Imagine being able to sit back and watch as ‘Live Video Bot’ drives free traffic across thousands of your websites automatically…

Live Video Drives Millions In Revenue To Businesses Every Day!

It can take years to rank a website for a single profitable keyword in Google. It can take months and thousands of dollars to create a profitable PPC campaign from scratch.

Did you know that you can avoid all of that and reach thousands (or more) new customers with the click of a button?

Incredibly, Today, 78% of Social Network Users are watching LIVE VIDEO.
Online Marketers, Product launchers, Local businesses, business coaches, cafes, events, weddings, vloggers and many more are all starting to broadcast LIVE to their fans over Social Media.

Why? Because LIVE Video engages people more than any other content on the internet.

More People Are Watching ‘Live Videos’ Than Regular Videos

“Your competitors are taking advantage of Live Video to build more engagement, followers and generating more money.”

Social Media Today

People spend a shocking 300% more time watching live videos than they do regular videos.

Live Video has become a new type of television show for viewers who are hyper-engaged and excited to watch videos live.

Live Video regularly get hundreds and even thousands of shares and countless comments to. They are more engaging than any other traffic tool on the internet right now.

Facebook YouTube & Instagram are All Feeding You Traffic With ‘Notifications’

Live Videos work so well because they leverage the most viral part of any Social Network.

These notifications that popup alert your fans, members or friends that you’ve scheduled a LIVE, You’re ‘About’ to go live, or you’re live right now.

Facebook & YouTube are battling for ‘Live Video’ supremacy and want to keep you happy.

They’ll do the marketing for you in return for you contributing ‘Live Video’ content to their network.

Fact: You Can Stream Pre-Recorded ‘Live Videos’ To Build Your Following

99.9% of businesses film themselves ‘LIVE on camera’ when they do Live Videos.

The fact is that you don’t have to be LIVE to do a stream. With the right software you can simply pre-record a video. Then use that as your Live Video.

It’s how TV broadcasting happens and you can legally do it on Facebook, YouTube &Instagram too… Yay!!

Pre-Recording your Live Videos means that while everyone else is having to ‘Go Live’ on every platform.

All you do is schedule a video and you an broadcast it out your audiences.

Automate Live Video Across Facebook, YouTube & Instagram…

Imagine automatically in less than 60 seconds from now reaching thousands of people.

Imagine Live Video Bot automatically scheduling your streams and managing the entire event for you.

Imagine Facebook pushing notifications about your event to peoples Mobiles, Tablets, Desktop & Email

And Imagine being able to sit back and watch as ‘Live Video Bot’ drives free traffic across thousands of your websites automatically.


A brand new software that automatically streams Live Video simultaneously to YouTube, Facebook & Instagram in 3 EASY STEPS

Click Here to check out this Live Video Bot

Hope you have fun with this!

Here’s a link to my first ‘LIVE’ I scheduled in my Savvy Social Group:

Here’s some FAQ…

Do I have to broadcast over all 3 social networks to make this work?
No, you can use Live Video Bot to stream live to only one or two if you choose to do so.

Do I have to have my computer running for my broadcasts to go live?No, with Live Video Bot all content is delivered right from the software itself. So there is no need to have your computer running at all.

Do I need any special set up on my Facebook, Instagram or YouTube account to be able to broadcast live?As long as your accounts have never had any strikes against them for copyright infringement or breaching any of the guidelines set by Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It will be your responsibility to ensure your content meets these guidelines.

What advantages will I experience using this compared to inbuilt options for delayed content like FB scheduled posts and YouTube Premiere?
Whilst these two options both deliver pre recorded content at a scheduled time, because they are not run as “live” events you miss out on the advantages live brings in terms of added home page prefences and better SEO results.

After the live stream do my videos disappear?
On Facebook and YouTube they will be posted to your news feed and channel as per normal. Meaning you will get continued views as normal. For Instagram live this will be on your story for 24 hours. It can be manually added as a highlight to your account should you wish to do so.

Do I need any further software, encoders or third party tools to make this work?
No, everything you need to get started and streaming is available right with your Live Video Bot dashboard.

Can people comment on my live videos?Yes on Facebook and Instagram users can comment on the live videos like a traditional real time one. By being automated pre recorded content you can even sit through the broadcast and answer questions in the comments box in real time easily without being distracted.

How long can my live videos be?You are able to broadcast videos from a few seconds and up to 60 minutes long using Live Video Bot. This is the total time limit set by Instagram.

Does this work for FB profiles, groups and pages?Yes, anywhere where you can go live on Facebook you can use Live Video Bot to do it for you. This includes your personal profile, pages and groups.

Click Here to check out this Live Video Bot 

and I hope you love Live Video Bot as much as I do 😁


Jacs Henderson
Jacs Henderson

I am a Social Media Marketer, and my mission is to assist you to Build your Business Online using Social Media. Building Your Brand Online is both an Art and a Science and I have created Savvy Social Marketing with Jacs, where we can share value and learn from each other to perfect our Savvy Social Marketing strategies 😍I would love to welcome you there!

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