Live a Positive life … you can Create it!

Focus on ” I AM “ every day and you will change your perspective and attract success, prosperity and abundance into your life

Each day inside my Community…  we have an “I AM” of The Day affirmation post based on the Image above.

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I post 1 x “I AM” each week from this… in rotation

I repeat this list over again and I'd like to help you feel a shift in your thinking and results.

Each day I would like you to…

  1. Repeat the I AM in the Comments below the image
  2. Repeat it in your head, all day, especially if / when you have any negative thoughts!
  3. Sing it … Shout it… Embrace it's meaning …
  4. Live it… And FEEL it for a small part of the day, attach EMOTION to it!
  5. Record your results … and compare to the next cycle

This could be part of your ‘Miracle Morning' to locate today's word and begin your day with that thought…

or if you are short on time, it could ‘BE' your miracle morning… all day!

Just Commit to one “I AM” per day to start with if this is all you can do and you will Feel your energies shift at some point along the way…

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Printing out The Affirmations Image above is a super idea to stick above your desk or laminate and carry with you, because you can bump into negative emotions at any time!

These affirmations are short and effective and so handy for busy entrepreneurs 🙂

Enjoy them

  A Mini Challenge for Big Changes … Step by Step

and Feel your energies shift at some point along the way

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