Welcome to my personal blog! This page is to introduce myself Jacs Henderson to you and tell you some tales of my journey through life … so far!

So let’s start at the very beginning …

My Early Years

Jacs I was actually born in Singapore, where my parents were based for a few years as daddy was in the army – and when we left, I cried my way back to the UK, on the plane at 3 months old – sad to be leaving the sunshine!

My first few years were spent in the North of England, where I lived right near a beach with my companion Bulla, an English Bull Terrior… followed by a baby brother before I was 3 years old.

The family moved then to the South and we lived in three different towns during my childhood until the final move to East Anglia for me to complete my last 2 years at school.

From there I headed South again, to university and the big City of London,

Something about our early years carries with us through our lives, to this day I have a huge love of Sunshine, beaches, dogs and my brother 🙂

 Leaving Home…

University of East London Stratford CampusSo, here I am – bright lights of London, University and my whole new grown up life!
Here, in East London  I studied applied biology, specializing in Biochemistry and Pharmacology. As part of my degree course, I also spent 1 year working at the Royal University Hospital in the city of Bath, testing samples in the biochemistry laboratory, and working on research projects with overdose patients and mums with new babies (quite a combination!)

Needless to say, during my studies, I learnt a lot about the body’s many biochemical pathways and the effects of drugs, but I also developed a keen interest in what were then known as ‘alternative’ medicines and treatments, such as homeopathy and osteopathy, and wrote my final year dissertation on this very subject.

I have kept up my interest in natural medicine, and am a great believer in natural where possible,  for food, products and healing.

 The JOBs

Thomas Goode & Co LtdThe time comes, after the final exams, the celebrations, and the summer holidays when needing to earn a living kicks in, and the Job must begin!

This was a natural progression for me, and I never even considered there to be an alternative. My conditioning in life had been to get a good education and a decent job… so that’s what I did!

I left the world of science and dived into the retail sector, since that had always been my preferred part-time way of earning money throughout my student years.

I began at the famous and traditional (but now closed) store, Simpsons of Piccadilly which was rather old fashioned and proper, and a tad boring as a full time job.  My position was Ground floor Host, meeting and greeting etc. but I was looking for more excitement and responsibility so moved on…

Next stop… Thomas Goode & Co Ltd in very smart Mayfair area of London. (pictured above)

This was a Gem of a place to work, full of treasures, fine china, crystal, silver and antiques – I was bowled over by the whole business which was retailing from the beautiful and traditional shrowrooms. I fell in love with the whole concept of using such gorgeous things around you in the home … and I soaked up all the knowledge I could.

Here I began as a customer assistant, then headed the ‘wedding list’ department and progressed on to manage the Customer Services office with my team of 3 typing replies to letters. We shipped China and Glass all over the world, with the USA being a huge market – and we were kept busy with enquiries, and me with my other duties.

Following this role, I moved on to an independently run Interiors store and was introduced to the Scandinavian simplicity of style and design … oh what joy!

Much fun was had shopping for products at trade-fairs, displaying these in the store and making so many people happy with these original items many had not seen before (this was 1987!)

MonsoonAnd the Next …

The world of Fashion beckoned, and my heart was grabbed by the originality of print and design,and the beauty of the natural fabrics, fine indian cottons and silks to be found at

Monsoon …

… at that time (1988) the stores were elegant boutiques in the smart areas of London, Beauchamp Place, Fulham Road,Sloane Street, Kings Road, Covent Garden etc. The clothes were distinctive, many from India and definitely an ethnic feel to many of them.

I spent 11 very educational years Managing Monsoon Stores in Central London, and absolutely loved my job, around the ups and downs which naturally occur when managing large budgets and teams of staff in a fast paced retail environment. During this time the Company began expansion for Monsoon and Accessorize stores. New ranges for Kids and Home were introduced (gorgeous!), more clothing ranges and new shop interior designs, as the stores became larger and more commercial.

So, grabbed by the expansion Bug … I became the UK New Shop Openings Manager.

My responsibilities were to negotiate with the various departments and warehouses for stock and shop-fit input, and ensure all the people from every department, and the shop stock, stockroom, office, staffroom and incidental equipment arrived at the right place,on the right day – usually at 6am! (Yuk!) And that the store manager and staff of the old branch, were packed up and prepared to move shop if it was a relocation, or work with HR and area managers to find new staff beforehand for a brand new store.

