My 3 Secrets For Online Network Marketing Success

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Well, now they're not a secret!

But My 3 Success Secrets – Focus, Community and Support have come about as I have learnt and developed my Business Online.

Just 3 words, but each one holds it’s own collection of ideals for your success online. I have realised that whatever your Business, traditional, network marketing, service orientated or affiliate marketing – these are, I believe the  3 elements essential to concentrate on.

Briefly I will give you the components which to me turn these words into 3 distinct areas which hold up your business empire.


~ The gathering and development of Knowledge, Passion, Dedication, Wisdom and Courage to Create your Focus.

Focus on your System and Strategy to learn, teach and lead the people who are interested in what you and your brand offers them. A fantastic place to do this, like me, is a Facebook Community, where you can develop a Learning environment for your Prospects / Customers / Clients to be all in one place for you to nurture.

Then you need to develop your system around this, and gather the tools necessary to help you. And you need to showcase your work … a blog is fantastic for this, and then actively develop a strategy for people to find you with your social media marketing. My favourite is Pinterest! But that's another post!!

Align your Purpose with your Focus (probably your business) and everything you do is pointing in the one direction


~ Create Your Community for gathering your Prospects / Customers / Clients together for training, syndication of marketing content, learning, questioning, sharing and accountability

Be part of a Bigger Community to continually grow and learn yourself.


~ A coach/mentor/guide to assist with your training, philosophies, business plan/strategy and feedback.

Have one for yourself and Be One to your Community!


I wish to share with you a post from my Ambassador Community ‘Networking Superstars – Journey To Freedom' written by Gavin. This truly encompasses my vision, and now my experience of how one can really build a business online… not a hobby!

jacs henderson

Inspired Words from Gavin Mountford

” I am feeling INSPIRED to write this to you…

This is from 17 years experience in this industry…

And taking a really long path to success…

There is NO WAY you can focus in two different directions at the same time and get results… it violates the laws of the universe…

By its very nature, FOCUS means that you look at one thing…

Focus means putting all your attention on ONE thing…

And if you do want to do multiple things… (which is OK), then they all have to tie in together.

Then you focus on the one thing, which impacts the second, and the third, and the forth…

If you wanted to knock a whole load of dominos over, and do a domino rally, you wouldn't put all your dominos in multiple different directions away from each other would you?

You'd stack them one behind another… so all you need to do is push the first one, and the momentum gathers to knock them all down…

Ultimately reaching your end goal.

So, if you are currently trying to build / focus on 2,3,4,5,6 different business opportunities, trainings, systems, websites, jobs etc… and expect to succeed… then it's going to take a long, long time.

Everything must tie in together.

If you have a nutrition based business, then you join a beauty based business, and you are trying to teach Network Marketers how to make money online…

There is CONFLICT.

If you want to succeed in Network Marketing, however you find yourself jumping for shiny objects, maybe trying to sell Kindle books on Amazon, and make money selling products on Ebay…

There is CONFLICT.

If you listen to 3 different trainers / teachers and one tells you to focus on High-Touch / personal connections and build your community… another tells you to only use technology and capture leads in a capture page only, and another tells you to only build your business offline, and not bother online…

There is CONFLICT…


When you decide to focus on one training program to completion, get very good at the steps, learn them, implement them, get results from them, teach them back to others…

And decide to work closer with the people who are teaching the steps and who have mastered those steps…

And align your business opportunities together so everything is aligned…

There is SUCCESS!

Yes, it's ok to be involved with a program like MLSP (for example) while at the same time, building your Network Marketing business…


Because they compliment each other…

Yes, it's ok to become an Ambassador for Networking Superstars and recommend our trainings to your prospects… while building your Network Marketing business…


Because it helps your team grow…

So, when I say “get all your dominos” in a row…

What I mean is…

You FEED traffic / prospects into your Facebook group / community…

You offer VALUE inside your community which provides solutions for your members…

You could send your members to Networking Superstars which causes your members to stick around you for longer and come to you for support. (We have the training program to help and teach your members)

You earn an income from recommending all our products…

You might promote MLSP, in addition to your Network Marketing company…

Then you give people an opportunity to join your Network Marketing business…


If you think about it… our 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro is all about personal connection and relationship building…

When you speak to your prospect on the phone, you uncover their pains, problems, challenges, dreams, aspirations and goals…

Often your prospect is already in a Network Marketing company and they are happy!

