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  1. You have really done a nice job laying out this information. Whether a novice or someone who engages in that magical world of “social sharing,” the read is clear and easy to follow.

    Anna Weber | Literary Strategist
    The world where I work with debut authors to put their voices in print… and be highly compensated for leaving their mark on the world!

    1. Thanks Maggie for visiting 🙂 We are connected! … there seem to be several (maggie.pimm) on skype but I hope I’ll find you in the end!!

    1. Monna, I love your work and it’s a pleasure to have you join us. Thank you for your thoughts and your wonderful blogs to come 😉
      P.S. I’ll check out the link – thanks for mentioning it!!

  2. I applied to your group Jacs! I like the idea of sharing & learning with a small time commitment. It seems everyone’s a “social media expert” these days, but some folks stand out. There’s an assurance and clarity that you have which I really like. See you in the group!

    1. Thank you Martine for sharing your thoughts – I love that you ‘get’ the concept of the group and am happy you are joining us, it will be a pleasure to share with you 🙂

    1. Thank you Lesly for your kind words – what really makes it all special is meeting, learning and working with the special people one meets along the way – like you 🙂

    1. A pleasure Helene:) Thank you for your visit, and I know how you share your blog and contribute to communities – and have some wonderful knowledge to share 🙂

  3. I love this idea Jacs!

    I am time poor a lot of the time and feel guilty that I don’t get ‘out and about’ connecting with my fellow bloggers as much as I feel I have too.
    A no pressure, drop in anytime kind of site suits my lifestyle – and will still keep me in touch with everyone.
    Thanks heaps! Love your work x

    1. Susan, I would absolutely adore you to join – I love your stories and blogs – and so will everyone else! In fact you will know some other members already! I’m very keen to have a group of people who are ‘eclectic’ and individual and write on different subjects. I will add you to the group, so you can join in when the mood grabs you. And thank you for your support my friend.
      One more thing … last night I read your book ‘Lessons from an Ordinary Life’ – I couldn’t put it down! Each story is so precious – I laughed and I cried ( A girl needs her dad) and was left thinking how wise you were as a child to actually learn these lessons. I wanted to be with you playing in your life, so full of love and naughtiness 😉 and your drawings really capture the moments. It was beautiful. You are so talented. I will treasure it.
      Thank you:)

    1. Hi Jo-Anne – You’ll be very welcome – I’ll add you to the group 🙂
      Please read the Files at the top, just to check our schedule – but basically I post a thread for blog share on a Monday (it lasts 1 week) and a Thread for Facebook Fan Page Sharing on a Friday.So you can post anytime during the week, and return to comment and share on others whenever you have some time 🙂
      Be seeing you soon!

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