What is the Future of Marketing? A Story with John & David …

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This small story about the future of Marketing, which I encountered at The Social Networking Academy Blog, answers that question in a nutshell – so without further ado here it is…

” Two friends John & David lived in a little village called Storybridge. Both John & David loved books about the universe and the wonders of the world.

Every day they would head into different parts of the village where they had small stalls to sell their books.

David’s books were double the price of John’s and yet every day he would come home having made three times the sales John had.

stockfresh_2069811_3d-white-people-sale-announcement_sizeXS_3a1a6cMeet John and his Marketing


John had a brightly coloured stall, with big painted signs displaying his book titles and covers. He had sale slashed all over the stall and he would stand and shout‚ Come and buy my books, half price today! Learn about the wonders of the world with my beautiful books.


He also had leaflets on the village pinboard advertising his books and a small ad in the local village newsletter.



Meet David

David’s stall was equally as colourful, but he had no sale pricing or Buy Today for only Half Price signs.

David had displayed all his books on open shelves and in front of the stall he had chairs and a small coffee maker. Every day David would open his stall and at various times during the day invite people to sit with him while he read the stories out loud.

David also had leaflets up on the local pinboard, but they were advertising his reading sessions, his ads also invited people along for a coffee and story.

Everyone loved David, he was so giving of his time and every day he would lead them into a land of adventure and fantasy with his fantastic stories.

So captivated were the crowds with David’s stories they returned time and time again and bought many books with which to continue their adventure and delight their own friends and family ”


The Marketing Moral of the story?


I expect you can just feel the difference when reading the story. Neither way is right or wrong, but as a consumer you may have resonated with one method in particular.

David attracted people to him by giving great content before asking for the sale, he shared his time and invited people to listen to him and show them his wonderful books – he gave them a free sample by reading about the places they wanted to hear about

John, in a sea of other advertising, encouraged people to buy his books by shouting about his special offers primarily, and didn't spend the time talking to his customers and sharing himself and his thoughts on what they may like.  He still did good business,but obviously people were not attracted to John in the same way.

What is your Business doing?


The Future of Marketing


The future of marketing is bright, but it has changed. People are not attracted by constant, loud and ‘in-your-face' offers any more – and I even think that extends to many of the old style capture pages with big red print, arrows and script. Yuk!


when you enchant

People are attracted by what you can offer them to help with their problems, and communicating with them, like John, over a coffee (even a virtual one!) and offering them a valuable free offer which will help them, will go a long way towards establishing a relationship, which in turn begins the Know, Like and Trust Formula.


The future is about attracting people to your brand with stories and valuable content.


Whatever you want to call it whether it’s attraction marketing or relationship marketing  The fact is, to survive and thrive as a business in the coming years you must embrace giving first in your business.

Just like David ~Invite and allow people to get to know you, and discover how you can help them – doesn't that feel right?

Thank you for reading – I loved that story, and I hope it rang a bell with you too.


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Hope you enjoyed this story – please leave your comments and share using my image share buttons

thank you, and much success to you all,


Jacs Henderson


CLICK to Download Your Free pdf of this post

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12 comments on “What is the Future of Marketing? A Story with John & David …

    1. Thanks Suzie, yes, just something so simple as reading his stories was wonderful – it drew his customers in and bewitched them! Just like we do with our brands and blogs, and you have the most amazing content, you are a very special lady 🙂
      thank you for visiting, Jacs

  1. “The future is about attracting people to your brand with stories and valuable content.” This is outstanding advice. I do think consumers are becoming less and less attracted to the SALE signs and want to connect with a brand/writer/company etc.
    Kimba recently posted..By: KimbaMy Profile

    1. Spot on Kimba – interesting how a simple tale of 2 booksellers says it all! Yes, sale signs do not attract me much, it’s more about value.I will explore options, but a personal touch wins with me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂
      hope you are looking after yourself?!

    1. Thank you Susan, I agree, we have so much to choose from so many sources that personal connection does make all the difference. Lovely to see you!

    1. thanks Lorii, that’s a fine marketing comment you made there – showing your customers how they will benefit from your products, so they show their support for you and them. Interesting to think of new ways to do that hmmm …
      Thanks for your visit and thoughts Lorii ~ I’ll let you know any more stories I come up with 🙂

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