Using Pinterest IS Attraction Marketing

If you have a Business Online, then you must take on board that Using Pinterest IS Attraction Marketing in a very SMART way 😊

Do you think Pinterest is a place to seek out recipes, new handbags, hairstyles and save household tips, exercises and diets for one-day!?

Well you're not wrong, but there's much more to it!

If you use Pinterest for business, then you should start or convert your account to a Business Account.

You then have access to Analytics, and are able to Verify your Website, and officially have monetised products for sale. If you sell from your own website, you can apply for ‘rich pins' which add a price to your pinned product images.

Recent updates are streamlining the iphone and android apps so phone users get a brilliant visual experience to enhance and encourage Pinterest-on-the-go 🙂

Many people use Pinterest as a search engine, particularly for shopping… but instead of searching youtube or google for information…  videos, blogs, articles and images are also available on Pinterest with their search function.


The Pinterest Model


Pinterest is Attraction Marketing
At the top are the Pinterest People… visiting Pinterest, searching, viewing images, clicking links, re-pinning and browsing.

Smart Marketers are also Pinterest People, but under the surface of their profile is the clever use of LINKS.

By creating and Pinning your Images, you can link them back to wherever you like!!

Of course.. The Spamming Rule still aplies to Pinterest, just like any other social platform… so don't link them to your replicated Business site!!

I would suggest a combination of your facebook profile and perhaps your blog or your community if the images are on a business related board.


Branding YOU on Pinterest

How better, than to have a collection of boards showcasing YOU!

These can include personal boards, such as your hobbies, interests, and things you like to collect, such as home tips and ideas for and photos of family events, holidays and presents. Quotations and lifestyle boards are popular too! All of these show your visitors about YOU, the person behind your business… what a great way to do that 🙂

ALSO… For your business you can create ‘Value' boards for teaching and drawing attention to your skills and offers

You should have boards for showcasing your business, such as a blog board, training board, mindset board, dream board, community board, demonstration board, video board, team board, social media board etc… just a few examples

You can create a ‘virtual store' for your products which visitors are able to browse just like your website, even using different boards for different categories

This is a shot of an email I received from Pinterest to tell me this pin had 11 re-pins last week, this image was from a blog post I wrote, so linked back to my blog…

stencil.facebook-post (1)

do you see the advantages beginning to show through?

Watch out for more posts!

… and if you are a Pinterest Lover join my Pinterest Power Group where you will find all my Tutorials and blogs

Please Comment below if you have learned something 🙂


Jacs Henderson

                The Social Network Marketer


Published by Jacs Henderson

I am a Social Network Marketer, and My mission is to assist you to Build your Business Online using Social Media. Building Your Brand Online is both an Art and a Science and I have created Jacs Social Network Marketing Tribe, a Facebook Community where we focus on teaching The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence, Branding You and Marketing your Business. We would love to welcome you there!

12 comments on “Using Pinterest IS Attraction Marketing

  1. Great post on Pinterest Jacs. I used to be very addicted to Pinterest at one time but since working offline now I very rarely go there or do any blogging but will get back to it one day. Thanks for sharing your tips and advice.
    Merle Gibbins recently posted..Kleeneze ProductsMy Profile

    1. Hi Merle,

      I remember those days 🙂 I hope to see you on there in a more fun perspective one day… it’s a great place to share your personal photos too!

      And also showcase your products, so people can buy from you online!

      ~ Jacs

  2. Hi Jacs

    This is an important topic, one which you really gave some awesome tips.

    Pinterest can be used for business but I guess people have not figured out how this is done. You have really opened my eyes with your apt illustrations. Even though I have been using Pinterest, I have not been structured with the platform.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    1. Hi Ikechi,

      yes Pinterest is a great place for showcasing your business or brand, I’d recommend everyone gets a profile and incorporates some pinning into their marketing schedule 🙂

      ~ Jacs

  3. Hi Jacs Henderson mam, Wonderful tips about how to use pinterest. I will follow these tips as these looks very beneficial. I have created just two boards in pinterest but don’t have more ideas about it.. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Michael,

      There are some quite straightforward things you can do to to enable sharing to and from your blog to Pinterest.. it is worth taking the time to do this! … I can point you to a post if you give me a shout 🙂

      ~ Jacs

    1. Hi Sue,

      Your boards and pins are targeted by the words (keywords) you use in the descriptions of them, and also as in the case of your boards, by the category you add them to. Pins are generally found by ‘search’ Pinterest is a big search engine, just like Google. So people will find your boards individually that way.

      Also useful to remember that your customers may well be interested in the same personal things as you!! So if you are branding yourself, those boards are OK.

      My main Pinterest account is branded to me, but my boards are organised in a business format, ie value ==> get to know me ==> products. Having said that, I have just set up a very focused business account which I’ll be training on soon.

      ~ Jacs

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