Create One Click Fan Page Tabs From Your Capture & Sales Pages Using Social Suite

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7749079028_9867d8dfedIf you have a Facebook Fan Page without Fan Page Tabs you are missing a Huge Branding Opportunity!

Why Use Fan Page Tabs?

Your Fan Page Tabs are your chance to showcase your Products, Business or Affiliate Offers by installing Capture Pages, Sales Pages, Videos or Product purchases for example.

They are always positioned in your Page sidebar for all visitors to click on, and you can change the position of them, and the images displayed on them for branding and attraction.

There are many sources of Apps to create Fan Page Tabs which you can use for Free and are relatively simple to install and set up, and I have used several…

most recently Static HTML Iframe Tab by Woobox. If you type this into your facebook search bar the application will come up.

But this one called Social Suite, is magnificent, and worth it's cost!


My New Discovery for Fan Page Tabs… Social Suite

I was looking for an Application to create Fan Page Tabs alongside capture and sales pages, somewhat less involved, and not requiring a monthly fee to replace my current one, and, I came across some new software this week which allows you to create a really quick capture page, from template or custom (I mean REALLY Simple)

THEN… you Click on a button, and the page you created is installed as a Tab on Your Fan Page.

Just add a title and an Image of your choice and You're Done!


Step 1

Social Suite Step 1

Step 2

Social Suite Step 2

Step 3

Social Suite Step 3


But… Social Suite Is SO Much More!!

Not only is this simple, but there is a Quick Start Guide and Video tutorials to follow if you are new to Fan Page Tabs, and inside your dashboard is a Webinar from this week, when you learn how to monetise your Tabs with facebook ads.

I was impressed with the thoroughness of this information, you actually learn how to utilise your purchase straight away by running low cost fb ads to your campaigns, and do not need to purchase further facebook advertising info.


The advantages of running Facebook ads to a Fan Page Tab are

  1. Facebook reward traffic sent internally (your capture/sales page is Inside fb when on a Tab) and that leads to cheaper ad costs. they say by approx 50% and show you the stats.
  2. Conversions are increased. There is an increased sense of trust from a customer who is not clicking an external link and therefore they are more likely to Click on a Call To Action on your Tab


The Features of Social Suite


Social Suite Features


I have already installed a couple of Fan Page Tabs using Social Suite, and will be using the whole system for setting up my new funnels. I love the way it is One Click to integrate into my autoresponder too .

This is how they look on my page…


My Fan Page Tabs


Do check out the further videos and info HERE… and the Introductory prices 😉


Let me know if you use Fan Page Tabs below, and what you think of Social Suite  😀


Jacs Henderson



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CLICK to Download Your Free pdf of this post

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34 comments on “Create One Click Fan Page Tabs From Your Capture & Sales Pages Using Social Suite

    1. Thanks for visiting Joy 🙂
      Facebook tabs can be confusing, there are many apps to do them with but I love this easy integration after creating a capture page, and it’s good to have that integrated system for ads too!
      take care,
      ~ Jacs

  1. Hi Jacs,

    Thanks so much for the heads up on Social Suite! I can see how effective this is and will go off and check this out. I do a lot of ads on Facebook and find it a great place to do business.

    Those apps get me crazy sometimes and this looks like the perfect solution. I love all the features it has, especially the retargeting pixel. Looks like this will save me loads of time.

    Thanks so much!
    Donna Merrill recently posted..What’s Your ROI?My Profile

    1. Hello Donna 🙂

      I am in love with Social Suite, and so looking forward to doing Ad Tabs… and you’re right, the features are perfect… there’s not been a huge hype over this, the creators built it for their advertising on facebook, and it’s been tried and tested.

      If you use it, let me know how it goes 😀

      ~ Jacs

    1. Lol Chery! I have found fan page tabs to be really fiddly and annoying in the past as there have been so many techie changes within facebook and I’ve used free versions from at least 3 different places.
      What I love about this is you just can build a quick capture and the tab is produced with one click!! Now I’m loving them 😀
      Do hope you’re having a FAB time in Florida,

      ~ Jacs

    1. Hi Mary 🙂 yes, you are doing some funky things with your pages! Tabs are great for links to your capture pages and products for your many visitors to follow, as you build your tribe 😀
      Lovely to ‘see’ you
      ~ Jacs

  2. Great information shared. I have face book page but I didn’t apply these all things. I will definitely try these tips. we can link our affiliate hyper link as well to face book page left side bar. thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi, Jacs

    It does sound like a good tool to capture sales on the Facebook Fan Page. I am just got familiar myself with Fan page. Currently I am selecting what market should I go. If I need ad on Fan page I will definitely try Social suite.
    Have a nice Halloween
    -Stella Chiu
    Stella Chiu recently posted..How to Combat or Stop BullyingMy Profile

  4. Hi Jacs, I have not been using custom tabs on Facebook because I don’t know how. This Social Suite sounds interesting and simple enough to implement. I am also intrigued by the advertising possibilities. It is worth investigating as addition to our marketing arsenal. Thanks for the education.
    All the best
    vinton samms recently posted..How to Get TrafficMy Profile

    1. You are right Vinton, interestingly simple! I am very happy with Social Suite, for Tabs on my many pages… perhaps I should do a video to demonstrate?
      Thanks for your visit once again 🙂
      ~ Jacs

    1. Hello Monna 🙂
      They are a way of directing your customers to your offers and products by clicking on the tab and being taken to an external capture page, or link. You don’t have to use this product but it is very easy.
      Could be a cool idea for the PAC Fan-pages to link to the new Capture page Lesly has done, but the capture page needs to be created in this software. If you like the idea, I could talk to Lesly about creating one for you.
      Anyhow, thanks for visiting 😀

    1. Hi Andrew,

      thanks for visiting my blog… Well I never, no facebook page yet! What excitement in store for you 🙂 With a strategy in place you can only boost your circle of influence with facebook Andrew, so I wish you well when you embark on this project.

      warm wishes,

      Jacs 😀

  5. I jumped at the chance to buy this. I run a few Facebook Pages and because of free tools only offer limited use, I’ve had to use a few different free tools. Some of these disappear along with the tab. Not only is it a waste of time having to find new free tools and recreate tabs, it’s easy to forget to check if they still work.

    Social Suite has great design features and I no longer need worry about page tabs disappearing.
    Sue Bride recently posted..Facebook Grid For Text On Ad ImagesMy Profile

    1. Hi Edward,

      There’s always something new!! They can be useful for many things, but great to showcase your blogs. When you are a blogger, it’s good to get sharing your work and social media is good for that. Need help, I’m here 😀

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