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Is Your Blog Optimized for PINTEREST? How To Be Shared And Followed!


Is Your Blog Optimised for Pinterest? How To Be Shared and Followed!

Welcome back to Pinterest Power!  This post is all about getting your blog optimized for Pinterest, so you are easily able to be shared.

In a previous post I gave you How To Start Using PINTEREST To Boost Your BUSINESS!

But in order to use Pinterest as a part of your Marketing strategy, you need to show people how to find you there, and give them the means to share your content on their Pinterest profiles

Just like all social networks, you want to build up a Tribe of Followers on Pinterest.



How to be Followed on Pinterest


Probably you will have a Social Media Plugin/Widget installed on your blog, which has clickable logo's linked to your social profiles – Be sure to activate the Pinterest option, or if that is not offered, then choose one with a wider range of social sites available to link to.


The one I use is called Social Media Widget

Social Media Widget




If you are looking for a new one then you can click this link to download or go to your plugin page of your WordPress dashboard and click ‘Add New' at the top and search for Social Media Widget.

This Social Media Widget has masses of choices for social sites, just pick the ones you identify with for marketing purposes.

And, if you have an alternative you recommend then post the link in the comments.


Be Followed !


How To Get Your Content Shared On Pinterest


This is where you need to give a little thought to how to gradually introduce Pinterest sharing, so it sits comfortably,and is balanced with your other social sharing buttons.


To some extent, your marketing may be biased to a particular audience or niche, and you may or may not consider them to be a particularly image lovers, or Pinterest account owners


But don't be fooled – Pinterest is becoming a big player, and you may find people like me visiting your blog – who, being a Pinterest lover, will share you on Pinterest AS WELL as the other social networks if:


  1. Pinterest for BusinessYou've got great content
  2. You've got a decent image
  3. You've got a sharing button


Below, I'm going to show you  Pin It Buttons and selection of sidebar widgets, available from the Pinterest website, and a selection of Pin It Buttons available as plugins.

So, my advice to you, is Put One Of These On Your Blog! 

Be Shared !!


#1 Pinterest Pin It Buttons and Sidebar Widgets


The video below gives you a run through of the Sidebar widgets which Pinterest allows you to build within it's site, and place in your sidebar, as options for people to connect with (and one to follow) you on Pinterest.

The Pin It Button is now available to be used on

  1. one image
  2. any image
  3. image hover

Be sure to choose the Button Type you want to use on your blog, so the correct code is generated


Build your Pin It Button here


In the video Below I will cover

  • PinIt Button (early version)
  • Follow Button
  • Pin Widget
  • Profile widget
  • Board Widget




Click Here For The Pinterest Widget Builder


#2 Plugins


Here are a selection you can use to show a Pin It Button on individual images throughout your post.

Just copy the exact names I have used and put these into the search bar in the ‘Add New' area in the Plugin section of your WordPress dashboard


Pinterest Image Pin –

Pinterest Image Pin    This button appears under the image on the Left Hand Side, included in  a      plain strip which the plugin adds




Pinterest Plugin 

Pinterest Plugin Image   A small button, which sits just outside your image on the bottom left hand corner




Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

Pin It ButtonThis button appears when a visitor passes over your image – it hovers in the top Right Hand Corner





 Or …  my favourite social sharing buttons Pulsehover





Read My blog post about Pulsehover  HERE


#3 How To Link Your Facebook Fanpage With Pinterest


Pinterest and Facebook have a groovy kind of love, there's a little bit of getting around the rules. Facebook does not allow a Pinterest Business Page to link to a Facebook Profile, or a fan-page (yet!) like  Twitter for example, where you can set up connections to post in both directions.

So, this week we learn how to put a Pinterest Tab on your Facebook fan-page, so when that Tab is  clicked – it connects directly to your Pinterest account and shows your boards




You can do this for free with Woobox

So, that's you set up with the basics for Being Followed and Being Shared!

It's essential to get this sorted before you start ‘playing' on Pinterest, because you want anyone visiting your blog, from Pinterest or anywhere else, to have the option of Sharing you in a whole new Marketing Arena.