So, you cannot sponsor them into your business…

However, you CAN still engineer a win-win situation where you refer your prospect to either MLSP (earning you $100 per month per member), AND / or you recommend the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro, which earns you $120 in commissions… (once you are an Ambassador)

So, you earn a much needed side income, all while you are building up your Network Marketing business…

90% of your prospects will probably already be in a Network Marketing business… so, that means you can still earn income while speaking to those people… and you can help them out at the same time…

So, when I say… be FOCUSED. I mean make sure all your opportunities / systems / communities are in alignment with each other.

Then all your energy you have each day… (which after working a full time job, and taking care of household duties / tasks will be pretty low) will be spent wisely…

And you'll get the best bang for your buck!

Focus, Focus, Focus.

No more trying to create 3 totally different communities…

No more trying to create 3 totally different businesses…

No more trying to follow 3 totally different trainings…

Get all your dominos in a row, use a little energy to push the first one, and just watch what happens…

You'll hit SUCCESS faster than ever before! ”


Wow! I think you get the idea!

I have now adjusted my Focus, building my Network Marketing business, and aligned my mission to help others with social media branding and marketing into my Community… where I can support my members in building their own Businesses.


I have a terrific Vacation based Network Marketing Business

I have a Blooming Facebook Community – The Social Superstars Tribe

My Mission is…
To provide an environment of Learning, Fun, Support, Inspiration and
Communication for Your Social Media Marketing

and a Site for Weekly Syndication of Tribe member's Blog posts, and content on Social Media.


We are a group of Passionate Social Network Marketers from many different businesses. so Whatever Business You Are In Please Join Us and…

As a Founding Ambassador, I work closely with the Networking Superstars ‘Journey To Freedom' community alongside Gavin Mountford and an ever-growing band of Entrepreneurs, becoming Ambassadors and Empowering others to do the same.

Networking Superstars

Now I am Completely Sure that The One Thing you Need for Your Online Journey is

The Online Network Marketers Blueprint ~ Free Blueprint and Video Training from Gavin Mountford

This is a 3 part process to Completely BOOM  Your Network Marketing Business Online 😊

‘High Touch' – ‘High Tech' – ‘High Profit'

A carefully Crafted TOTALLY Duplicatable process for You and Your Team to Follow, Step-by-Step

The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence – This will blow Your Mind!!

Please message me on Facebook if you would like to chat about whether this will work for your bsiness!

I am absolutely here to share my knowledge and resources with you, so…

Join Social Network Marketing with Jacs Henderson and Grab your Free Report ‘The 7 Simple Steps To Explode Your Social Circle Of Influence”

Thank you for visiting 💜

What are your Success Secrets? … do share in the Comments below


Jacs Henderson

                             The Social Network Marketer



My 3 Secrets for Online Network Marketing Success

CLICK to Download Your Free pdf of this post

Published by Jacs Henderson

I am a Social Network Marketer, and My mission is to assist you to Build your Business Online using Social Media. Building Your Brand Online is both an Art and a Science and I have created Jacs Social Network Marketing Tribe, a Facebook Community where we focus on teaching The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence, Branding You and Marketing your Business. We would love to welcome you there!

40 comments on “My 3 Secrets For Online Network Marketing Success

  1. There was a time that you stuck up a website for your business, advertised it a few places and the visitors and customers came. That was when there was little or no competition and before consumers got wise to shopping around and avoiding poor customer service. It was when word of mouth just came from your local friends and family and not a whole word full of review and social media sites.

    Focus, in the sense of hard work, has always been important but developing a community, finding a support structure and learning how to succeed online is now essential. Focus itself has changed too because if you’re not working on the right products and methods, your hard work won’t pay off.
    Sue Bride recently posted..10 Reasons Blog List Posts Fail – A List Post About List Posts 2My Profile

    1. How absolutely right you are Sue! If only it was that easy now 🙂

      This world of ‘Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur’ driven by the internet’s gift of technology, communication, accessibility and competition certainly is a tough one when everyone is stuck in the same pool of social media madness!

      There is a fine line between ‘getting it right’ and ‘getting it nearly right’ and like you say, hard work it not going to pay off in this dog eat dog world. Lucky we know that 😀

      Thank you for your wise words Sue,

      ~ Jacs

  2. Hi Jac,

    I have to admit to giving up on internet marketing and now concentrate on my other businesses. As you rightly say, it is essential to focus on ONE thing and I simply didn’t keep all the balls in the air. I’m not too worried though, made some great friends in the process and I thoroughly enjoy my offline business world! Great post, thanks!