Over the next 2 years I spent most of my working days travelling to towns all around the UK, or staying away from home whilst the stores were prepared, merchandised and finally opened. And then the hard work began…. re-educating old staff to the new ‘Big Store’ management structure, and working alongside the shop team, training and supporting the new staff and Manager.

After 2 years the major expansion was done, so I moved on to Management Recruitment alongside two Area Managers, still travelling, but focusing my recruitment, training and support on fewer stores! And latterly back around the London area.

Time for a Change…?

7 Year Life CycleSo then what?… Having enjoyed my career so far, I began to feel that it was time for a change … and a new direction.

By this time I had been together with my partner and his 2 boys for 5 years, and I was finding the balance of work and family time quite biased! Retail work involves working weekends and of course school holidays are the busiest times, so holidays all together were hard to plan.

I have to say my decision to leave was mainly based on instinct … I did not wish to be climbing the career ladder, only to find I had less time at home.

Moving On…

Vision OnLuck was on my side! One of my dearest and true entrepreneurial friends, from a similar Retail and Training background, had been building up her Training and Coaching Company, Vision On and just happened to need a Retail Coaching Consultant to work on a project!!

I fell into this role with relish, as one of the 2 founding coaches. We worked on government funded Retail Training Courses with small Independent Retail Stores. Each run by people passionate about there own business, often family run. People who had started their own business, but were lacking time and resources to further their education or skills in running a retail business.

On the left here, you see one of our Training groups after the award ceremony. (I’m in there somewhere!)

This was so so rewarding, We trained the owners one evening a week, so they could view their business from a new perspective, and our coaching team spent hours each week in many stores, working on the commercial aspects of the business, improving the customer focus within the store, and teaching Visual Merchandising Skills to the owners/managers and staff.

We worked alongside them and taught the skills that would continue after we had gone.

Vision On is also an approved Exam Centre for EDI and EdExcel Qualifications, and our students finished our courses with a real Qualification in Retail.

This was an amazing period, working alongside so many different Business Owners, giving them a fresh approach and challenging them to move forward, learning new skills and concepts, achieving their goals, and often turning around their Businesses.

It is this concept that I have carried forward to my Online Business.

It is the best feeling in the world to point someone in the direction of success,
and enhance their journey.
… Jacs Henderson

New Opportunities

So, some new adventures on the horizon!

Alongside my Retail Consultancy, a further 3 business ideas began to run in my life during the next year, all of which were to shape my future Online

  1.  My partner Bernard started a new business – Modern Astronomy – a website selling,at that time, Imaging Cameras for Astronomy
  2. I decided to set up an Interiors and Gifts Website
  3. I was introduced to the concept of Network Marketing

Modern Astronomy1.  Bernard has been a passionate astronomer since childhood, and has worked long and hard developing his business into one of the finest in the UK . This has been tough, considering it is a small niche with a lot of competitors, but his natural business instinct, massive capacity to learn and absorb new technology and time and patience spent with all his customers has beaten the odds and he one of Astronomy’s greatest sources of knowledge. especially in the imaging field.  I also have been working alongside him in the office, and we do take regular trips for trade shows and meeting clients around the UK and abroad.

The Gingerwolf2.  Meet The Gingerwolf! Gingerwolf.com is the name I chose for my first website. My logo was drawn for me by my niece Emilie, who was 10 at the time, and I love him! Let’s just say that the first gingerwolf.com was a dream that never quite made it … I knew nothing about working online, or SEO and websites were clunky and complicated in 2004. So my online Store went on the back-burner … whilst I worked on a new plan!  I needed to be able to build my own site, and have my finger on the pulse with the merchandising of products in my store … and I needed to learn to market online and find ways to get my products in front of customers.

Venice3.  One of my old colleagues from Monsoon introduced me to a Health orientated Network Marketing Company, and I have to say, the concept of being able to build a business by working with your own team of people was just up my street. I was at the stage of considering my health, and I began using these ‘good for you’ health and beauty products and building up a customer base whilst working on my other projects. It became apparent that growing a team meant talking to a lot of people, and despite activities like carding, parties, stalls at events and networking groups – I was not meeting enough, and time to get out was becoming  increasingly difficult.

 My Gift from Facebook

It is quite hard for me now to remember life without Facebook and social media, and yet it really wasn’t many years ago! Once I had set up my Facebook account in 2008, I began to cotton-on to the internet world and the concept of meeting people online  looked promising.

