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Social Marketing is fun, effective and sociable … but it can also be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming until you hit upon your own personal formula to balance your marketing with content creation, and the actual relationship building with the prospective customers you attract as you turn them into customers, and grow your business!

It's not a magic formula, but it is a strategy you create, using the tools and resources that will work for you.

So, at the moment I am looking into next year and lining up my ducks with various products and tools … some new, and some I've been using this year.
I'm always looking out to compare what I use with new products, looking for efficiency, effectiveness and value.

I'm astounded by the amount of activity nowadays for Black Friday … and the fact that the offers and sales are now extended over such a long period, but hey, that's the commercial world we live in… and here am I showcasing a few of the products I use and love because I know they are terrific value ANYTIME but especially now with their Black Friday discounts.

So for the next 5 days I will bring you a new product for you to GRAB whilst they are such good value!


☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆


Day #1 ~ Social Media Content Calendar

This is totally awesome, and gives you an idea for EVERY day of 2019 🤩

You receive… 

#1 ~ 365 days of social media post ideas planned out for you! Including:

  • 46 holidays to celebrate on social media (Ideal for the US but many applicable to all countries.)
  • 52 questions to increase engagement
  • 52 inspiring quotes perfect to increase likes

#2 ~ Three versions of the calendar YOU can edit and customise to fit your exact needs.

  • Editable Google Sheet
  • Editable Microsoft Excel Sheet
  • Printable PDF
This is designed by Angie, to bring you better results from your social media marketing, and you will see numerous product endorsements from previous customers . I am one now, and I can't wait for 2019 to get using mine!!!

Why buy this?

Your days are focused for you (of course, you can adapt these) so less thinking time, less stress and more time to concentrate on building your customer relationships and sales


Your Coupon Code for 40% discount is BLACKFRIDAY
(enter at Checkout)

Offer available until Friday November 23rd 11.59 CST


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Day #2 ~ 150 Social Media Image Templates

Wow! Now you can fill in some of those days on your new Social Content Calendar 😉

You receive…

46 Holiday Templates: 46 holidays to celebrate on social media in 2019. These holidays are ideal for the United States, but many are applicable to all countries.

52 Question Templates: 52 questions to ask on social media designed to increase engagement. Asking questions is an outstanding way to increase comments!

52 Inspiring Quote Templates: There is no better way to rack up the “likes” on social media than with inspiring quotes. These quotes were hand selected by Angie for optimal engagement.

Video Tutorial: The tutorial walks you through exactly how to customise the images to fit your branding and style and save them as a high-resolution file.

The templates are in Google Slides (also accessible with PowerPoint) so they’re extremely easy to edit, save, and post on social media. 

You can customize each image to include your own logo and website and many can be customized with your own fonts, colours, and style!

The images are 800 x 800 pixels, the perfect size for Instagram, but also fantastic on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Plus, these templates sync perfectly with the 2019 Social Media Content Calendar!

Each of the 150 images corresponds with a post on the 2019 calendar which means 41% of your social media posts for 2019 are completely done for you!

Think about the massive time and stress in 2019 Angie is saving you, by having almost half of your social media images already created and done for you!


Your Coupon Code for 40% discount is BLACKFRIDAY
(enter at Checkout)


Offer available until Friday November 23rd 11.59 CST

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Day #3 ~ Viral PIN Formula ebook

This ebook by Angie, really nails down the 7 Essential Ingredients to Create Irresistible Pins that will get you clicks and saves so that you reach more people and grow your business fast!

Do you know what it takes to get traffic from Pinterest?
Essentially, people need to click on your Pins.

Unfortunately, sucky Pins = sucky traffic.

In the Viral Pin Formula, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to make a great Pin that get more clicks and saves so that you can reach more people, get more email subscribers, and grow your business! .. YES!

You receive…

7 Essential Ingredients for Creating Viral Pins: Includes 7 in-depth chapters walking you through exactly what to include in your Pin designs (and why) to make them go viral and generate more clicks and traffic.

Design Tools Required to Create Your Pins: Save time (and money) with my list of top recommended design tools. Not only are these tools free, but they’ll help you design professional quality graphics even if you suck at design.

Effortless Strategies to Design Stunning Pins That Get Clicks: The Viral Pin Formula isn’t rocket-science, but most Pinterest marketers overlook these simple strategies. You’ll learn exactly what to include to make your Pins stand out!

52 Irresistible Power Words Perfect for Pinterest: Learn what words to use in your Pin designs and descriptions to command attention. These power words will make your Pins so irresistible people have to click on them.

Simple Tips to Instantly Supercharge Your Headlines: Stop creating Pins that get overlooked in the news feed. You’ll learn how to transform your headlines from boring (and overlooked) into compelling (and attention-drawing).

Advanced Strategies to Promote Your Pins: Once you’ve designed a Viral Pin, it needs to be seen! Get access to a free training sharing advanced strategies to get your Pin more exposure than you can imagine!


Your Coupon Code for 40% discount is BLACKFRIDAY
(enter at Checkout)

Offer available until Friday November 23rd 11.59 CST

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Day #4 ~ GET The YES!

“GET The YES”: High-Vibe Social Scripts for Network Marketers Who Want To Build A Big, Strong Team Using Facebook.

Does this sound familiar?

📌 You feel like you're wasting time on things that do not work anymore.

📌 You want to rank advance faster and teach your team to do the same.

📌 You’re tired of being on the sidelines, watching other people succeed.

📌 You have a passion for helping others financially and mentally.

📌 You want to be more authentic when talking to prospects.

You believe in what you’re selling but struggle to conveying how great it is to others!

This 10 module Training course + 3 Bonuses was created by myself and Robin Smith to bring you our High-Vibe Social Scripts for Network Marketers wanting to use Facebook to grow their teams


Offer available until Friday November 23rd 11.59 CST

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Day #5 ~ Social Inspiration “Done-for-you” Notes 

What do we all need a slice of every day? … Inspiration!

I've put together for you a collection of Inspirational Notes which you can enjoy, and share them with your friends, family, teams, audiences etc

Collections 1, 2  & 3 are BUNDLED together for a BLACK FRIDAY Special price

They are Instagram sized but can be used for other social sites too, and they are unbranded so you can pop your own name, logo or website on them.

Simple but Savvy, these will slot in well to any social strategy.


☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆

BONUS TREAT … available until MONDAY 26 NOV 11.59pm EST

So, now I'm sharing with you the Image Creator I use daily for ALL my image needs … so if you'd like to work with the best one around…


Check it out HERE

If you miss the Black Friday deals, the products will still be available at their current price 😊

Which one is your favourite?!


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