    Enjoy the journey!
    Mandy Allen recently posted..The 17th Century Nun’s PrayerMy Profile

    1. Hi Mandy,

      It is not possible to keep all balls in the air at all times, and something has to give! You have such interesting businesses Mandy, that I can see why you really enjoy them to the full, and of course, friends stay friends 🙂

      See you later this year I hope!

      ~ Jacs

  3. Hi Jacs,

    Those three success secrets you share work! We need to Focus on one thing at a time. Everything we do does need to point back to our business. We cannot stray otherwise we are wasting our time and energy…I know..been there and have done that in the past lol

    Having a community is also important. No matter how we create one to suit the needs of our business is a great step to success. I love my email community right now. Having a blast with it.

    And of course Support, which I believe is the most important. We will waste so much time trying to do things ourselves via trial and error. It is best practice to get a coach. The initial investment will only give us a better return.

    Thanks for sharing your “secrets” and have a wonderful week.

    Donna Merrill recently posted..How I Come Up With Blog IdeasMy Profile

    1. Hello Donna,

      Thank you for your endorsement … you indeed are a Master of these!

      As we align ourselves towards our business goals, including these things first I think does give the best start.

      I learnt much by trial and error, and it was certainly not the fastest or most productive time for my business growth… fun, and interesting but my success didn’t happen then!

      I always appreciate your visits Donna, and I wish you the best week too 🙂

      ~ Jacs

      1. Hey Jacs,

        I too learnt from trial and error. It’s the only way things can stick in my head lol. When I “fail” at something, either I learn it wasn’t the right thing to do and bolt, or I try to do it to perfection.

        As long as we are having fun along the way, meeting people all over the globe and making connections to each other, life is awesome. Success always follows as long as we show up.


        Donna Merrill recently posted..Build Momentum And Ride The WaveMy Profile

  4. Hi Jacs Henderson mam, Great post yes we should concentrate in one type of things which link with each other. Different kind of things makes one confuse and it is difficult to get success. All the points are very useful thanks for sharing this knowledge.

  5. Hi Jacs
    Wonderful to see you so inspired by Gavin and what he’s doing. We know that he is a mountain of inspiration and really spurs so many forward. Great to read about it and wonderful to see you shinning with so much love and compassion for Networking Superstars.. much love to you …
    Lesly T. Federici recently posted..10 Biz IdeasMy Profile

    1. Hi Lesly,

      This new phase has started with a real mission, and what I love is the ability to teach what works down through my team!

      You were such a pillar for Gavin and you helped him to progress enormously through those live Team Hangouts… and organize him! He wouldn’t be where he was today without your commitment in those early days. What days they were and we met so many lovely friends.

      You do us all proud with your PAC Community, and your dedication and support is equally deserving of love and compassion from me 🙂

      Thank you for visiting my friend!

      ~ Jacs

  6. Hi Jacs,

    Great post. I was sharing the importance of exercising the mental muscle of ‘will’ with a crowd…how the will is to the mind like a magnifying glass is to the sun. So many entrepreneurs struggle with that ability to focus. My favorite way to ‘exercise’ it is to light a candle and focus on the flame…trying not to let my mind to drift off…focusing on that flame until I become one with the flame. While the mind will be trying to drift off, bring it back. Doing this several times really helps with the ability to focus. I initially learned this from Bob Proctor.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..Are You a Course Junkie?My Profile

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I love the idea of the candle for exercising focus… will definitely try that!

      It certainly is hard to beat the will of the mind, like quieting the mind for meditation… I’m not so good at that!! but the candle is perfect! I always have candles around, so I can ‘exercise’ my mind daily.

      Bob has some good tips, thank you for sharing this 🙂

      ~ Jacs

  7. Focus is something I have struggled with in the past. This was mostly because my direction was wrong and I listened to too many well intentioned people. Focus is about having the knowledge of where you’re going, what you want and then concentrating FULLY on it for me. Music was a massive part of my life until I gave it up to concentrate on business. Business that was NOT my calling. Why? because I hated the work! Love what you do, do what you love and it’s easier to focus.
    Thanks for the trigger Jacs, it helped a lot!
    Barrie Evans recently posted..What About Tomorrow? Do It Today!My Profile

    1. Hi Barrie,

      I think you have learnt, like me, that there is so much more to the word Focus than concentrating on one thing! It is like you say knowledge of a combination of factors, which certainly includes doing what you love 🙂
      It’s wonderful to see you back with your music, and it’s great to follow your performances and concerts on facebook … how happy you are now 😀

      ~ Jacs

    1. Hi Joan!

      Thanks so much… using the inspiration, I am fast creating my own community and clients by focusing on my mission. I appreciate your enthusiastic comment 😀

      ~ Jacs

  8. Hi Jacs,

    Those are 3 important things for sure.

