Turbo-Charge Your Business With A Facebook Fanpage Focus

Facebook ToolsYour Facebook Fanpage is your Shop Window for your Business on Facebook. You could run a product or service based company, or represent yourself as your Brand, and have one or more businesses or products which you offer… but either way it is important to present your page with personality, focus and variety to keep new visitors becoming fans, and your fans interacting.

Your Fan page is a great way to collect people you attract who are interested in your services, and they become your audience, so offer them tips, trainings, fun… and then you can funnel them into your email list, blog posts, and other social networks


How Productive Is Your Fan Page?


Well, you know the answer to that question right now! But today I am going to present you with some Quick Joggers for

  1. Feeding your Fans
  2. Encouraging Interaction
  3. Encouraging new Likes
  4. Posting Tips
  5. Useful Blog posts


Facebook loves Fan Pages with interaction, but you do have to help yourself here!  Just having Fans is not enough, they may not all get to see your posts because of Facebook's mystery way of working. See below for a brief description, and follow the link for more detail…

It leaves you thinking that you probably need more interaction…. and this needs to be consistent since the facebook Edgerank works on a weekly cycle.. and you will see your weekly email notification if you have them turned on.


Would you like to take part in a 30 Day Fan Page Focus Challenge?


To Find Out How It Works…

Watch the video on this blog… Watch Here


To Join in… Join Here and get started!!


30 Day Facebook Fan Page Focus


You can See how to get Started by Clicking the Image and Join In by Clicking HERE


If your Fan Page is like a ghost town, then you will Learn how to get

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Fans
  • Traffic
  • Engagement


Join in the 30 Days of Fun!!


What is Facebook Edgerank?


EdgeRank is the Facebook algorithm that decides which stories appear in each user's newsfeed. The algorithm hides boring stories, so if your story doesn't score well, no one will see it.

EdgeRank is like a credit rating: it's invisible, it's important, it's unique to each user, and no one other than Facebook knows knows exactly how it works.

and it's hard to trick an algorithm into thinking that your content is interesting. It's much easier to rewrite your content so your fans leave more likes and comments!!


More detailed info on Facebook Edgerank Here


#1  Feed Your Fans


  • Stimulate their senses with visual and video and use emotional triggers so they Feel something on your page and build a connection
  • Be a complete resource of info for your fans. Post new up to date info on your services / products and those from other places that will be helpful to your readers
  • Offer a free ’something’ on Special days
  • If posting quotes or tips… put them on an image background for more impact
  • Use the Notes facility, to document information which will not disappear down your timeline, you can use this to copy blog posts onto… these do get google ranked



#2  Encourage Interaction


  • Have a daily mission for your page… So regulars know what to expect
  • Ask questions… eg.  Did you ever…?   How would you…?  What do you think about… ?
  • Pop in occasional quote images
  • Ask for their thoughts/comments/ideas on a photo, story
  • Have Question days to answer their problems
  • Use ‘Call To Action' phrases where appropriate
  • Always reply to comments you receive



#3  Encourage others to Like Your Page


  • Search for other pages you admire in your niche and Like them send a message with a valuable comment so the owner will checkyouout! It’s good to like all appropriate pages as your Fan-Page, so their posts appear in your fan page home stream and are easily found and shared on a daily basis.
  • On your facebook Profile, Add your link to your facebook Fan-Page in the ‘about’ section so your friends can SEE your business
  • Try a lightbox blog pop-up on your blog eg
  • If you work online, have Follow Me buttons back to your fan page from your blog and email responder
  • I f you use Business cards…. then put on your Fan-Page url or use a QR Code …  So simple to create (Free Ones Here)



#4  Posting tips


  • Choose a selection of posts and have a weekly schedule eg question – blog post – tips – quote – photo of your life – a tip and a link to a product or business – shares from other pages – Videos
  • Be consistent and use the scheduler if you are not able to post live (sooo easy)
  • Check your insights to see what type of posts your fans engage with.
  • Use gorgeous images on your posts



#5  Useful Blog Posts


30 Day Fan Page Focus Challenge – How It Works…

4 Steps For Getting Your Ads For FREE On Facebook

The 6 (Dirt Cheap) FB Tools For Generating 30 to 50 Leads From FB Daily

The Funded Proposal Solution For Getting Your Leads For Free Using Facebook Ads…

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30 Days To More Engagement On Your Fan Page…



What you Focus Your Attention On Grows…

so how about it?


Fan Page Focus



See How To Get Started HERE

Join In by Clicking HERE


Do Join The Challenge  :*



Jacs Henderson



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39 comments on “Turbo-Charge Your Business With A Facebook Fanpage Focus

    1. Absolutely Bruno, it’s great to be able to network with all the people involved, make new friends and business associates, and boost our fan-page engagement… I’ll see you there 🙂

  1. Hi Jacs ,

    First this is a great work and wonderful post , i m first time visit your blog but really imppress with your article , Great stuff thanks a lot for sharing me keep it up


  2. Hello Jacs, My fan page can use all the help I can get. Yes I would love to have some focus on this one. I am off to check out your challenge my friend.. Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

  3. Thank you Jacs for sharing such a highly needed information about Facebook fan page. I think it is a must have for everyone in the industry and knowing how to get the best out it is a plus. I use a system that tops it all. Thank you for sharing

  4. Hey Jacs!

    Fantastic tips for sure. I have not had a chance to engage much in this challenge which I really need right now as my page is a bit of a ‘ghost town’!

    I know from past experience that these fan page challenges/ blitzes certainly do work provided you consistently take action to post and visit everyone else every day.

