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all that is gold


An important teaching that we can all really stand to learn over the period of our natural life is the fact that everything thing in this world isn't always how we first perceive that it will be.


Often we approach situations thinking that we are already prepared for them, and then after we are forced to recognize that our prior beliefs may be wrong we are able to help change the situation by adapting to it.


Instead of approaching life as a know it all, you have to be willing to be humble and understand that each day is a day in which you can learn.


We are not here to coerce everyone to think and act as we do, we are only here to show people that we are a light in the midst of the darkness that seems to have an upper hand in this world.


Instead of judging and dismissing, dedicate your life to loving and learning in each day.


from my Cool Quotations Collection,


“All that is Gold does not Glitter, not all who wander are lost.”


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  1. Jacs,

    I love the statement to spend each day learning and loving. Problem I am having is that I am being forced to keep on learning, even past the point when I start to say “Enough.” For example, in my previous apartment I learned about water seeping through ceiling and what happens after a ceiling collapses, and about all the materials packed into the ceiling. In my new abode, I have learned about the construction of hurricane windows and the need for an adequate base of plaster, and what happens when the water leaks onto and under a carpet and causes mold. I learned about mold remediation and carpets, etc. That’s why I am saying “Enough.” And I keeping learning about marketing and branding, blogging and social media, and more on the web and in person.

    So I love the saying that reminds me to love and accept that every day is about learning and loving. Loving is the focus of my life’s work. Learning is what it takes.


    Dr. Erica
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    1. What a wonderful response Dr Erica – it is so true that we are forced to learn things concerning our life all the time, I can so identify with your various apartment learnings – we have that all the time with our house and other business projects – and it is exhausting!!!
      and as you say, not to mention the marketing, blogging and social media ….
      But …just to take the space to remember love and learning ARE life, does bring back the focus.
      You have a true loving work Dr Erica and passion to help and care for others and that is a wonderful gift.
      Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts 🙂

    1. Love that Susan – living an adventure is great, and I do believe, that for all our business goals and plans, there should be an element of wander and following our own flow/instinct/fate in our lives, inspiration and joy sometimes just is!! – I love that you take lots of trips, I think they are enriching – and seem to provoke great stories from you:)
      Hope this travel experience is fun 🙂

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