Attraction Marketing StudentWell, let's consider if you are an Attraction Marketing Student!


the tendency to attract, a feeling of attraction, something which attracts


The promotion, distribution and selling of a product or service


A person seriously devoted to some subject, whether academic or not.

( Definitions from Wiktionary )

We will briefly explore these definitions below – in reverse order!

The Student

Lets assume, if you are reading my blog, that you are a friend, colleague, member of my tribe, or a visitor with a Learning Attitude…  Seeking knowledge to grow their business.

The Marketing

The promotion, distribution and selling of a product or service.

Just as well you are a Student, because, talk about a learning curve! This is a huge Topic, and often when one begins the journey, you have no idea which course to buy, which system to use, or which coach can help you. If you have had some experience, then you will know it is not as easy as it sounds!

Marketing online often starts when someone has a business and is attempting to sell a Companies products, services or sponsorships (network marketing), alongside every other distributor OR affiliate marketing, also selling other peoples products OR your own business which runs offline, and is moving online to search for more clients.

The Attraction

… the tendency to attract, a feeling of attraction, something which attracts.

We all know what this feels like!

But in business terms, just think… why should someone be attracted to you? What do you have to offer a buyer that is Unique and will Stand Out above the rest of Businesses selling the same products?

So… you need to build a Brand for yourself. Just like Coca Cola!

I have been using this principle to grow my Business Online. Maybe you have too?

and have, as my Brand… Live, Love & Learn Your Business been studying, buying and trying HUGE numbers of Training courses and Tools for both personal and Business development.

Now I have been having SUCCESS since beginning with a free 5 Day Facebook Challenge…

Attraction Marketing Blueprint

So, whatever your business, whether it be

  • a service to your clients
  • a product or retail business
  • an offline business, marketing online
  • a network marketing business
then I have to say that,
This is It… The ‘5 Day Attraction Network Marketers Challenge'

So what is The 5 Day Attraction Network Marketers Challenge?

  • it's not an ebook, or a course to teach you one aspect of marketing your business
  • it's not a training course which lasts forever! (know what I mean!)
Developed by Gavin Mountford, it is a series of 5 short videos, delivered to you over 5 days and they simply show you how to set up your Attraction Marketing System, here's an image to show you the content
You will learn EXACTLY what you need to do to be An Attraction Marketer… including The Attraction and The Marketing and BOOM Your Business
This is THE Blueprint for Attraction Marketing Academy!
Whatever your business, I think this 5 day training, will definitely enlighten you and give you an Attraction Marketing Blueprint to use from this day forward!
Obviously, there are some Stunning Bonuses too, as you see on the image above.
Try the 5 Day Attraction Marketing Challenge HERE
So just to finish up, I have been working with Gavin for a while now within Networking Superstars and can also recommend …
This is a longer (also free) training which is run periodically, so check it out and get registered for the next one!
I would love to see you benefit from all this free training and see your Business Reach The Stars… so are you in??

Jacs Henderson

Jacs Henderson
Jacs Henderson

I am a Social Media Marketer, and my mission is to assist you to Build your Business Online using Social Media. Building Your Brand Online is both an Art and a Science and I have created Savvy Social Marketing with Jacs, where we can share value and learn from each other to perfect our Savvy Social Marketing strategies 😍I would love to welcome you there!

    22 replies to "Are You An Attraction Marketing Student?"

    • Merle Gibbins

      Great post on Attraction Marketing and have to say we are in a great place with Gavin. He is very clever and knows his stuff. Thanks for sharing.
      Merle Gibbins recently posted..MOBE ReviewMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you Merle! and yes, this is a great place to be 🙂

    • Chery Schmidt

      Hello Jacs, What a great article my friend sounds like Gavin has put together an Awesome course on attraction marketing.. Thanks for sharing it with us.. Chery :))
      Chery Schmidt recently posted..5 Essential Keys To Becoming a Successful Internet MarketerMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Indeed Chery! Thanks for checking out my post today 🙂
        warm wishes

    • Christine Adindu

      Phew! Jac great post and very detailed. Attraction marketing is so important in what we do online. Thanks for braking it down in this post. I don’t know Gavin I will check him out. Have a great week.
      Christine Adindu recently posted..Ways To Create A Buzz With Facebook FanMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you for absorbing the information Christine… we have a great love of 22social in the system!
        And yes, it is all about the Attraction Element with Online Marketing 🙂
        take care,

    • Andrea Ansari

      I’m more a teacher than a student now!! 🙂
      Andrea Ansari recently posted..Andrea Ansari Interviewed By Romaine MorrisonMy Profile

    • Sherman Smith

      Hey Jacs,

      Being an attraction marketing student is a must. Especially in online marketing. You want to be able to project yourself to others within your niche how much value you can be to them, and this is the foundation of it all! Great share and it sounds like this would be a great program!
      Sherman Smith recently posted..My Top 6 Blog Posts For The Month Of AprilMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you for sharing those wise words Sherman… good as we are, we must always stay a student!
        Jacs 🙂

    • Donna Merrill

      Hi Jacs,

      I have known Gavin forever. What he puts out is always awesome. When it comes to attraction marketing, one really needs some kind of “blue print” to follow. You just cannot go out there and learn it piece meal. Gavin has put it all together under one roof. That’s how I prefer to purchase products and trainings.

      Once you do…and put it into action you are there!

      Thanks for sharing this and I will shout it out to my friends.

      Donna Merrill recently posted..Got Business Swag?My Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Donna, I appreciate your words here, because I believe a blue print is so important to grasp and flourish in the Attraction Marketing world. There are always so many ‘other bits’ to learn… until now! You and Gavin go so far back, you almost grew up together!
        This course fits sooo well with the product creation and launch one you have on your link below, I think all my next 2 birthdays arrived this week 🙂 I have learnt the hard way, and now know what I’m looking for!! I had to grab that too, to complete the jigsaw!
        Thanks 🙂

    • Andy Lockhart


      Great article on a great course by a great teacher. Very important stuff.


      Andy Lockhart recently posted..Instagram Tips – Create a Call for ActionMy Profile

    • Dexter Roona

      Yes im always learning so deff a student 😉
      Dexter Roona recently posted..3tags story publishing platform that pays you to postMy Profile

    • Emi

      Hi Jacs,
      Attraction marketing is the way to go for sure, and Gavin is a great mentor and leader 🙂
      Thank you for sharing!
      Emi recently posted..Sосiаl Mеdiа Buttоnѕ fоr FасеbооkMy Profile

    • John Crook

      Hi Jacs,

      This is very cool and informative article, attraction of marketing is make your your success into marketing field if you having good marketing strategy then you can achieve good target.. I am regular reader of i think this is good place for learn seo or marketing skills..

      John Crook recently posted..Cute I Love You Quotes for Him Her or GirlfriendMy Profile

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thanks for visiting John! There are indeed many great sources online to learn from like you use and using an Attraction Marketing method is the way to be successful 🙂

    • Startup Arena

      Your post is really helpful and share many helpful information with us.
      Marketing is clearly in these few word “The promotion, distribution and selling of a product or service.”
      Thanks for sharing this post on attraction marketing.

      • Jacs Henderson

        Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts, I hope the attraction part of the marketing will begin to work for you 😊

        ~ Jacs

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