    I have flip-flopped about for too long, but since last year I have really sharpened my focus to one net-working business (plus some training to help new distributors, as you suggest). Since then I have had much more success.

    An example of community and support just happened earlier today – with family (including two toddlers and a dog) just two hours away from staying for Easter, I got emails from TWO people interested in my business. Panic!

    One had already joined our Facebook support community a few months ago, but decided to look again on hearing of the recent USA growth. So I made a quick post in the group, explained the situation and asked the rest of the team to welcome Sam and answer any of his questions. Even people “cross-line” were happy to chip in and offer to help Sam – just as my team will do for their prospects. In fact, I don’t think we even consider “teams” in the usual sense, because we all feel part of ONE big team.

    That left my other new prospect to look after, as he had a more challenging questions. So I asked for support from my upline, Ray, and again this was freely given. I filled Ray in with the questions my new prospect wanted to discuss, and they’re having a conversation on Saturday – round about the time I’m due to be on an Easter Egg hunt with my grand-daughters 🙂

    When you have focus, community and support your confidence increases massively.

    By the way – I just love the Christopher Robin piccy.

    Happy Easter, Joy – Blogging After Dark
    Joy Healey recently posted..Premier Cashback USA TeamMy Profile

    1. Hi Joy,

      delighted to hear your changes last year have sharpened things up for you. A conscious decision to focus really has an effect!!

      Loved your examples of community and support… exactly what I mean. A support network includes up down and sidewards within a business (well, nice one’s like we are part of!!) and helping newbies from any team member really shows the community spirit 🙂
      It does increase confidence too, and gives a feeling of security too.

      Do hope you enjoyed your Easter Egg Hunt 🙂

      Thanks for the time you took to share your experiences with us Joy,

      ~ Jacs

    2. I’ve been reading about your progress with Premier Cashback and I’m really pleased for you Joy. It’s also encouraging to see the results coming from sharpening focus.

      When I was involved in a product based network marketing company I lacked support. (I even ended up doing work for my sponsor despite having no experience!) So it’s good to read about the mutual support among your group.
      Sue Bride recently posted..Cornerstone Content – Super Visible ArchivesMy Profile

    1. Hi Sazia,

      it was actually Gavin with the 17 years experience, but I’m working hard to catch up! I am very happy to have you in my community and do hope to enhance your online journey for you 🙂

      ~ Jacs

    1. Hi Mary,

      Absolutely, support comes from different directions and team support is definitely part of the package!
      You know Gavin is an inspirational and fast paced creator and trainer who works at a million miles per hour!!! Now I get it… and can translate those mentorship elements forwards into my community, as you are doing too 🙂
      Definitely To The Top my friend!!

      ~ Jacs

  9. Jacs,

    Wow! What a powerful blog post on so many levels. First, both you and Gavin have come a long way. I have known you both for several years and it is wonderful to see the clarity, focus and community you have both built together and separately. I love seeing the marketing process in action, the problem cited, the training given and the subtle CTA within Gavin’s wonderful message. And I love watching your Social Superstars Tribe blossom.

    I have been following my own path with the goal of highlighting and promoting the work of psychotherapists, body oriented psychotherapists and other healers and I am finally gearing up to hosting my first summit, The Sexual Reawakening Summit – a summit in which I introduce my colleagues in this professional niche that often does not get enough recognition.


    Dr. Erica


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Males and females are really similar – or are they?My Profile

    1. Hi Dr Erica,

      Thank you for your wonderful words!

      I equally love to follow you and your progress along your path, creating your communities then supporting and showcasing your members at your Summit.

      What an extraordinary achievement … so proud and in awe of that ?

      ~ Jacs

    1. Hi Monna,

      thank you for your lovely words. It is worth monitoring progress and recognising when things are not working… no progress means time to change plan, until you get there. Coaching can be a huge help 🙂

      ~ Jacs

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