Don’t Have A Clue About PINNING To Pinterest? #2 Pin From Facebook and YouTube


Welcome to Pinterest Power, and #2 of the Pinning Tutorials.


If you missed #1 then please review here:  Don’t Have A Clue About Pinning?#1 Get To The Heart Of Pinterest …


Today we’re continuing our journey to the heart of Pinning, and will cover more simple strategies for Pinning to Pinterest, demonstrating how to showcase Pins from a variety of sources onto your boards.


The Power of Pinterest is that everyone loves to share photos, and images have become HUGE in most social media sites, and are shared in droves by people on their mobile devices these days


It seems our online culture is becoming very Visual!


And business users, can niftily use the right keywords in Pin descriptions, and link to fantastic, high converting landing pages, sales pages or content.

Put in front of the right audience, this is a fabulous was to attract leads


Pinning To Pinterest from Facebook


At the moment Facebook do not allow you to Pin from Facebook to a Pinterest board directly using your toolbar tools: the Pinterest Bookmarklet or the Pinterest Browser Extension  [ as shown in this video ]

But there are 2 simple ways around this – just a tiny bit more work.

However, STOP … it’s worth it! – just think how valuable much of your content is that you post on Facebook – AND how quickly does it vanish down your timeline. Have all your friends / fans / prospects seen it?

It could be a favourite family photograph, a special quote, something that makes folks laugh, a product you wish to promote or any image linked to a free offer or even a capture page

Well woo hoo … with Pinterest, you can Pin the image – and link your viewers back to your Facebook profile / fan page / group (as long as it isn’t a closed group).

Your image on Pinterest is positioned with related ones on your board, and it will hang around to attract people searching for just that!

that’s Pinterest Power!


#1 How To Pin To Pinterest from Facebook


If you use Chrome as a Browser, then you can install Pinbook

Pinbook is a Chrome Browser Extension that allows painless Pinning from Facebook to Pinterest

All your images, on your Facebook timeline, and pages will now have a PinIt Button – follow this procedure to Pin an image to Facebook

  • Pin your chosen image to one of your Pinterest boards
  • Go back to view the Pin in your news feed, and click on the pencil icon which is the edit feature.
  • In the source box at the bottom, enter the link of your Facebook image (right-click on the date/time of the post – click, open in new tab – go to new tab and copy the link)
  • Go back to your news feed,and check you get back to your Facebook post 🙂

In the video below, I cover the manual way of transferring a Facebook image to Pinterest, which you will have to use if you do not use Chrome


#2 How To Pin To Pinterest from Facebook




the 3 key actions from the video, to do BEFORE you go to Pinterest:

  1. right-click on the image and save to your computer
  2. right-click on the image date/time and choose the option ‘open in new window’
  3. go to the new window and copy the link

Happy Pinning!


Pinning Videos To Pinterest


When you Click on your Toolbar Pinning Tools:


Pinterest Bookmarklet or


Pinterest Browser Extension


– you will see a whole page of images, which will be from the web-page you were looking at.

If there are any videos on that page, then they will also appear and you will be able to Pin them using the Hovering Pin It Button.


The Link attributed to the video by Pinterest will be the YouTube link


SO if, for example, you would like to link back to the webpage or article you were reading when you found the video, then copy the url of the webpage/article and go in and Edit your pin after it’s Pinned to one of your boards.


In the Source box, change the video link for the webpage link you would like to use for the source


Any videos pinned from YouTube directly will be automatically source linked back to YouTube, unless you wish to change this by using the above process


The Ethics of re-pinning


Best to watch out, as usual, for copyright covered images, however when you pin, just leave in the link to connect back to the source of the image – then the provider is still being credited.

And you can also add a link of your own in the description box

One thing I’d say to watch out for, is to make sure that your pin (image/video) is connected in an obvious way to the link you provide.

People do look for and expect a connection between the two, so don’t, for example choose a picture of a cute kitten then link it to a ‘ I made $763 in the last 4 days’ capture page.

That’s a quick way to lose followers and you could be reported for spam!


 Pinterest’s Actual Pinning Etiquette


  • Be Respectful – Please be kind and remember there are people on the end of your comments
  • Be Yourself – We think authenticity – pinning things that express who you really are,and what you really like – is more important than getting lots of followers
  • Give Credit – Encourage artists to create great work by linking back to their pages, and leaving polite comments when you see pins that aren’t correctly credited
  • Stay Alert – If you see nudity, porn, hateful pins or pins that encourage people to hurt themselves, please let us know. Just click flag icon to report a pin. (Bottom left hand corner when you click on a pin from your feed)
  • Let Us Know – Pinterest is a growing, changing community, so there will sometimes be bumps along the way. Please let us know what’s working and what’s not in our Help Center.


Now you know how to Pin To Pinterest … get Pinning!!


How about doing 1 pin every day – or 2!!


Start to think about what you are doing – and ask yourself the question?


Could I pin this?


When you’re commenting and sharing on blog posts – then share those posts to your Pinterest account as well as on other social media platforms.


Start to build up some content on your pinterest boards, and over the next couple of weeks we’ll take a closer look inside the Pinterest platform and then at Boards and Followers


But, that’s it for this week, so please


  • Join the Pinterest Power Facebook Group
  • Leave your comments and Share this post on Pinterest!






My thanks go to mkhmarketing for this fabulous image





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18 comments on “Don’t Have A Clue About PINNING To Pinterest? #2 Pin From Facebook and YouTube

  1. This is a great tutorial my friend. As you know I am a heavy user of Pinterest. It is the third largest traffic driver to my blog. fast becoming second. Google still being the highest. So ti so worth making the effort do what you suggest. 🙂

    1. I agree Susan, definitely worth including Pinterest in ones social sharing, and I hope you see more traffic in the future from Pinning onto my Pinterest boards – It’s brilliant to have your recipes, wine reviews and stories on there. I Love them all 🙂

  2. Hi Jacs,
    As usual, very informative. I’ve been pinning to Pnterest more that usual lately and actually saw a boost in traffic! So I thought that was interesting …. I’ll continue to do so. Great informative videos. Thank you!

    1. Yay! It’s well worth keeping an eye on Google Analytics and Alexa to see how Pinterest traffic has an impact on your blog. And I love Pinterest because when you have several blogs / businesses / interests like you Lesly, then they can all be found in one place, and it’s also fab for videos 🙂
      Jacs x

  3. Thanks Jacs, I have installed Chrome Pinbook. I use Firefox more but the extension that added a right click context menu pin button does not work with the latest Firefox version.

    What is it that you are using to add the social sharing buttons to your images here?

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