    Thanks for your wonderful advice as always 🙂

    1. Thanks Soni…

      Indeed they do work! And are brilliant for a kick start at any time… but facebook does the edgerank weekly, so gathering a few supporters together and securing some regular consistent comments and shares is not so hard and time consuming to do. I have an idea up my sleeve 😉
      Even joining the PAC Fan Page focus once per week will help 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts…


    1. Absolutely Erika… I also think it is a brilliant way to introduce oneself to new people in the group that you have not met before, since many of them have some business interests in common… I have met some wonderful people that way 🙂

  5. You give excellent tips here Jacs, thank you. As it’s harder to get your FB posts seen these days you need something to help you rally take off such as the 30 Day Fanpage Focus. As you start getting more comments, likes and shares, more people will be shown your posts, more people will interact, more people will be shown your posts and so on.

    I’ve started something new on my own Fanpage by having a featured topic each week. I’ve been pinning the weeks topic post to the top of the page asking a variety of questions and adding links to resources, mostly blog posts from those who like my page. I’ve had a lot of comments on the weekly topic posts.

    I didn’t know that notes could get ranked. Thank you!

    1. You’re so right Sue, the Fan Page Focus certainly puts one in a position to receive huge interaction and perhaps meet some new folks who will continue to be supporters and plan for weekly interaction with.

      I really like the sound of your new fan page project, I can see that being particularly enjoyed by your regular visitors… I’ll pop by and see you 🙂


  6. Feed your fans, feed your fans, feed your fans!! If all I ever do is scream “buy my book” there is no way my fans will stay engaged. I try to post funny quips/memes/photos etc as often as possible. IF I’m supposed to be a humor writer, I gotta make them laugh.

  7. Hey Jacs,

    I think God is really trying to push me to get back into my facebook fan page seriously LOL… I already told Donna Merrill I was going to get back into it.. and I did for a couple of days, but then again I stopped!

    Yes interaction and engagement is important. You want to personally brand yourself so people can see the real you. Add pictures and photos of your everyday life and at the same time give your members something of value every week for them to easily implement themselves.

    Thanks Jacs for the reminder! Sometimes we need to someone to put us in check so we can get back on track!

    1. Lol! It’s funny how often when we decide to make a change, we realise so many folks have been telling us the same thing for years… but suddenly it is the right time!

      I’m sure your page will be fab! I will start my sharing thread in the group again… even just a few interactions from the group helps and you can start with just a few posts a week and build up your strategy.

      Thanks for your great comment Sherman 🙂


  8. Hi Jacs,

    I love to use my Facebook Fan Page and am also involved in the 30 day challenge. I’m so glad you mentioned what to put on your Fan Page. Unfortunately, people do not realize that it is not a matter of putting up your latest blog post among offers they have.

    Instead, there is a method that works and you nailed it….Ask a question, put up a quote, anything to give people a call to action to engage. It makes it so easy for a visitor to like and comment.

    Then for the big “prize” about 20% of the time lead them to an app on the side bar that has your offer. Many people are blind to those offers we have, and if we prompt them to click it, one never knows who will make that purchase.

    We do have more of a chance to sell our stuff on our Facebook Page when done properly as you mentioned above.



    1. Donna, thank you for your very positive reply about the intricacies of Fan Page Posting!!

      I very much like your idea of ‘pointing’ to the side bar offer, and noticed you doing that on your fan page recently…. Smart!!

      There is an art to actually selling from a fan-page…. I have an inkling you’ve done this before, you clever lady 😉


  9. Hi Jacs

    I found great value from this post and it’s given me so ideas for improving engagement on my facebook fanpage. The best tip for me was the one about using notes to have copy your blog posts and artlicles so they are available to read at your page. There is always something new to learn about how we can use facebook to promote ourselves and our business.

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. Thank you Sarah for finding value there and leaving a great comment… really happy you picked up one juicy tip to use on your page… you are right, there is always something new to learn about facebook and marketing!!

  10. Hi Jac,

    Wonderful post and you have a lot of great tips and ideas on how to properly use your Facebook Fanpage. I will definately be using the examples you have written about here:)



    1. Gillian, thanks for your kind words…. hope some of the tips make a difference to you. Things are always on the move with facebook, and we always have to be coming up with ideas to sustain engagement!
      Jacs 🙂

  11. Hi Jacs Loved this post and I am the same as Chery I need all the tips I can get also to improve the engagement on my Fan Page:)I think the 30 Day Challenge is a great idea and plan to give it a go asap.

    Thanks again

    1. Thanks Gillian for your kind words, it is really just a case of setting up a consistent routine with a group until things begin to blossom, and the challenge certainly helps with that 🙂

  12. Hi Jacs,

    I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook 🙂

    I did faithfully participate in the first 30 days of Gavin’s challenge. I am happy that he continued it; however, I just post two times a week because it can be too time-consuming for someone like me who only allocates 15 minutes per day to Facebook. I do have fun engaging with the group.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas Rachel!

      Facebook!!! Many things to many people!

      The Challenge is great, and I, like you, am not able to participate every day, but I take advantage of the opportunity to interact with the group and boost fan page visits as well.

      Lovely to see you here, and thank you for your visit 🙂


  13. Facebook is so important these days, Jacs.

    Bloggers really need to bounce back and forth between their blog posts and their Facebook page updates. Building a community on Facebook will definitely spill over into the authority of your blog.

    You’ve given great ways to do this, like Facebook Fridays which are really powerful.

    1. Thank you David, you’ve summed up beautifully the blog-facebook page connection, it’s important to have social media working for you if your blog is your business hub, like you do!

      warm wishes,


    2. Thanks David!

      Facebook is so much part of a Bloggers world now, for communities and blog sharing… the opportunities are fantastic to meet and communicate with our friends and to provide business information, training and promotion.

      Warm wishes,

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