Welcome to my Coaching Portfolio!

Building Your Brand Online is both an Art and a Science, and I am available for Coaching, to assist
you with building yours, and helping you to identify your uniqueness to expand your Business Empire!

Here I have laid out my 3 x Personal 1:1 Coaching Packages for you to consider.

Whichever package you choose will be structured around You and Your Business, and the actual content will be focused on your individual needs.

Whether you are

  • New to Network Marketing
  • Making steady progress in Network Marketing but Struggling Online
  • A Business Owner looking to BOOST your Online Marketing strategy

I have an option to suit you!

Before you begin a package, I will ask you to fill in an Application Form, and I will get in touch to arrange our schedule of how we will conduct the coaching


Package 1

The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro  ~ HIGH TOUCH Coaching (1-2-1)

$500 ~ 5 x 1 hour sessions
+ 1 x 30 min pre-coaching strategy call 

This Coaching is designed to sit hand in hand with The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro training program, which I recommend to EVERYBODY who is Marketing Online. (View Here)

As it stands, the 6 Step Sponsoring Training is perfect, and will give you success as you follow the steps.

But we all know that does not mean we will actually get through alone, because everyone gets stuck at some point

My coaching will take you swiftly around your hurdles and keep you focused. I will help you to implement the steps and tailor the instructions to your particular circumstances and skills.

I will guide you through

  • Setting up your Community
  • Tools and skills for creating and sharing your content
  • Techniques for guiding leads from social media into your community
  • Connecting with a structured format, and managing your members
  • How to engage your members with your posts
  • Building up the relationship with your members so they Know, Like and Trust you
  • Walk you through the consult stage with your prospects
  • Support you to Ambassador level in Networking Superstars, so you can move on to earn Multiple Streams of Income as an Affiliate


You may Invest in the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro Coaching Package
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Package 2

The Mastery Coaching Package

($600) ~ 4 x 1 hour sessions
+ 30 min pre-coaching strategy call  

These 4 coaching sessions will look deep into your business to identify the blockages to your success, so will involve troubleshooting, and possibly re-structuring and Branding and methods of operation.

Obviously everyone will be different but very often obstructions may be present, or your strategy may be fragmented and not flowing… we will fit those pieces of the puzzle together.

The aim is to diagnose the issues and establish new practices to move you forward.

Your sessions will be structured around You and Your Business, and the actual content will be focused on your individual needs to direct your Marketing and Practices towards your Goals.

Possible areas for attention would be

  • Brand awareness and strengthening
  • Your niche / audience definition
  • Your current business map including Social Structure, Blog and Hub
  • Skills and technical knowledge requirements
  • Social Media Marketing and lead generation strategies
  • How to build the know, like and trust factor with your audience
  • The ‘Attraction Factor'  for warming up your prospects
  • A daily schedule with personalised scripts


You may Invest in The Mastery Coaching Package
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Package 3

The ‘Hour of Power' Coaching

$150 per hour
+ 15 minute pre-coaching strategy call  

These sessions are One Hour long and will focus on one ‘Challenge' you are having and which you would like some direction with or clarification on how to maximise your social marketing efforts within your Business.

Idea of content for this could be…

  • Branding for your Business
  • Social Media Content Creation Tools
  • Social Management Systems
  • Connecting Your Social profiles and Hub
  • Facebook Group Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing Strategy

We will have a 15 minute chat before the session to clarify what we will cover to best move you forward.

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Before we work together, for Coaching or in Business, we will schedule a Consultation.  After your purchase, I will direct you to my Coaching Form where there will be a series of information gathering questions for me to determine where you are in your business, and how I can best assist you with your goals.

It also gives you a chance to assess what you would like to gain from our discussion

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