Create Your Pinterest Power Profile in 6 Easy Steps

Create Your Pinterest Power Profile in 6 Easy Steps … to start a Pinterest account that sets you up for Success by laying strong foundations.

Like all aspects of business. laying the correct foundations from the beginning, enables you to build a strong and stable structure on top.

In my last post we covered … The 5 Most Powerful Benefits of Pinterest Marketing and today we cover how to set up your Pinterest account, putting the correct information and features in place to set you up for attracting followers right from the start.

I am demonstrating today in my videos, the Networking Superstars Pinterest profile, which I am setting up.

Choose your account

  • personal
  • business

You can have several accounts on Pinterest, set up with different email addresses, but if you have any commercial activity going on, then you are advised to set up a business account.

If you run several businesses, you may want to have separate ones for each of your target markets BUT my suggestion is to definitely to FOCUS on one account to begin with.

If you already have a personal account, then you can easily convert this to a business one. There are advantages to a business account…

  • You can Verify your website … Pinterest users know you are a genuine business
  • You have a clickable link to your website right at the top of your profile
  • you have access to extra free Pinterest analytics

Open Your Account in 3 Quick Stages

Stage 1

Go to

Click either the Red Button to Join or the Convert Now Link (log-in then convert)

Join Pinterest as a business


Stage 2

Create a Business Account

Create a Pinterest business account

Stage 3

You will be prompted to “Choose 5 Categories you are interested in”

Choose the categories that make most sense to your business. These will be the first pins you see in your home feed for a new account, but you can adjust them later.

You probably want to see Pins in your feed that have content beneficial to your customers, and what your followers/customers/leads will be interested in, as ideas for you to Pin!

Watch Networking Superstars Join Pinterest

6 Steps To Your Pinterest Power Profile!

If you carry out these 6 steps … you will be off to a powerful start!

#1  ~ Pick your Photo

Whether you are branding yourself or your business people will make a snap decision on your photo… so choose it with care ~ you can use .jpg or .png

Your image appears in a circle above your profile name so it need to be something that will centre nicely in there… not a long word.

Consider, are you branding yourself or your business ~ and choose your image accordingly. Either a happy smiling image of you, or your company logo, or part of. Use the same one as all your social media sites to keep your branding consistent.

Your Pinterest boards will really show off your brand, so you want anyone ‘bumping in' to your profile to recognise you from other social sites.

#2  ~ Choose your url

Your Pinterest username is  searchable … so brand it to you or your business, and the same as other social sites if you can. What would people search for if they were looking for you?

If you have enough characters … you could include a word that folks would search for as well.

You can have 3-15 characters, with no spaces, symbols or characters

To change your username…

  1. From your profile click the gear button, then settings
  2. Scroll down to the Profile section
  3. Enter a new username in the Username field
  4. Click Save Settings when finished

#3  ~ Decide on your profile name

Your profile name is appears at The Top  your Pinterest Profile, in bold … so this should be the name that people know you, or your business by.

You have 30 visible characters, but it can be up to 50 characters long.

This will show up in Pinterest search and you can change this in your settings if you wish to.

#4  ~ Write your ‘About Me' bio

The About You section is your space to tell visiting people who you are. 

You have 160 characters, so tell people what you do that makes you special and why they should follow you!

Get your keywords in here too… this section is searched by Pinterest.

#5  ~ Link your website

Add your website url and location.

You should Definitely add your website, the advantages of this are

  • your url is clickable so people can access your website from a link in your About Me area … right at the top!
  • you have access to Free Pinterest Analytics, which are very useful for analysing your pins performance and tracking your audience stats. (and they are very detailed … but simple!)

Then Verify your website with the instructions here… Verify Your Website which shows your viewers…

  • you and your business have been given the ? by Pinterest so they know you have a genuine approved site
  • you have access to Added Pinterest Analytics to see how visitors interact with your website from your pins and profile

There are 2 plugins I know of which you can use to verify your website, if you are not able to use the method Pinterest shows you. Just ask!

#6  Link to social accounts ~ Facebook and Twitter

Go to the Gear (top RHS) and click… proceed to Edit Settings and locate the Social Networks section at the bottom.

You can link your Facebook and Twitter profiles to your Pinterest account, so I would advise you do this.

However when you Pin something on PC, you do have checkboxes for both, so you can choose for each Pin whether to share with one, both or neither. This may not be the case when pinning from your phone.

When you pin photos from your phone you do not get these options, it will just pin on your Pinterest board.

Behind the Scenes of your Pinterest Power Profile…

In order to get the best from other features available to you from the outset… my next short video includes a Power-View Inside Your Profile.

I will begin where we finished above… I had just opened the Networking Superstars profile and run you through the features available to you to optimise your profile.

I will not be filling them in on the video, as this is time consuming for you watching… but I'd like you to see the overview of your profile from the inside so you can set to work and be prepared for the next stages

So that's your foundations laid!

Get The Pinterest App…

You will have noticed the tutorials were done on a PC … but you should definitely download the Pinterest app on your phone from the App Store or Google Play.

It has recently been completely re-vamped, and functions exactly as shown above with regards to your profile and settings … except you can not access analytics from your phone yet.

How exciting is that!!

I hope you found value from this post about starting your Pinterest Power Profile ?

Have you set up yours yet?

Jacs Henderson

Create Your Pinterest Power Profile in 6 Easy Steps

Jacs Henderson
Jacs Henderson

I am a Social Media Marketer, and my mission is to assist you to Build your Business Online using Social Media. Building Your Brand Online is both an Art and a Science and I have created Savvy Social Marketing with Jacs, where we can share value and learn from each other to perfect our Savvy Social Marketing strategies 😍I would love to welcome you there!

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