Pinterest Homework


Simples! …

Get some follow and sharing options set up on your blog AND Connect your Facebook fan-page to Pinterest.

Really hope this post was useful – Please Leave Your Comments below

and ….  Your Pinterest Link so we can all follow each other 🙂



Jacs Henderson



P.S. Please come over and Join the Pinterest Power  Facebook group for all things Pinteresting!


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16 thoughts on “Is Your Blog Optimized for PINTEREST? How To Be Shared And Followed!

  1. Susan

    Hi Jacs, I really appreciate this article. I haven’t looked into making my blog Pinterest friendly. Your post will help me a lot. Thanks
    Susan recently posted..Do This One Thing And Improve Your Employer Brand NowMy Profile

    • Jacs

      Hi Susan,well worth doing because your visitors may love sharing on Pinterest, and any little PinIt button is a subtle call to action!
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting 🙂

  2. Merle Gibbins

    More great information on Pinterest. I didn’t even know I had a Woobox account. Couldn’t find the page with change at the top but think I have done it as found my FB Fanpage on there !! Thanks for sharing.
    Merle Gibbins recently posted..3 Ways to Find Your Target Market on FacebookMy Profile

    • Jacs

      Sounds like you’re sorted Merle – I see it on your page 🙂

  3. Nancy Shields

    WOW you are the GURU of Social Media and Pinterest – I at this time have nothing to do with Pinterest but maybe one of these days I shall….right now just writing for the FUN of it all – for being the change that I want to see in this world…

    I appreciate all the information – valuable stuff here!!!!

    • Jacs

      thanks Nancy 🙂 You can use Pinterest for fun too – it’s all about sharing things you like with others – and all my info works for all uses. Give me the nod when you’re ready 😉

  4. Susan Cooper

    I love Pinterest and know the value of it. These are great tips for many bloggers who have not tapped into the wonderful world of Pinterest. 🙂
    Susan Cooper recently posted..Delicato Merlot 2010: WineMy Profile

    • Jacs

      Thanks for visiting Susan,and I hope to inspire more people to start using Pinterest as the series moves on 🙂
      Jacs x

  5. Rachel Lavern

    Thanks for sharing this Pinterest information with us Jacs. My business coach has been on me about getting set up on both Pinterest and Facebook but I have been gently resisting. I have bookmarked this post to refer back to shortly.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..Attitude is Important in Shifting FearMy Profile

    • Jacs

      Thanks for your comment Rachel – I hope I can help when the time is right for you to embrace Pinterest.I’m compiling my posts and video’s in the facebook group, as a one stop shop, as I know folks have to go at their own pace,and it often helps to have 1 place to jump in and out of as time allows!!

  6. Ryan Biddulph

    HI Jacs,

    Great tips!

    Be visible. Put yourself all over the Pinterest place by sharing neat images and promoting your account.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..How Did an Outside Toilet Teach Me How to Make Money Online?My Profile

    • Jacs

      Thanks Ryan,it’s about being visible and using different mediums to reach more people with our messages 🙂
      Lovely to see you, thanks for dropping by,

  7. Lorii Abela

    Great information! Pinterest is very useful indeed as a marketing strategy. How are you making the most of it?
    Lorii Abela recently posted..Why Online Dating Isn’t Working For YouMy Profile

    • Jacs

      Thanks for dropping by Lorii 🙂 I’m working through getting set up and covering all features of Pinterest, then on to more marketing strategies – but like most of them it’s about learning then putting in some daily actions to be done consistently, with tweaking and moving onto automated systems, if they will benefit – but there are lots of tips to come which you will pick up on is they suit your business. All posts and video’s will be in the facebook group.
      Hope to see you there 🙂

  8. Suzie Cheel

    Brilliant and so timely as I know i would benefit from using pinterest more I did put this on recently Pinterest Pin It Button For Images.
    thanks for you wonderful practical posts
    Suzie Cheel recently posted..Making Art Every Day Is EmpoweringMy Profile

    • Jacs

      Thank you Suzie for your lovely comment – I noticed you had added the Pin It button recently and was really pleased to see that because you have such amazing paintings and they SHOULD be shared everywhere 🙂
      More Pinterest to come, so hope you pick up a few tips <3


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