How To Start Using PINTEREST To Boost Your BUSINESS!

Hello, and Welcome back to Jacs’s World of Pinterest. Today we are looking at how to start using Pinterest to boost your business.


How To Set Up Pinterest For BusinessHaving read my 5 Golden Nuggets to Maximise your FREE Marketing with Pinterest, you will know that …

A new and exciting world awaits you within Pinterest,

So this week  we are going to get you started and cover the following

  •    whether you need a Pinterest Profile, or a Business Account
  •    how to set up your Pinterest Profile  [Video Tutorial}
  •    how to set up a Business Account with Pinterest  {Video Tutorial}
  •    how to verify your website  [Video Tutorial]



#1 Pinterest Profile or Business Account?


If you are going to use Pinterest purely for personal use, then setting up a profile is perfect. You may even want to have a Business Page and a Personal profile, or several Business Pages. But please note, you will need to use a separate email address for every Account you start.

In late 2012, Pinterest started Business Accounts, and if you are using yours for ANY kind of  promotions or sales in the commercial world, then You need to set up for Business.

The chances are, that in the future, Pinterest will provide more tools and resources for businesses, so it’s wise to start out on the right foot. As yet, there is no advertising on the Pinterest platform, but who knows what the future holds …


#2 How To Set Up A Pinterest Profile


Following the tutorial below will set up a basic pinterest profile for you.




To Begin Set Up – Go to … Pinterest


#3 How to Set Up A Business Account With Pinterest


If you have a Profile already set up, then you can convert this to Business very simply – many people have set one up from ages ago before the separation existed.

Some people have accumulated a lot of followers on their profile, so if you convert – you get to keep them all. It’s also possible you may have a lot of lovely boards, which you do not want to re-do, so you can convert from personal to business …

Just follow the video below




To Start Set Up – Go to … Pinterest For Business


#4 How to Verify Your Website For Pinterest


This is something Pinterest require you to do with a Business Account. It activates the Pinterest Analytics, and also provides you with a clickable link back to your website from your Home Page.

To begin, login to your newly set up account.




If you would like to use the plugin I mention in the video, here it is to download

Pinterest Verify Meta Tag

or you can search for, and add this within your WordPress dashboard, by clicking ‘Add New’ on your Plugin page


Pinterest Homework Actions


#1 Please Follow Me,


AND Lesly Federici, Helen Willsher, Suzie Cheel and a few other friends of yours this week, we will build your boards up before you do mass following, but do make a start.

Lesly and Helen are starting out with Pinterest, and I will showcase their profiles, as examples, as we move through my tutorials – So you want to keep your eye on them!!


#2 Join my Pinterest Power Facebook Group


Jacs Henderson’s Pinterest Power


This will be used as a Forum for questions and discussions about all things Pinterest related.

I will also put all my video tutorials in there for easy access in one place, if you want to work through them later, and I will put links to the Game Of Tribes Blogs.

I will also post New Information as it is released from Pinterest, to keep you up to date with any changes 🙂


 Go Pinterest!



Pinterest Power



Please Share This Knowledge and Let Me Know in Comments what you’d like to Learn


The next topics on the agenda are:

Setting Up Your Blog To Optimize Pinterest

Features and Benefits of Pinterest – A Journey inside Your Account …


Here are some resources:


To your online success



Jacs Henderson


Easy Sketch Pro

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25 comments on “How To Start Using PINTEREST To Boost Your BUSINESS!

  1. Great information here Jacs. I think if I were just starting out, I’d be sure to get my business account. But as I was already pinning for my business and for business motivation, I stuck with my personal account. I figure it also gives people a chance to get to know me as a person with likes, etc.

    1. Thanks Katy,for dropping in, you’re fine with your profile as you don’t have any commercial activity on there and there is lots about you 🙂

      I’ll just say for anyone reading here who is unsure, that there is no difference in the personal/business profile except you verify your website for business so pinterest gives you the trustworthy symbol next to your clickable website link, and one can also convert easily from personal to business if one needs/wants to.

  2. I am one of those who has never used Pinterest for anything but business. I would have to open a separate account for personal stuff. Thanks for the great information. The videos are icing on the cake.

    1. Thank you so much Mary – really pleased to hear you are a Pinterest fan – and use it for business!
      you know I have loads of personal boards on my business account – I think it gives people a chance to know you better!
      There is no difference in the way the accounts look to the visitor, so unless you really want 2 accounts it isn’t necessary.
      Anyhow, thanks for your visit and sharing your thoughts:)

  3. Hi Jacs this post is fabulous I did learn very much here Pinterest I never use it for real… I mean, as a business purpose. But after reading your post you have such information here. I will thing seriously about starting to use it. Thanks you very much, I do appreciate your Knowledge amazing

    1. I am so pleased you found this helpful Helene, I appreciate your kind words. I will be doing more posts on Pinterest, and will keep all the information in the Facebook group, so you can find it when you are ready to start 🙂

  4. Thank you Jacs ,
    this is a lot of good information ,I should do more for this but ,did not get it started yet,but good to know where to look when my time is right.
    I think you do a great job great with this article :)Erika

  5. Jacs,

    Thanks for all of the great information. I could not find the particular plugin you were talking about but I will keep looking.

    Do you have any idea if it interferes with a picture if you have an affiliate link attached to the picture?

  6. I have not set up a business account on Pinterest yet but I am setting up a website which will be ideal for Pinterest image posting. At that stage I will set up a business page and take advantage of your tuition and add the site. So thank you in advance.

    I am now following all the people you suggest and look forward to keeping up with your pins and learning from your methods.

    1. Wonderful Sue to see you’re planning ahead (a true business lady), looking forward to the new website too 🙂
      All trainings will be posted in the facebook group for a one stop shop, so see you there when you’re ready. Thank you for stopping in and commenting Sue,it’s good to know others will be finding the tutorials useful 🙂

    1. Thanks for popping in Justin – and pleased you found something useful there! Indeed Pinterest is getting Buzzier with time, and I have to say, I find it a much more inspiring and interesting to showcase yourself and ones business 😉

  7. The videos are wonderful! I’ll be coming back often to refer to them. Thank you Jacs.Still a tad slow on setting things up. Right now I spend more time on Facebook. So I have to find balance … so many things to do, so little time … lol!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Lesly, I hope to bring you some tips for incorporating Pinterest without too much extra work of time 😉 But you know all the videos are waiting for you when time allows 🙂
      thanks for visiting,
      Jacs x

  8. Hi Jacs,
    I am so excited to find your info on Pinterest.
    I do have several boards, but have been neglecting them of late.
    Have saved all the urls and will be going over it all next week.
    Joined the facebook group as well.
    Looking forward to getting back into Pinterest
    Thanks so much for all the info.

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      I adore Pinterest, and have it in my plan to get back to my trainings! I use it as part of my social media marketing, so I look forward to connecting with you more there… Do join the Pinterest sharing thread in my Social Superstars Tribe to get some comments, and let me know if I can help you in any way 🙂

      ~ Jacs

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