I had been struggling with thinking of everyone I met as a prospect, and felt pressured to find a way to always have to mention my business. I read many books, attended seminars and listened to numerous CD’s. looking for a way to speak naturally about my business.

I did, in fact come across ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’ online, although it sounds a bit of a cliche nowadays – but that concept really is where you need to begin… so my direction became clear.

Jacs StudyingI became a student again. Alongside our business and my pursuits I fervently pursued knowledge, joined lists, gleaned information from leaders, purchased courses and tried to piece things together from the vast font of knowledge out there.

I started practising on Facebook pages, of course FB kept developing and changing the rules, so then I had to learn another way to build and market a page … but I kept at it!!

It was not until 3 years later that I set up my blog, I had found some free videos in the WordPress Classroom… and I followed them. Honestly, I hadn’t a clue about anything to do with WordPress except someone told me mates rates was £400 to set one up for me. And actually, it wasn’t really the money, but the challenge of learning for myself.

This way is not for everyone, but now I just love every little new thing that I learn and like driving a car, it all becomes a natural instinct and big fun when the reality that you’ve jumped over a technological hurdle kicks in!!

Live * Love * Learn Your Business

Business at the BeachI believe having a blog is the heart of your business, and I now recommend several ways of starting one … and blogging is an effective and personal way to deliver help and information to your readers.

How you present yourself online is part of branding yourself, so people will be attracted to you for business help, products or coaching. Maintaining your blog as your online Home should be done with care. Blogging is both an Art and a Science.

Many people talk about Shiny Object Syndrome, and for many that is a natural part of being excited about a subject / passion / hobby just like visiting the Mall or Shopping Centre (in the UK) and buying lots of things related to what you are doing. Sometimes, even the mere fact of looking and not even buying is enough to blow the mind!

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to feel the enormity of what you are getting into with your online business. In fact, I would suggest drawing a huge circle full of anything and everything you could try or buy and then making a plan!

Focus ~ Support ~ Community

Just 3 words, but each one holds its own collection of ideals for your success online. During my Online marketing, I have realised that whatever your Business, traditional, network marketing, service orientated or affiliate marketing – these are, I believe the  3 elements essential to concentrate on. Briefly I will give you the components which to me turn these words into 3 distinct areas which hold up your business empire.


~ The gathering and development of Knowledge, Passion, Dedication, Wisdom and Courage to Create your Focus.

Choose the Destination for your Focus, for example I use a Facebook Community, where you can develop a Learning environment for your Prospects / Customers / Clients to be all in one place for you to nurture.

Align your Purpose with your Focus (probably your business) and everything you do is pointing in the one direction


~ Create Your Community for gathering your Prospects / Customers / Clients together for training, syndication of marketing content, learning, questioning, sharing and accountability

Be part of a Bigger Community to continually grow and learn yourself.


~ A coach/mentor/guide to assist with your training, philosophies, business plan/strategy and feedback.

Have one for yourself and Be One to your Community!

Gavin - Jacs - DianePut like that, you can see that there is a lot to this Online Business stuff! But it’s right that you know what you are getting into from the start, and with this educated vision progress can be as fast or as slow as you choose to be. After all Working from Home means you make the rules!

But you need to exercise some discipline too…. in the F S C routine above.

Building your Brand, rather than hiding under the umbrella of your Network Marketing Company is essential… but you will also find resources available from them for training and meeting leaders and getting yourself known as a Happener!

Just a snap here of a terrific event I attended titled ‘Knowledge and Wisdom’ You see here Gavin Mountford and Diane Hochman, two people who have hugely impacted my life and my online journey.

So … what of this knowledge I’ve been studying!

Firstly came my blog

Jacs Henderson – Live Learn Love Your Business  –  Here I began writing and accumulating information and tips to create my Business Hub…

And then…


I have a terrific Shopping based Business…

I have a Blooming Facebook Community – Social Marketing Community

Social Network Marketing with Jacs Henderson

We are a group of Passionate Social Network Marketers from many different businesses. so Whatever Business You Are In Please Join Us

My Mission is…
To provide an environment of Learning, Fun, Support, Inspiration and
Communication for Your Social Media Marketing

and a Site for Weekly Syndication of Tribe member’s Blog posts, and content on Social Media.

I  am absolutely here to share my knowledge and resources with you, and I would love to help you with your online  journey

Thank you for visiting   

♡ Jacs

The Social Superstars Tribe

Jacs Henderson

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