wonderful comment… and I look forward to your post on the Law of Attraction 🙂

    • Kathryn Maclean

      You have a very good read on attraction marketing in your article Jacs.
      Everyone is an individual and needs to show their unique self to attract people so they will know like and trust the person.

      “I liked this line -Any other businesses Really Need to Brand themselves online to stand out from their competitors… somehow you must find an edge through design, execution, quality and systems.”

      Excellent article.

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you Kathryn for enjoying my post!

        You are right, we must all develop our own unique attractiveness then people will find us 😀


    • Dexter Roona

      A very well written article Jacs, interesting ideas and points to get the job done
      regards Dexter
      Dexter Roona recently posted..Tsu Sign Up – How To Grow Your Tsu DownlineMy Profile

    • BG Jenkins

      Hi Jacs, Great article and tips. I think the biggest problem for me is capture those email addresses…and they are important. I have it set up for one process and not another, so that’s something I will have to work on. Networking and sharing content is also crucial. Thanks so much for your tips!
      BG Jenkins recently posted..Best Quote You Ever WroteMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thanks for your words BG… There’s always something to be working on… but if you have your plan in place, you can push on 🙂

    • Emi

      Hi Jacs,
      Love your Attraction Marketing article, this is definitely the way to go!
      I wish I had this information 2 years ago 🙂 Very helpful!

      Thank you for sharing!
      Emi recently posted..Worthy Or Not Worthy?My Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Oh! If only we knew 2 years ago!! It is certainly a game changer working this way… whenever you start 😉
        Thanks for popping by Emi,

    • Miriam Slozberg

      Great article on attraction marketing Jacs! Very helpful and lots of useful info. Thanks.
      Miriam Slozberg recently posted..Are Online Reviews Really Trustworthy?My Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you Miriam, happy it was helpful to you… thanks for your visit 🙂

    • Sue

      I’ve been following Gavin and am working on branding myself, as offering something different and valuable. It takes time and work. Your Superstars group is great at helping us get more widely known.
      Sue recently posted..How To Increase Awareness For A CauseMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Sue, you are right, our first task is to Brand ourselves so people are attracted who want our products and services… you’re doing great and it is a real pleasure to have you as a contributing member of my Group 🙂

    • Joan Harrington

      Loved this post Jacs! Attraction Marketing is definately the smarter way to success online!! Great tips….branding is a huge must!!
      Joan Harrington recently posted..5 Crucial Steps To Finding Your Ideal ClientMy Profile

    • Dexter Roona

      i think you nailed it with this article… well done
      Dexter Roona recently posted..Tsu Charity – Lighthouse FoundationMy Profile

    • Lillian De Jesus

      Hi Jacs,

      Lots of great info on attraction marketing! It is a process to learn of what needs to be done.

      Thanks for sharing!
      Lillian De Jesus recently posted..Podcasting? Don’t Miss These Visual Marketing Must-HavesMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thanks for visiting Lillian, it is indeed a process to be learnt, then we inject our personalities 🙂

    • vinton samms

      Excellent article Jacs. This sets out the attraction marketing formula in simple and precise terms. You presented the material in such an engaging manner that the attraction begins to manifest itself in the article. With the competition online so fierce the ability to stand out from among the rest is paramount and attraction marketing is the best way out. Good job, keep it up!
      vinton samms recently posted..Guidelines for participation in FB Challenges, Groups, ETCMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you Vinton. Competition is indeed fierce, and we each have to define our own brand, and produce engaging leadership to allow the Attraction to flow.
        I appreciate your comment and feedback, and am pleased the information came across well. 🙂

    • Lawrence Bousquet

      Fantastic article Jacs, There certainly is a lot to consider with attraction marketing and you are so right when it clicks the sky is the limit. The tricky part that you mention as well is all the noise out there detracting everyone. With attention spans getting “squirl” shorter and shorter it is that much harder.
      Lawrence Bousquet recently posted..Are your links Golden or Broken?My Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Indeed Lawrence, there is so much out there to learn, so many ways to do things, and so many people advertising their products that it can be rather overwhelming! It’s good to find your teacher and work focused and blinkered between steps whilst developing one’s attraction marketing strategy.
        thanks for visiting, great to see you 🙂

    • Jenni Ryan

      Attraction marketing works so well to sift and sort your prospects for you. You attract people who resonate with you. thanks for sharing detailed information on attraction marketing and yes Gavin is awesome.
      Jenni Ryan recently posted..How to Connect to Your PurposeMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you Jenni, it is indeed a sifting and sorting process to attract those who resonate with us 🙂

    • Dr. Elise Cohen Ho

      A great read for a new blogger or a a more seasoned blogger. These are great tips that can help anyone.

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you Elise… you use the concept brilliantly 🙂

    • David Merrill 101

      Attraction marketing is the smartest way to build your team, or promote your own products services.

      It requires work, as you indicate here, Jacs, but it’s the best way to move yourself into a position of trust and authority.

      I think the two things I appreciate most in this outline is to provide high quality content, and to focus on servicing people’s needs, not selling to them.
      David Merrill 101 recently posted..6 Steps To Affiliate BloggingMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        David, thank you for appreciating the post and sharing your thoughts. Once the attraction marketing way is embraced, it is hard to see marketing any other way 🙂

    • Toby

      Great post Jacs! People really need to put more of themselves into their marketing, especially when they’re promoting the same products or the same company with the same comp plan as thousands of others!
      Toby recently posted..Drop Shipping – Start Your Own eCommerce Business With Amazon & eBayMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Hi Toby,
        thanks for your comment, it is so true that we need to promote ourselves, as you say, each compant has thousands of distributors… so we have to stand out!!

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